UK Star Trek Comic Magazine Review

Star Trek: The Magazine by Titan is a familiar institution to fans from the UK, and more recently, to US fans when it started publishing in North America about 2 years ago. Now, through the Titan Comics brand, younger UK and Ireland fans are now being treated to a really cool monthly publication. TrekMovie has all the details and a look at the first two issues of Star Trek Comics.   


Star Trek Comic

Each issue of Star Trek Comic will include reprints of IDW comic books, beginning with the best-selling "Countdown" prequel comics. What is nice is that even for those fans who have the comic books already, the Star Trek Comic magazine includes an oversized version. The art and text are about 50% bigger because of the magazine’s format and size.

Issue 1 of Star Trek Comic with some of the included goodies

There is also brand new content designed for the younger readers. Each issue has articles called "Meet The Crew" to introduce newer fans to Star Trek’s iconic characters, there are puzzles, games, and activities. For example, Issue 1 has a very fun article about how to make your own Star Trek movie phaser from cardboard and tin foil. There are also miniposters, special articles (such as the history of space programs or Star Trek alien races), contests, and a "Hailing Frequencies" letter column where fans could send in letters and artwork (it is good to see younger fans being so inspired by Star Trek again).

Cover for Star Trek Comic #2

Each issue also includes free goodies. Issue 1 has more than 60 Star Trek stickers included, some including unusual pictures such as a nice sticker of Kelvin alien Alnschloss K’Bentayr. Issue 2 includes tattoos and two Star Trek badge buttons.

Badge buttons included with Star Trek comic 2

This is a perfect magazine for families to share together as there are activities and puzzles to solve together, and good articles for newer fans. Even adults will enjoy the larger-sized comics which really do justice to the nice art. Younger fans need this kind of comic magazine which makes the history of Star Trek accessible to them and is presented in a fun and interactive way. It is another sign of something we have always known, that Star Trek is the best.

Activities from first two issues of Star Trek Comic

Issue 1 is double sized and costs £2.99, while each subsequent issue will be £2.70. Issues 1 and 2 are already available. Issue 3 will be out on July 2nd, and features a phaser filled poster, the conclusion of the "Countdown" comic book, more puzzles, and a free lenticular notebook and pencils (just in time for next school year!). UK fans could save by subscribing to Star Trek Comic (13 issues for £27.99). 

The only complaint is the limited availability of Star Trek comic. That being said, the US tends to get every kind of Star Trek product so it is hard to begrudge the UK and Ireland for having an exclusive. But, hopefully this magazine will become available to families and fans of many nations.

More information on Star Trek comics available at the official site


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the UK used to do that with the TNG comics…

Interesting to see if kids will get teased for liking star trek anymore after this ‘cool’ movie

Hmm. Enterprise swooping down above San Francisco? Would have been a cooler sequence than the Jellyfish destroying the drill.

wonder if IDW have any plans to adapt the actual movie?

McCoy is a redshirt in one of the acitivities…..LOL!!


Want this in America.


This is a long standing tradition in the UK. Free gifts, reprints of US comics and the activities section have been going since I was a kid in the 70s.

The make it yourself items have long been a UK staple. Kinda makes me smile that they still do this kind of thing.

I saw these magazines at the newsagent near my office the other day. The stickers and activities look like a lot of fun. I used to love do-it-yourself activities as a youngster. I may buy these for my neices and nephews.

Yeah I know. I’d buy the UK version, but it’s not worth all the translations.

*lol* ^^

I’m 48 and I still get kidded about enjoying STAR TREK – and this is from my family members… STILL! I’ve been getting grief for this from a lot of people for pretty much as long as I can remember.

Yeah, the kids will be kidded about it, for sure. It’s human nature for people to be douches sometimes.

Sorry… #1.

I still cringe a bit when I look at the new delta insignia. Just a bit, though.

Yeah, and those of us in the UK would like the new Star Trek Magazine in the UK – NOW.
Unfortunately, the publishers appear to be unacquainted with the invention of the jet engine and are rowing our copies across the Atlantic, so we won’t get them on the shelves here till July 9th.
Go figure.

12 LOL

Yup, I saw these advertisied in the UK Star Trek Magazine, and I’ve bought both copies thus far on their day of release. Yes I’m 18, yes I skip over the games and stuff, but after seeing this sort of comic made for Doctor Who and Star Wars, its very exciting to finally see a Star Trek version after so many years.

I’ll be interested to see what they come up with to replace the ‘main event’ of the comic, which is “Countdown” (something that has incidently saved me from having to pay money for the combined book version), when they run out of the four issues to publish.

I bought the second one, because I didn’t see the first one: But as a kids comicbook they had put it on the highest shelf of the grown-ups Scifi magazine section, obviously!

#15 – that’s the eternal curse of successful, cross-generational franchises in the UK. The same thing always happens with Doctor Who Adventures, too, (the current issue comes with stickers and 3D glasses!) – it wounds up being put out of the kids section and in with the likes of Doctor Who Magazine, Star Trek Magazine, Lost Magazine, Prison Break Magazine etc,

(And if they don’t do that, they do it the other way around, and put the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, with its eight page critical analysis of the depiction of consumerism in the series since 1963, on the kiddie comics shelf…)

I just want to say that I live in Ireland and was delighted to see ST Comic at my local Easons (it’s a newsagents). And not one sign of isue two. I asked at the counter, and they tried to fob me off with the last issue of ST Magazine. Now I’d love to get it, cos the IDW comics don’t even seem to be available in Forbidden Planet in Dublin, but if Titan want this comic to succed, they need to get their act together.

I’m enjoying this magazine because as a teen living in the UK it is the only Trek thing that i can get my hands on! Everything else has to be bought online…