Exclusive Details On 2010 Star Trek Movie Calendar + New Digital Calendar

In 2010 Trek fans will have a wide choice of calendars to choose from. A couple of weeks ago we previewed the Original Series calendar and showed the cover for the ships of the line calendar. Today we have the exclusive first look at the cover and details on the 2010 Star Trek movie calendar, plus news on a digital 2010 Star Trek calendar.   


ST09 in 2010
Each month of the 12-month Star Trek movie calendar features a grid and image from the feature film. Each member of the new crew gets their own month (Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu). Plus there are months for Spock Prime, Pike, Nero, Kirk & Spock together, and the new USS Enterprise. Most of the images will not be culled from the often seen set of promotional photos. For example, the Enterprise image will be from the scene where it comes through the clouds of Titan. There will also be a centerfold featuring three of the international posters for Star Trek. The date grid will also have all the birthdays of the film stars, along with some of the filmmakers (such as JJ Abrams).

Here is the cover, which is based on the US poster.

Star Trek movie 2010 Calendar cover

The 2010 movie calendar will be available in September and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon (discounted to $11.19).

2 more Star Trek wall calendars for 2010
In addition to the movie calendar, Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing will be releasing an Original Series calendar (see TrekMovie preview) and a Ships of the Line calendar. Both can be pre-ordered at Amazon. TrekMovie will have an exclusive first look at the SOTL calendar soon, including the first look at the USS Aventine. 


New Digital Calendar for 2010
A few years ago Pocket stopped making the day to day Star Trek calendars, but in 2010 the day calendar is coming back, but this time in digital format. Pocket and Andrews McMeel are currently working on a downloadable Star Trek calendar, which will feature 312 Star Trek images (weekends get one image), spread across the entire Star Trek franchise, but with a weighting for the new Star Trek movie. It will feature tons of Star Trek birthdays as well. The 2010 Star Trek digital calendar will be based on the new (free to download) Adobe Air platform. Pocket does not yet have pricing or availability details, but TrekMovie will provide an update as soon as more info is available.


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Its hard to believe we are now talking about the new Star Trek movie, and its the sequal to the one we waited for all this time.

Cool, but I wonder if they’ll photoshop out all the light flares?


That digital one sounds “kewl”. A valentine’s to the fans. We are all very pleased.

Can’t wait to see what ships are in the “Ships of the Line” Calender. Some of the artwork is good enough to frame.

I think the picture for November will be nothing but a big lens flare that fills the page.

Ill be buying at least 5. One for me at my office and 1 for home and 2 for family and 1 to never be opened. So looking forward to it.

I’m itching to see Trek again. It’ll be my 11th time. My goal isn’t bragging about a number, I’m just addicted to this movie because it’s so brilliant. :)

I think it is safe to say Trek is Way Kool. Trek Movie.com is way Kool!!!. it is Kool to be a Trekie and im excited. I will be seeing Trek for the 13th time this weekend.

Hope it has features for using the images as desktop backgrounds too

Love me some Page-a-Day Star Trek calendars! I remember a few years ago when my good friend Elisa Kassin at Pocket Books was in charge of the Star Trek Stardate calendar. I was on a call with her for something and the topic of the calendars came up. I said, “You know, I’d never argue with a kick-ass picture on my birthday.”

She says, “Okay, what do you want?”

“Crazy Matt Decker!” I shouted. “I mean, DUH!”

Sure enough, next June 12, I tear off the preceeding page and there’s the man himself, sitting in the big chair of the Enterprise and rubbing those two data wafers together in his hand.

Yes, it’s still pinned up in my office, bitchez. Thanks, Elisa!

Calender looks good. But forget that – we want the DVD!!!

I want the DVD and the calendar(s). I like the idea of the daily calendar. This movie is visually stunning and so are the cast. I also want to see a picture book of the entire story. They did that before VHS was popular with some episodes of TOS. It’s good to ask for what we want. Bye the way, don’t forget to buy the CD.

I just saw the movie for the 13th time. I need help (or at least my family and friends think so).

anthony…stop deleting posts, it’s very Big Brother and thus directly opposed to Star Trek’s finest principles..danke…


Not sure exactly what you’re talking about, but you do realize that this is a private site, and that posting comments is a privilege, not a right? Anthony can delete whatever posts & comments he wants and there’s not anything “Big Brother” about it. It’s his discretion.

oooOoo00Oo0OOooh!! The Aventine! I look forward to it.


Anthony runs a world class site here. If he Delets something then it’s most needed because it would tarnish this world class site. He does not delete things because he is mean. He deletes it because he like all of us wants to keep it a World class Site.

#14- Sometimes posts get lost to the Cyber Orc. I just came off of a 3-week hiatus wherein I could not post at all (The Cyber Orc was particularly hungry, it seemed…).

#19 – hate to make this “debate” go on for longer, but there are so many other people going “yay! first!” than it seems.

Alright-I was hoping for a daily desktop calender with the new jj movie as well as all the other treks-a digital one is better than none-Still I hope they go back to making a real daily desktop calender for my black metal star trek the experience desktop calender i bought years ago-its only had 2 years of trek calenders on it since i bought it

The new E through the clouds of Titan, great, that way we do’t have to look at it.

I’d like to get a look at the D7 ships from the KM sim in ST09. Are they exact duplicates of the one we know, or have they been subtly altered?

What is it with the incessant needs to be the first poster on a thread? What are you (collectively speaking for those who feel that need)? A third grader or something?

I think if Anthony feels the need to delete a post it is with good cause…. (I may have even been deleted before, but I’m a big boy and have no issue with Anthony protecting the integrity of his site, just as I (will) do for my blog site as well.

And about this particular thread….

Over the years, I have collected (and still possess) every single TREK calendar published (yeah, I should have a TREK geekdom brand on my forehead)–I even have created a number of my own digital versions to give to friends as gifts–some featuring my own artwork, yet others using online digital artwork from desktopstarships.com.

I am quite intrigued by the digital calendar! I look forward to more details about this little (trek or) treat.

Cool! My Enterprise calender is pretty dusty….

imma get it!!!!

Finally. I’ve been waiting for a pic, digital screencap or otherwise, of the Enterprise emerging from Titan for ages. But at the same time, Aventine?!

Student budget be damned, I’m getting them both.

I pre-ordered the Star Trek Movie Calendar from Amazon. I have two Amazon accounts (UK and US). I love calendars and often order several. I usually order two for home and one for my desk at work.

I wonder if the new calendars will use Stardate conventions to show the date. I loved the old Stardate calendars that used the Year/Month/decimal/day of the month convention. It just had that Trek sound to it… 7607.04, etc. To bad that dating convention had the Y2K bug. Just never did seem to be the same when the year 2000 came.

Now we have a new SD dating convention put forward by the alternate timeline. Using the new alternate timeline stardate system would be simple, as the SD is the year/decimal/day of the year. For example: January 01, 2010 would be 2010.01, and December 31, 2010 would be 2010.365 .

I look forward to seeing them, even if paper calendars are bit antiquated, as it seems every electronic device has a calendar function built in. But the Trek calendars have pretty pictures, and I guess thats what it’s all about.


His site. His rules. If you wanna not have comments deleted, then spend your own money and make a site.



caprica75 {@} gmail.com

Love the Ships of the Line. Awesome stuff!

All I want is ZOE in a different bikini every month. Maybe in December she could share the page with the green chic.

That cover/poster art is an absolute masterwork.
Whoever came up with it has my respect. And so does JJ for OK’ing it!

Wow, someone spamming on this site. Unbelievable that anyone would leave a message just for some self-promotion of some kind. If I were that kind of person, I’d mention my new blog, at http://www.FantasticFlashbacks.blogspot.com, which features stuff from my scrapbooks and magazine collection about sci-fi movies, tv shows, books, comics, etc. But since that would be oddly self-serving, I refuse to do so on moral grounds.

I’m just not that kind of person. Long Live Star Trek!

I’m not trying to promote anything.

I just want to show Anthony a sneak peak of the Calendar. I stand to gain nothing.

I’m a long time trekmovie fan. I simply want to share something with the the big cheese!

He didn’t respond to my emails so I figured I could catch him here.

Can’t wait to add to my Trek calender collection.

Breaking news link…


What could this mean for Trek?

I use to collect the old Star Trek calenders starting in 1976, as the year past it became wallpaper for my bedroom. Had a 20’x8′ wall full in 1989. As I was hospitalized for more than a year by a drunk driver that wallpaper was torn down and trashed because the room got used for other things.

I miss all the old photos, guess I’ll have to start capturing and printing pics from TOSe DVDs. With Fractal scaling and my Epson or Walmart printer I can make them as big as 47’x35′.

But can I retail them as framed 36″x24″ pictures, Never talk to Paramount, maybe WebOp Tony would know.

I don’t want my work promoted here.

I simply wanted to show you.

I’ve also digitized the 79 starships from Ships of the Line book.

Have a collection of 80 Star Ship images at 5433×4040 pixels in 16:10 format, also 2560×1600 and 1344×900.

The extra ship is one I created of NX-01 Enterprise orbiting a Earth like planet. Sorce file is 10240×6400 in 4:3 format that I made back in 2005 before my screen went from 800×600 to 1680×1060.

Also go the 20min 56sec MTV channel One show of the making of Star Trek The Movie.

Do you not love them typos….

If I have something Trek, I offer it free, I’m not able to earn money because of my injuries from the DUI driver since the FEDs payed my Medical bills od $1.68 million. If I earn money then I owe the mdical bill. Unlike a few I can never pay it, nor can the DUI driver.

I had the best news of the year so far here in Brazil…

Star Trek will be released in home video here in Brazil on September 22nd, date confirmed by the brazilian branch of Paramount Pictures….maybe for you guys in USA it will come earlier….but now I have something to wait for…


#24: “The new E through the clouds of Titan, great, that way we do’t have to look at it.”

Fret not, Balok. I bought Cinfex, issue 118 tonight, which features the Enterprise emerging from the clouds of Titan AND the Enterprise is shown *fully* in its glory.

It’s a beautiful shot, both of Saturn and of the Enterprise. I’m sure you’ll love it.

You know, I kinda get the feeling that “I DID SOTL CALANDAR” was just trying to be nice. Sometimes the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” seems to fit.