See Star Trek ‘Kids Trailer’ Aired During Kid’s Choice Awards (w/ Analysis) + Pine Appearance

As reported on Friday, a new kid-friendly trailer for the Star Trek movie is running with Monsters vs. Aliens this weekend (2D version only). Yesterday this trailer ran during the Kid’s Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, which also included an appearance by Chris Pine. See below to watch the remixed trailer (with a couple of new things) and to also check out Pine’s appearance.



Hey kids watch Star Trek – it’s exciting!
This new trailer is specifically aimed at a younger crowd and is mostly based on the first theatrical trailer, but removes the more violent and sexy parts. There are also images from some of the newer trailers and a few new bits thrown in (see below for more on that).For now this trailer is not on any official site, but is available at YouTube.

Pine goes for the youth vote
Chris Pine (the new Kirk) also appeared on the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. He along with America Ferrera (Ugly Betty), gave out the award for Best Movie. (and he was not slimed)


The LA Times caught up with Pine on the Kid’s Choice red carpet, where he answered some questions, check it out.

Pine signs for Kid’s on red carpet


Kids-friendly trailer screencaps & analysis

The new commercial has just a few new things. Some are new angles or extensions of previously seen things, but there is one brand new scene as well. All detailed below.

Click images to enlarge

Extended views of previously seen stuff
Three of the new shots are from scenes we have seen in previous trailers

New shot of Baby Spock

Spock baby from same scene seen in Trailer #2 (first theatrical) of Spock’s Parents: Amanda Grayson (Winona Ryder) and Sarek (Ben Cross)

New shot of Spock (Zachary Quinto) at Vulcan council

Part of this scene first shown in Trailer #2

New shot Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and Spock hugging

This is another angle of hug first seen in Trailer #3

First US view
Kids trailer also contains a short scene that was shown in some international versions of Trailer #3

Uhura asks Kirk (Chris Pine) if he knows what he is doing after he takes command

New Scene
The big news of the Kids trailer is the three seconds from a scene (and set) that are revealed for the first time.

New shots of Scotty (Simon Pegg) trapped inside water pipes on board the Enterprise after beaming on board from Delta Vega

New shot of Kirk as seen by Scotty inside water pipes (note: Kirk wearing jacket he had on when beamed in from Delta Vega with Scotty)

New shot of Kirk (now without jacket) trying to figure out how to get Scotty out of the Enterprise water pipes

‘Scotty in water pipes’ scene explains why he appears wet when he utters his "I like this ship…it’s exciting" line (as seen first in Trailer #2)

More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

Much of the above analysis is based on scenes in the trailer that were also shown during the 20-minute press preview held last Fall. For more on that see TrekMovie full analysis.

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Scotty stuck in the Enterprise’s water pipes? I thought that was a job relegated to the his engineering Red Shirts. LOL. Taking a bit of inspiration from Star Trek V.

“I know this ship like the back of my hand.” (Knocked out by low hanging bulkhead)

Scotty ftw! ^^

Awesome. Love to see more normal scenes instead of 5 milisecond action cuts. Shows a lot more of the movie.

yay, the truth is revealed about the pipes!

ST: TFB is goning to rock my socks !

“The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet while wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.”

–Montgomery Scott

Awesome!! That Scotty in the pipes thing looks interesting, I wonder how he got there?

i’m quoting that in my sig on my forum, that’s good! is that from an ep or movie or something?

im sorry but spock looks too much like a male sandra bullock

sandra bullspock?

Its funny how the rest of the ship looks all high tech and yet there’s parts that look like they could just be a warehouse. Actually, I guess it’s more realistic in a way, no point in dressing up the water pump system on a star ship, but I’ll have to wait till I see the whole thing. As far as Scotty getting trapped in there, Im still a bit WTF on that.

“this film is not yet rated” What do you mean it’s not rated?
I thought it was PG-13?

At least he didn’t beam into the sewage treatment pipes.

I have a bad feeling about this scene, it could be really goofy. We’ll see! Perhaps this is the engineering shots we heard about filmed at a factory, and what we are in is below-decks where the water treatment section is. Pehaps those scenes don’t represent the engineering room after all, like we head heard, which is good news.

But that shot of Spock at the council is sweet, so much like Nimoy there.

Sorry to say it, because I like the rest of the stuff that they’ve been doing, if this is engineering, its WRETCHED. It’s supposed to house a warp core, not the boiler room.

The water pipe thing looks pathetic.

Hopefully that’s a deleted scene that they just thought would appeal to kids.

It looked so stupid that it scared me a bit. I’m still excited for this but that’s the first thing that I haven’t liked.

So through this we’ve learned, either A.) kids are dumb. B.) advertisers think kids are dumb.

KIds will watch movies with old people if the adventure looks exciting throwing arbitrary kid shots into the commercial doesn’t really seem to me like it would make a difference.

I always think that’s lame.

@15 Maybe it IS the Boiler Room OF the Main Engineering ;)

LOL…Scotty stuck in the pipes.. xD ‘Hope ya like our little aquarium…’ xD –Scotty to Gillian Taylor in Star Trek 4 …

I like this trailer….it’s….come on, come on, say it….it’s exciting…lol….once again another dimension is added to the essence in just a few scenes…man I cannot wait…but I’ll have to….oh well.

Scotty stuck in Enterprise water pipes? lol. Well, I guess that answers the question about whether or not its engineering. This movie sounds very fun.


For the love of sweet jesus you were right. Good Lord we have STeampunk engineering (or some sort of water reclamation plant) on the E. This is the first thing I have actually cringed at.


I didn’t think that was the main engineering room when I saw it. I don’t know what the fuss is about. They’re obviously water pipes. And why get upset about something you cannot place in context without seeing the film? wow

The notion of this being engineering is speculative. I dont see this as engineering I see it as others have said a water treatment zone or a perhaps
a part of engineering we have never seen before is more like it.

@14, 15…

This is not engineering.

And there is no way this E is the same size as the original. No way. That set alone looks to be twice the size of the TMP engineering set. Look how far back the really furturistic 1950’s Bottling plant yellow painted pipes and scafolding go.

Either they got the scale wrong on the finished CGI model in comparison with the shots we saw in the original teaser or whatever but this Enterprise is HUGE, Glactica Huge

Why in the world would some water pipes get folks upset…have any of you ever been on an ocean going vessel? On cruise ships, the bridge is very high tech, the passenger areas very detailed and the lower crew decks and engineering are designed for a purpose, not aesthetics..Geez….I think the team is really going for a true to life feel…so far, so good in my book….and how in the world is this trailer an insult to kids?

Haven’t seen something like this since Willy Wonka.

That is right, Garth.
The scenes of the ship’s innards are shot in a lot of different locations,
not just soundstages. There are some huge rooms involved.

Good trailer, helps the youth marketing. Bring it on.

This trailer was shown in front of “Monsters vs. Aliens” this weekend.

The hell? Water pipes? Looks bad.

Maybe we’ll finally see a toilet in this version of Star Trek ;)

If that’s Engineering, it’s drek. Star Drek, more likely…

@32 OH YEAH! Scotty crawling out of a Toilet with a shocked Ensign that was washing his hands!

Dirty Daren !!!

Trek Remastered water reclamation plant stat!!!

Seriously did they get the scale wrong or is this E alot bigger than the Original??

In the teaser trailer the outer saucer rim seemed to have room for 4 decks high which is twice as tall as the TMP outer saucer rim. But in the recent shts we have seen the portholes appear to be about the same size. So are are the portholes alot larger and the interior of the ship much more spacious or did they fudge the scale

Movie looks very good so far. Just hope the pipes scene isn’t too over-the-top.

I don’t like the idea of Scotty being the over-done comic relief. Like the guy from National Treasure.

In the show Scotty was awesome, so far in the movies, not so much.

Quinto look gorgeous. What a great trailer!

There was a brief description of engineering in an article months ago. The warp core was described as being similar to the nuclear reactor room of a sub. Imagine the scene from ST4 where Uhura and Chekov are on the Carrier Enterprise in the reactor room. They wanted something more realistic than the old flashy lights going up a long tube that started with TMP. I seriously doubt that a real Antimatter reactor would be that showy or even be that accessible. Its not like you can just pop the hood and watch the motor run. :)

Pegg is a very physical comedian, they put that to good use…

Oh so now Uhura “Sure” Hopes he Knows what He’s Doing…. Scotty Stuck in Pipes!??? are you sure Lucas Didn’t Guest write any of This movie?? ……it just seems Stupid Doesn’t It??


Well, I think the point people are making is: This is the Enterprise of about 200 years in the future, why the hell should it look like sea going vessel of today ? I don’t think any space going vessel will be designed along those lines.

Besides here’s an example, how engineering of a modern vessel (from 10 years ago) looks like:

#40: ‘it just seems stupid, doesn’t it?”

Oh contrare… I think it looks, dare I say it?

“I like this ship, it’s exciting!”

Paramount is sparing nothing in promoting this film to various ages and groups!


Not really. Uhura’s line reminds me of McCoy’s comment in Trek III:

McCoy: No shields?

Kirk: My guess is right, they’ll have to decloak before they can fire.

McCoy: May all your guesses be right.

Besides, Uhura doesn’t know Kirk in this movie, hasn’t served beside him for years. Why should she trust him?

LOOOOOOL. “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” But, I swear to GOD she sounded a lot like Hoshi in that line. Hehe! x3

And, aw, Spock was just the cutest little baby. But, then again, like 99% of all babies are adorable. ♥

@43, Uhuru does know Kirk, she knows him from his delinquent pre-Academy days .. which would explain why she doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in him.

No way its a deleted scene…no other explanation for Scotty being wet when he comes on the bridge. Emergency transport gone awry?


The first Transwarp Beaming ever…

Anthony, fix that “TV Commercial #3” link, it points to post editing

Oh for F##k sake! They show a bit of humour, fans complain. They show action, fans complain. They have a young cast, fans complain.

You just cant win.