Zachary Quinto Launches New Official Site + Sends Video Message To TrekMovie Readers

Today Zachary Quinto launched a brand new official website, at of course. The site has news, photos, video and more from the new Mr. Spock. Zach was also nice enough to create a special video message for fans of inviting yout to his new site, see it below.


Zach says hi to TrekMovie
Here is the message from Zach to the readers of

Zach News – Update on Star Trek World Tour
For the latest on Zach, keep your eye on his news page. There is an update there now with his planned Star Trek world tour schedule for the next month, starting in Sydney and ending in Tokyo Japan. The new site also has lots of great photos of Mr. Quinto, including Star Trek photos.

Zach Quinto’s new site

For more, visit


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Hello Mr. Spock!

Good job. More Quinto!!

he seems a bit “Lou Ferrigno-y”

Nice :)

I felt like he was talking to me!!

Nice guy that Sylar! :) Let’s hope he will continue that ol’ Vulcan tradition of living long and prospering! I hope this new crew will be entertaining us for the next 40 years!

Indeed, with the announcement of Trek XII we will be seeing alot of Zach as Spock in the future.

Zach attack! I like it!

#3 I find he kind of reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld a bit too!

Nice, go TrekMovie! And, BTW, thanks to #8 this shall forever be known as a Zach attack. Can we make that official?

Wow cool! I like him more and more every day!

That was cool of him… Can’t wait for May 8th!

Thanks Zachary! I saw him at a convention once, little did I know he’d become the new Spock! I’ve enjoyed him as Sylar, and I’m watching 24 on DVD and was happily surprised he is one of many Trek vets on the show.

Very cool. Quinto is gonna be great. I am so happy he got the Spock shoes to fill… he’s doing it nicely.

Can’t wait to see Zachary in action as Spock. Roll on May 8th!

Im so excitied about you being in this movie Mr Quinto :o) you look as though you were born to play Mr Spock. cant wait. thanks for the personal invite. your website look cool.

Is that a trimmed mono-brow?

Ummm. Iron your shirt man. That’s a home page!

Really great! We almost share the same name!

Why didn’t he do the Vulcan hand gesture and say “Live long and prosper”?

Thanks for the Trailer on your site Zach!

It brings me right back into the pro Star Trek ’09 camp

Hoping for the best!

#18… cause he despises doing it after being asked by a million fans at years of conventions…. he wants to get over Spock and the fans just won’t let him….

Wait, that won’t happen for another 10 years, when he writes a book titled “I Am Not Spock, Either” and cuts a few singing albums.

Live long and prosper, Zach

He forgot to iron his shirt for the website photo. Oh well. Better luck next time Zachary.



One word: Guh.

I met him at a convention last year and he was very, very down to earth. He took time with each fan and asked them their name, where they were from etc. I was impressed with him as a person. He already found fame with Heroes so I don’t think Star Trek stardom will change him.

Nice website!

I thought he was about to finish with the vulcan salute and “live long and prosper.” that would’ve made me a little angry…

Very nice. Thanks, Mr. Quinto!


#8 Zach attack! I like it!( Kool. I like that as well. He is on the attack with 2 great roles. Sylar and Spock. Wtg!!!!!!!

Nice of ZQ to invite us all. Great website too.

Hooray for!

This is really one of my favorite websites ever, and you all do such a great job with it! I’m happy to see that the efforts are recognized even by the stars!

Cheers to AND to Zachary Quinto!

Right on I always love hearing from the actors, producers, writers etc. I can’t wait for this movie, cheers.

Wonderful! What sort of projects are you considering? Just movies? TV? What about books or comics? Very interesting.

Good luck!

Coming in 2010:

Zachary Quinto sings “The Legend of Bilbo Baggins.”

I went to the site. Not bad! Glad to know he’s on board for another Trek.

Very nice site — and a very nice, very charismatic actor. I like him.

i wish i had those eyebrows… then i would truly be a man

Oh!!!!! I love him so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Cute and a gentleman.


hahaha, nice. that was sweet of him.



I think I have a shirt like that! :D

Thanks, Mr Quinto! See you in May!

I can’t see the video. (Maybe because I’m in Spain?)

Nop. I can see it now. Cool.

Nice video! Good man. =]

I cant wait for star trek to come out in Denmark, it looks very very good :)

And Mr. Quinto you are a very talented actor, keep up the good work, and maybe one day in the future you will be a legend ;) Cause i think you have the acting skils to it :)

That’s so cool that he sent all of us a message! *fangirlsquee* I wish May 8th would hurry up and get here!

It’s a cool site. Read about this at Live journal.

The short movie created without video. 15,000 photos that’s amazing.

That was quite thoughtful of him.

According to the news of his website, he would likely come in Paris. The question is when!