Star Trek Nero Comic To Cover Nero’s Lost Years – Exclusive Preview

In August IDW will release the first new story set in the universe of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The four issue "Star Trek Nero" comic series will fill in the time gaps for Nero during the events of the film. has exclusive details and images from this exciting new series.


Nero’s Lost Years Revealed
Star Trek: Nero reunites the creative team behind the New York Times best-selling movie prequel, "Star Trek: Countdown." Star Trek screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will again again supply the story, while Mike Johnson and Tim Jones return to write Nero’s story. Artist David Messina also returns for the artwork.

Here is the cover of "Star Trek: Nero" #1. 

Find out where the Narada crew were in "Star Trek Nero" comic series
(click to enlarge)

One of the biggest questions fans have about the new Star Trek movie is "what was Nero doing for 25 years?" The time between the attack on the USS Kelvin and the arrival of Spock and the Jellyfish is left blank. IDW Editor Scott Dunbier describes how "Star Trek Nero" will fill in gap:

Nero, the great villain of the movie, was actually introduced in Star Trek: Countdown, which leads directly into the film. This follow-up series will reveal exactly what happened to the crew of the Narada during the intervening 25 years Nero was waiting for the arrival of Ambassador Spock.

TrekMovie has already reported that there were scenes shot that covered this 25 year gap, where Nero and his crew were captured by Klingons and put in the Rura Penthe prison, however they were cut from the final film. TrekMovie has confirmed with "Star Trek Nero" co-writer Tim Jones that they are using the shooting script which included these scenes as their basis and that artist David Messina will be using some of the deleted scenes as a visual reference, but that the comic book will also go beyond just what is in the deleted scenes (which will be on the DVD and Blu-ray versions in the Fall).

Exclusive preview from Star Trek Nero

IDW has provided us with four pages (w/o dialog) from the first issue of Star Trek Nero. These are random and not the first four pages.

Four pages from "Star Trek Nero" #1, click to enlarge

The four-issue miniseries will be available monthly, beginning in August. The first issue can be pre-ordered now from TFAW.









More previews and interview at CBR
Comic Book Resources has some additional images and a brief interview with Jones and Johnson on Star Trek Nero, check it out

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Kool. I will havt to read this and then see the Movie. That way i can be fully filled in on the movie.

This looks awesome! I heard they filmed the scenes where he escapes from Rura Penthe, so perhaps the BluRay deleted scenes might fill us in even more!

Very interesting. I like Countdown, so I will get this one, too.

I just cannot wait. Looks fantastic!

Theres so much that i would like to know. How did the klingons capture nero and how did they escape and why didn’t the Klingons use the Narada and it’s future weapons to attack the Federation or was that what was going on with the rest of the fleet in the Movie. So when trek comes out on Dvd ill read the prequal and the new one and watch the Movie and wow we have everything.

I do hope that when trek comes out on Dvd we can see all the deleted Scenes.

BTW, looks like the Klingons are using their uniform from TOS. Cool!!

PLEASE include the deleted scenes in the actual film on DVD J.J. PLEASE. This would really add some more depth to the Nero character possibly if it could be “official” as to his time on Rura Penthe.

Anthony, would you ever run a poll regarding the deleted scenes and if they should be included as extras or in the final film on DVD?

Will this explain, at least partially, the ARG events?


Year 1 – Wait for Spock.
Year 2 – Wait for Spock.
Year 3 – Wait for Spock……………………………………………….

Well, I guess that pretty much puts to rest any speculation that captain Robau might have, just maybe barely might have, somehow survived Nero skewering him.

And I would lijke to know how the heck the Klingons captured Nero and held him until he made his escape. If they could capture him why the heck weren’t they powerful enough to wipe out the Federation?

One page shows more of Capt. Robau’s murder.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that the deleted material shows up on the DVD, too. Playmates has said they’d consider making figures from the scene if it shows up on the DVD….

This would make a great lead-in as a TV or Film to the new movie. I would love to see this as a webisode. IT would build up the movie and help exposition not immediately accessible if you just went to the movie.

Make some of these into webisodes, it can be done rather inexpensively, after all look what Star Trek Phase II has accomplished. I know some people will discard STP2 now that the reboot has occurred, but STAR TREK PHASE II filled a necessary gap and single-handedly kept STAR TREK in the minds of fans and non-fans for years during the lean times…they deserve credit also!

Thanks James Cawley and Company for all you are doing with STP2, I for one am grateful!




Off subject, but the newest issue of Cinefex is out with an article about Star Trek. The new Enterprise is on the cover. Some new stills, including a really cool one of Kirk taking command shown from a different angle. Really nice shot.

Caption for Ayel on panel 2 of page 3:

“So I suppose you want me to clean this up now?”

Also, Nero and Ayel were cool & creepy in the movie. I liked both of ’em!

i hope they do a comic when Nero enters the year 2258 with the ST09 enterprise crew

will these be out in TPB?

also will Spock Reflections be out in TPB?

Looks like Messina finally got his hands on some reference materials to do the K’Tinga class battlecruisers justice.

Ya THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess what though, yeah NOT canon so…. NOPE!!

they should just admit it there’s is a HUGE plot hole in the movie and chose not to fix it and it suffered because of it.

I have read these on the iphone, as they are in the app store!

WOW….Klingons in the next movie!…just seeing those K7 battlecruisers pounding the Narada would have been awesome on the big screen…I hope those deleted scenes make it to the DVD!

so the klingons were able to take on these romulans from the future, and starfleet intel had no idea about this?

they must have been looking for the kelvins attacker, no?

or at least curious?

cant wait to see MOON.

K7 battlecruisers

I wonder how big they are (compared to the original)?

It did feel like a weakness in the movie’s story that the Nero character would be sitting around stewing in his own juices for 25 years.

hopefully this will come out as a trade paperback as well like countdown

With all due respect to everyone (especially Eric Bana who was excellent), I have to say that Ayel was the coolest bad guy. Nero didn’t surpass Kahn in my eyes but Ayel was definitely the coolest henchman of any Trek film (imo).

I’m almost sad that he got punked by Kirk so easily. lol.

He was just so convincingly cool and bad a**, whereas Nero came off as an emotional wreck too much for my taste. I wish I could explain why the emotional wreck thing worked so well in Kahn’s case.. Hmm..

Hey, cool – seems like the artist went for a mixture of smooth-headed klingons and those with ridges on their foreheads … mmmmh, but in addition it seems those K’Tinga class cruisers have ridges on their necks! how peculiar…

Mmmm- classic Klingon uniforms but modernized. Snazzy!

These guys just don’t stop … JJ Abrams, you are a marketing GOD!


#28 – I think because the connection between Kirk and Kahn was more deeply personal. Even having read the prequel comic the Nero-Spock connection seemed a bit exaggerated and the whole scenario just a bit too fantastic (planetary destructions, timeline shifts). I guess for me it is easier to relate to, and understand, the scenario in WOK, and it is easier to sympathize with Kahn for some reason which makes him more compelling.

Also, WOK had some nice touches like Kahn’s crew being held captive by their obsessed and insane leader, Kahn’s superior intellect, Ricardo’s accent and Shakespearean excesses. And who can get over the way they hi-jacked a federation vessel and all that? The Narada was obviously as awesome as ships get, but there was something so sinister about that stinking USS Reliant. Both are cool, it was just a different vibe that helped create a different kind of villainy.


Yeah it really suffered. To the tune of $250 million domestically. I should suffer so much.


D7, bro’. D7. But Steve2 already told you.


Ridges are on the Klingon ships. Have a look:

21 – No plot hole. We just didn’t get all the details. There was dialogue in the movie that explained basically where he had been for 25 years.

Is there an actual comic adaptation of the film itself?

anyone heard if in the deleted scene we actually see a Klingon with a helmet off? do they have the bumpy foreheads as it appears they do in this comic?


The pre-TOS-era Klingons were able to overcome the Narada because of the damage that George Kirk caused by ramming the Kelvin into the massive Romulan mining ship.

That’s also why the shuttle’s we able to escape virtually untouched. Just before the title card in the movie, you can see a speading debris field as the Narada is yawing from the Kirk/Kelvin caused damage.

Not hard to imagine at all…

37 Very true. But why didn’t the Klingons use the future tech of the narada. thats one question i want to know. Or have they and we will see that in the next movie. Would be a good plot point for the next movie to see a Klingon. Lets say Dureoss have some of that future tech and put it into his D7 Ships and try and take over the Empire and it takes the Federation being lead by the Big E to stop him and bring order back to the Alpha Quadrent. Would be something of a plot for the next movie and then when all seems done have the Doomsday machine show up for a little surprise.

Man I wish they would have shown Robau actually getting impaled like in the scene above instead of cutting away at the last minute.

Obviously their capture was due to the crippling blow that George Kirk dealt the ship. But, after the Borg tech repaired itself, the ship was ready for them upon their escape.


Fantastic idea. I will buy this.

I’m not criticizing the movie, I loved it, but in retrospect, some of the story seems a bit weak. If the Narada really was crippled and not just momentarily disabled by the Kelvin crashing into it, it kind of undermines the relative invincibility of the Narada. Which means you could just get any starship and fly into it, especially at warp.

I would assume that to save Earth that sacrifice would be made, rather than relying on Kirk and Spock’s 4% chance of success plan, which, to be fair, worked.

What’s the point?

These comics are labeled “OFFICIAL” and have their stories done by Orci & Kurtzman themselves, yet in turn themselves say the comics are non-canon??

Makes no sense

Canon, schmanon. I guess canon is only official on-screen stuff, although not really because some of the animated series is “non-canon,” at least according to Roddenberry; same with some of the films. In my world Sybok and Sha Ka Ree are non-canon but Kirk’s trip to Yosemite really happened. You can’t be dogmatic about Trek in my opinion. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations as far as I’m concerned.

I personally toss out a lot of the dumb contradictory crap wherever I find it. I accept some of the far-fetched, after-the-fact explanations of absurdities, but not all; and I believe that the best attitude is one of flexibility towards others’ interpretations of the Star Trek universe. To quote the great Mr. Shatner, “it’s just a T.V. show.”

Sure, I believe that writers should do there best to respect the established universe (and with Trek I admit that continuity is more important than in many other franchises such as Bond or Batman), but it is still a fictional setting, and I can certainly accept a degree of “historical” malleability if it serves good storytelling.

#44 – Good question… I suppose whoever is creating the content (or has the final say on it) ought to be able to say what is or isn’t “official” in some franchise biblical sense (if we care that much at all). Perhaps the tradition at Paramount is that non film or series material is automaticallly apocryphal simply because there is so much content in the franchise (films, series, books, comics, games, etc.) that it would be absurd to expect writers to be familiar with it all. Plus there is a lot of goofy and/or contradictory stuff going on when you combine the alpha and beta materials.

There are also legal complexities. The famous examples are The Slaver Weapon (TAS) and City on the Edge of Forever (TOS). I’ve seen many comments on this site saying that Spock should just jump through the Guardian of Forever and fix everything. Even if the writers wanted to do that I’d bet that Paramount would say no because Harlan Ellison would no doubt sue for royalties. lol.

#45 – I could be wrong, I don’t know if there is much truth to the old Roddenberry & Niven tales.

Pre-ordered my copy. Personally I can’t wait for even more comics or novels set in the alternate timeline. I’m surprised they haven’t done an actual comic adaptation of the movie yet. Then again, we are only now getting a TWOK adaptation.

27 – i hope so too…dont wanna buy the sep issues and then find out they coming out in a nice TPB a few months down the line


anyone know if they do TPB for every mini series of comics or just select ones like CD and The Last Generation?

#47 – Agreed! These comics are so high quality too. I wonder if they’ll ever do a Captain Robau / George Kirk / USS Kelvin comic series like they did back in the day with Pike’s Enterprise. That would be pretty cool too.

Now that I think about it the Early Voyages series had some great stories. I wonder if the Star Trek 2009 writers have read those comics? Remember the story that was kind of like Wrath of Kahn but there were these tough Vulcan people who were all pissed off instead of Kahn and company? If they ever do a comic series based after the new movies it would be funny to have a group of pissed off renegade Vulcans who go back to the “old ways,” pre-Surak, and want to get revenge on Romulus somehow. lol. Maybe Spock has some crisis in which he is tempted to join them… Maybe there would be some new revelations about Vulcan history and their nature based on their post-apocalyptic state.