Star Trek Nero Comic To Cover Nero’s Lost Years – Exclusive Preview

In August IDW will release the first new story set in the universe of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The four issue "Star Trek Nero" comic series will fill in the time gaps for Nero during the events of the film. has exclusive details and images from this exciting new series.


Nero’s Lost Years Revealed
Star Trek: Nero reunites the creative team behind the New York Times best-selling movie prequel, "Star Trek: Countdown." Star Trek screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will again again supply the story, while Mike Johnson and Tim Jones return to write Nero’s story. Artist David Messina also returns for the artwork.

Here is the cover of "Star Trek: Nero" #1. 

Find out where the Narada crew were in "Star Trek Nero" comic series
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One of the biggest questions fans have about the new Star Trek movie is "what was Nero doing for 25 years?" The time between the attack on the USS Kelvin and the arrival of Spock and the Jellyfish is left blank. IDW Editor Scott Dunbier describes how "Star Trek Nero" will fill in gap:

Nero, the great villain of the movie, was actually introduced in Star Trek: Countdown, which leads directly into the film. This follow-up series will reveal exactly what happened to the crew of the Narada during the intervening 25 years Nero was waiting for the arrival of Ambassador Spock.

TrekMovie has already reported that there were scenes shot that covered this 25 year gap, where Nero and his crew were captured by Klingons and put in the Rura Penthe prison, however they were cut from the final film. TrekMovie has confirmed with "Star Trek Nero" co-writer Tim Jones that they are using the shooting script which included these scenes as their basis and that artist David Messina will be using some of the deleted scenes as a visual reference, but that the comic book will also go beyond just what is in the deleted scenes (which will be on the DVD and Blu-ray versions in the Fall).

Exclusive preview from Star Trek Nero

IDW has provided us with four pages (w/o dialog) from the first issue of Star Trek Nero. These are random and not the first four pages.

Four pages from "Star Trek Nero" #1, click to enlarge

The four-issue miniseries will be available monthly, beginning in August. The first issue can be pre-ordered now from TFAW.









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