Watch New Star Trek (2009) TV Commercial – in HD [UPDATED: w/ Screencaps & Analysis]

A new TV commercial for the Star Trek movie just started airing this week. The 30 second spot has a mix of things seen in previous trailers and the Super Bowl commercial, plus some new scenes. Paramount has just released the video, and is the first to put it online – watch it below or download it in HD. [UPDATE: w/ Sceen shots & Analysis]



Forget Everything You Know
This commercial is clearly aimed at the action movie crowd, with the the clear message that there is a new Star Trek in town.


[QT Downloads: 1080p , 720p , 480p





Screencaps & analysis
The following are caps of what is new in this commercial.

Click images to enlarge

Kirk (Chris Pine) fights beast on Delta Vega

Kirk in cave on Delta Vega (Nimoy’s Spock in background)

Olsen (Greg Ellis), Kirk and Sulu (John Cho) prepare to jump from shuttle to drilling rig over Vulcan

Nero (Eric Bana) in a bad mood (probably at Rura Penthe)

Sulu does back flip over Romulan on Narada’s drilling rig above Vulcan

Kirk takes a leap of faith while on board the Narada

Another planet gets wiped out by shockwave
[highlight invisotext: likely Romulus as sceen in Star Trek Countdown comics #2]


More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

Much of the above analysis is based on scenes in the trailer that were also shown during the 20-minute press preview held last Fall. For more on that see TrekMovie full analysis.





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Sweet! More stuff to watch.


Sweet stuff…Can’t wait.

Looks like Romulus’ destruction might actually be in the film. Interesting.




This is going to be the best movie of the year!!!!!!

this reboot is what trek really needs


I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours waiting for it to be put up…take that good nights sleep.

Now to ridiculously go over every inch of it.

“Sounds like fun.”

Everything!? I hope not.

Nice, but I’d love to see something that’s not been repeated in the last 4 trailers.

Something BRAND new…

Will we see one last new Trailer before the film? Or this is all there is till after the film comes out?

So yeah…that planet that eats it at the end of the commercial…any thoughts?

Although the segment of music half way through is absolutely ridiculous…….

……it sounds like something from Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place…..

This movie is gonna rage!!!


Good stuff!


Sweet god.

nero is sexy :))

Folks, especially fellow fans –

This is a MARKETING EXERCISE. The goal is to involve as many non-fans as possible, because it is THEY who are needed for this film to succeed.

This isn’t nostalgia time.

This is pure business. If you want to see Star Trek live on, then the box office turnout MUST demonstrate profitability from this franchise!

Believe me, I’m an actual fan and viewer from the 1960s! I don’t like the “Forget Everything” part. BUT this 40+ year old show needs to be reinvigorated for new fans who will carry it forward!

As Gene Roddenberry himself said that Star Trek should outlive him and continue to focus on the messages which are relevant to the generation / audience watching.

We, the fans, won’t forget. But Paramount’s Marketing folks are brilliant. They’re invited NEW FANS aboard! And trust me, if you hear the snarky remarks from some teenagers and college kids about Star Trek, they think it’s old school. For them, this raises the cool factor to Warp 10!

Want Star Trek to live on with new adventures? Want to see the show carry on it’s legendary status and legacy?

Let the marketing message stand.


And the best thing about the ad campaign, Countdown, and idle speculation is that I still don’t have a solid clue of what really is happening in the movie. I have an idea but I’m sure, as long as security is tight, no one will know until either the Aussies say something in early April or Europe check’s in before the U.S. open. Very nice, JJ.

Oh, Romulus. Right. For some reason, I just assumed we weren’t going to see that on film. Alternative theory…Klingon homeworld? (Shot in the dark…)


Ok, it looks like both Romulus and Vulcan get blown up in this movie.

Anthony thanks for the D/L links!! Trekmovie is the BEST!!!

And of course it’s a damn reboot, but get over it, you can’t throw a crew of 70-year-olds up on the screen. This keeps Trek alive for future generations.

I love the marketing campaign. My personal opinion in this matter is that if WE want Star Trek live long and pro$per, we have to support the franchise. We’re getting a fine, first class product… let’s enjoy it to the fullest, my friends.

Thanks for this one !!!!!!

Fun little spot for the film. I think this is aimed at the teens to 20s crowd. Transformers etc.

Still good though.

Is that Spocko in the background of the ice cave? Cool!

(And TOS Fan is right gang. It’s a great spot to bring in the newbies. Power down your phaser banks. It’s cool.)

Did I see Old Spock in that Ice Cave?

Looks like Spock behind Kirk on the frozen planet…

Oh and holy frak!!

30 – you beat me to it

So, riddle me this–how does going back in time change Vulcan’s sky to blue rather than pink or red?



Romulus or Remus is the one destroyed in this commercial…which would mean that the planet that implodes in the theatrical preview is…

…most probably Vulcan.

They are destroying Vulcan in this movie, completely screwing over all of Trek…unless there is some kind of cosmic re-set at the end (which would be very Star Trek-y)…although it won’t go back far enough to take the 24th century upgrades to the Enterprise and Starfleet…leaving us with a hybrid universe.

If they don’t save Vulcan somehow, his film can bite my shiny metal butt.


hmm looks like spock behing kirk in one scene? also the shot of the shuttles flying over the golden gate looks a bit sunnier tha before?? or just me?

It looks like they deliberately blurred Spock out. On my first watch it looked like an action figure in the foreground. On a second look it seems to be a blurred out Spock behind him.

The shuttle shot has also been changed since the super bowl commercial. It is much more bright and blue. Originally it looked much more foggy and grey.

#34 Maybe on a dust-free day, it’s blue. Similar thing happens on Mars. Most days (viz. Phoenix and the Rovers) the sky is butterscotch (due to the dust). If there’s absolutely no dust, and the atmosphere is steady, it goes near blue (Rayleight scattering).

#12 Perhaps it’s Remus. ;) Or it might be Delta Vega, which makes any thoughts of a Mitchell in for Chekov (who gets sent home to relearn English) in the sequel a bit harder to figure out now if there’s no Delta Vega to have him dropped off on!

Definitely a commercial for the non fans. It was ok.


Yes, but they save it. Romulus is the one shown exploding.

#20 Indeed.
From one old-time fan to another- Star Trek: Evolve or Die.
We’d all rather have it live than the alternative.

Excellent. Good By Romulus!!!!!!!!!!


I’m a fan, and it did the job for me. The use of more modern musical cues is a smart choice for Joe Moviegoer.

And I have a new mash up on the go

The whole “forget what you know” and the total exclusion of Leonard Nimoy in the marketing of this film gives me a bad feeling.

I know it’s a commercial for the masses, but throw the fans who made this series what it is a bone. Please don’t let “Star Trek” turn into “Top Gun”

I am curently working on a film promo so it might not be done till the weekend… But rest assured… There will be another section33 trailer…

If you haven’t read #20…do.


Kirk: Mr. Spock… your Logic’s writing cheques your body can’t cash!
Spock: I will not allow you to lecture me!

Cue Zero G volley ball to ‘Playing With The Boys’

Paramount will make Star Trek mainstream!!! No doubt in my mind. They will not spend 150 million dollars in vain. Star Trek will pave the way for Transformers 2 and G I Joe. They are heavily marketing Star Trek for the fact that before the film begins, the audience will see the previews for Transformers 2 and G I Joe. Paramount is launching a triple threat for summer 2009. Brad Grey (Paramount Studios President) is a marketing genius.