ShatWatch: Attack Of The Bill Edition

One of the reasons William Shatner hasn’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet, could be because he continues to be the hardest working man in showbiz. Today Bill appeared on Attack of the Show and discussed whether or not he could beat up Chris Pine, amongst other things. We have video of that and his new Priceline commercial, plus a Raw Nerve update, news on the possibility of more TekWar on TV, and a project that Bill actually said no to. 


Shatner calls Olivia Munn a hooker? + talks kicking Pine in balls?
Bill was on G4’s Attack of the Show today pimping his latest products, and apparently, the show’s co-host Olivia Munn (that will make sense once you watch the video below). Bill also answers a viewer’s question on if he could beat up the new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine.

The Negotiator Lightens Up
The folks at Priceline have sent us Shatner’s latest commercial titled "Lighten Up." Apparently Bill ad-libbed his laughing fit at the end. The commercial starts airing this week.

Bill shooting Raw Nerve season 2
In the last few weeks Mr. Shatner has been busy shooting the second season for his Bio show Raw Nerve. An official list of guests has not been released, but some of his guests have blogged about being interviewed by Shatner, including Tony Danza, Gene Simmons and Meatloaf (see video below). The new season of Raw Nerve should start airing later in 2009.

More TekWar on TV
Bill has just launched out a new ongoing TekWar comic book series, based on the books and TV show from the 90s. And in a new interview with MTV, Bill says TekWar may be back on TV. From the `:

“Tek War Chronicles” is scheduled for an initial run of 22 issues, but Shatner said the wealth of novels, television episodes and other tales from the “Tek War” universe certainly allow for the run to be extended, given demand for more stories. He’s not ruling out another trip to the small screen for the franchise, either.

“I’ve received an inquiry from England about the television rights to ‘Tek War,’” said Shatner. “It’s a good story, and a good basis for more stories.”

If you want to know what it was like the first time on TV, check this out


Shat says no to Hustler
With all the different media and genres that Bill Shatner has tackled, from music, to sci-fi, to commercial pitchman, to chat shows, to comic books, one has to wonder where he draws the line. Variety may have the answer in a new article on Hustler’s series of parody movies, with this interesting tidbit:

…Hustler did contact William Shatner to inquire if he would provide DVD commentary for the "Star Trek" spoof, but the actor politely declined. Maybe they’ll have better luck if they try doing "Boston Illegal" or "T.J. Hookers."

So apparently Shatner does have his limits, which are somewhere between commercials for lawyers (see below) and porn.


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still havent got to watch Raw Nerve…

I think I would be slightly disturbed if William Shatner was in my ductwork with a laughing gas grenade…

My first FIRST and I blew it with an indelicate comment about Bill! Oh, the humanity! Well, let me put it more gently. Bill is behaving like a peevish child toward the film because he wasn’t included. And I believe that it grates on him even more that his “best friend”, Leonard Nimoy, was.

Apart from that, it continues his pattern of non-involvement in anything which does not directly benefit him (RE: his absences at every important event involving his colleagues on the show, etc.). JJ and the new cast (especially Pine) reached out to him at his charity benefit; he has snubbed them in return. That lacks class. Sorry, AP, but that’s as “gently” as I can put it!

How does he do all this stuff? There must be a huge management team at Shatner Inc.

“Boston Illegal” or “T.J. Hookers.”


Olivia Munn – hotness!

I can’t wait to see the interview with Gene Simmons. That will be a hoot no doubt.

P.S. You Shat haters — who see his every move as some sort of conspiracy against his fellow Trek castmates or fandom in general — must REALLY get over yourselves.

Would that be a flying scissor Kirk kick? That kid is a moron. Shatner was owning the airwaves when his grandfather was in diapers.

My girl is hotter than that chick. Shatner you come near her and you’ll get the flying scissor kick.

Only William Shatner could take over the Internet without even knowing how to turn on a computer.

I am a Trek fan since I know myself. I am afraid, in the very end, I am truly tired of Shatner… I am tired and sorry for him for making such a fool of himself. I am sick of this bitter taste his presence makes in all the good Star Trek universe. Please William, have some dignity, and leave Trek alone, don’t be sarcastic, shoot irony… You have been there done all of that. Please grow up. I don’t even want to see you anymore apart from the glorious old Trek.

#9 – That’s hilarious.

Great videos, TM. Thank you. He’s having the time of his life.

Yes, that Ms. Olivia is a purdy ‘un.

#10 – Then why do you check out these posts about him? I really just don’t know why you feel the need to post how sick of him you are. Just don’t click on the “more” tab on articles here about him and you’re life should go just fine.

Krikzil – Right on target, as usual.

Shat on taking over the NET, cute line, but I raked it right there with Al Bore saying he invented the Internet. When all he did was supervise the laying of the High Speed Computer Network copper cable lines for inter University Super Computers that D.A.R.P.A. contracted people to do.

The good news is William Shatner’s character Captain James Tiberius Kirk fertilized many young brains on dreaming of a better future, and the minds matured and thus created or invented things that brought them closer to a Trek Like World.

Can’t wait until STM:12 comes out, whether or not The Shat gets a spot or not. They say Summer 2011 but that’s years away and many things may happen between now and then from as snall as proving their once was life on mars all the way to Romulus invading Earth.

“your life” that is. Sorry about the bad grammar.

I saw this earlier and I just had to turn the channel. I was not sure what he was thinking. I grew up has a huge William Shatner fan. But the interview just made me cringe really bad.

Great clips, thanks. Just a kick in the balls…:))


– I am afraid, in the very end, I am truly tired of Shatner… –

Just skip the Shat Watches – I do the same with the Pine Watches which I already had grown tired of even before they started…:)

@ 10. ilkers


The Shat man ain’t tired. It seems like he’s just winding up! He’s amazing. Keeps going, keeps relevant. Amazing run he’s had and it’s not nearly over. Who cares if you’re tired of him? Obviously, he’s got plenty of reinforcements.

Shat beats Pine period.

how would the world be without William Shater ?

I don’t even want to know !

On another related note I just bought the Shaterica, the encyclopedia, and just love it !

It’s T.J. Hooker not hookers lol


Yeah it’s fun. Although I question some things in there. I believe he eats meat and drinks despite the printed words to the contrary.

And that Olivia Munn….Wow! She’s a lot like Finnegan was to Kirk in “Shoreleave”. And to paraphrase…..’Just being exactly what we want her to be.’ Wha a chick.

My God, how is it that the man is 78 years old. Only 2 years away from 80 and he looks 55 and has the energy of a 25 year old. Amazingly, it’s not hard at all to imagine him snapping Pine or even that guy sitting next to him in half like a twig.

And with all he has going on, the LAST thing I think Shatner is doing is crying in his beer about not being in the movie. Now I think there are those who want him to do that, but they clearly don’t have a clue about the man’s numerous ventures or the degree of his total apathy towards the film. They like to paint a picture of some sad old man, wasting away his life staring into space, wishing he could be in Star Trek. And when they find out that he really doesn’t care, one way or the other, if bothers them even more! lol

Cool to see the Tekwar clip, that was a fun show and the his CD with Ben Folds rocks. And the hot chicks STILL dig him. Rock on Bill, you the man!

well…Mr. Bill said the movie would be a stinker if he was not in it, so my guess is sour grapes…

jonboc. Funny you mention that. Leonard Nimoy really LOOKS like he’s 80, he doesn’t look very healthy either. The Shat on the other hand looks pretty solid, like 50 or 60.

10. ilkers. Sorry to say that, but you are a moron. Why do you keep reading news about Shatner on Stop reading those and you won’t be annoyed by him anymore.

Why the hell does everyone interpret sour grapes into Shatner’s moves? And why does everyone say he keeps doing that? What the hell?

Shatner keeps GETTING ASKED about how he feels about the movie, and he responds to that. STOP ASKING HIM if you don’t want to hear his answers!!!

– TEK WAR was a great ‘ modern ‘ sci-fi show… and much more futuristic than STAR TREK ..

Shat will live forever. And we use Priceline constantly.

Love this man. Those who do not like him, do not “get” him. He is… to quote Chang…
“A singular wit”

If you read The Shat’s autobiography you’ll find this is a guy who knows what its like to be financially challanged. He also comes from a working class background. Put those two things together and you have a guy who says YES when someone offers him an acting job.

Thank goodness Bill said ‘no’ to Hustler. We don’t need to see his raw nerve.Now, Olivia Munn…

23 – Excellently put.

#10 – ilkers…….No one gives a crap what you think. I’d like to know what you’ve done to contribute to society, or anything.

Rock on, Bill Shatner.

#27—“Why the hell does everyone interpret sour grapes into Shatner’s moves?”

In fairness, I think that feeling among some Star Trek fans stems from things Bill said awhile back, long before the the film was even completed, as much as his current responses to questions about it.

When Phil mentions “sour grapes”, it seems clear to me that he is referring to Shatner’s repeated warnings that producing a Star Trek film featuring Captain Kirk without him in it would be a “bad business decision”.

The conventional wisdom would obviously be that his prediction was wrong, and I would think that this is from where the assumptions of “sour grapes” are derived.

I agree that he cannot help how many times he is asked about the same thing over and over again. However, I think it is reasonable to suggest that—-had he not said some of the things he did then—-there wouldn’t be quite as much “fishing for controversy” on the part of the media by this point.

Shatner—like everyone else—chooses on his own accord which personal feelings to make public, and which he feels should be kept to himself. His repeated “bad business decision” comments fall into the former category, and people (fans and media types alike) are not going to forget that anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong. Bill had every right to voice his displeasure and other opinions about being left out of the film, and his most ardent supporters were more than happy to point that out at the time. But like anyone else, Bill does not (nor do those same supporters) have the right to expect no consequences for what he chose to say. And again, one of those consequences is that he will be constantly subjected to more questions about it than otherwise would have been asked—even now.

I think Bill knows that, and he isn’t complaining about it. But I think that some of his supporters have yet to accept it.

What gets me is how anyone at this point can reasonably ask “why” with regard to the notion that he might be feeling like “sour grapes”. Whether he actually is or not—who knows? But pretending that there isn’t any basis for that opinion is absurd.

Repeated warnings? Probably a one time mention that got boosted up by all the Trekkers here, not?

I just read that in an earlier edit of ST; Generations, after Kirk fell off the rock, Picard told him:

“I’ll try to find a way to contact the Enterprise. Youre going to be all right.”

That line of dialogue was actually filmed! If ONLY it had been kept in! If only Kirk had lived. We would’ve had The Shat in ST 09.

#4 – He doesn’t. Its fairly obvious that he has numerous ghost writers, webmasters and other creative staff who do most of the legwork for him, while he lends the project his name and takes on the task of promotion.

As far as his books and comics, he’s freely admitted on many occasions that he’s never watched any of the Trek shows or movies so it would be impossible for him to come up with those storylines on his own, let alone all the intricate backstories full of arcane facts about characters he’s never heard of.

#35—“Repeated warnings? Probably a one time mention that got boosted up by all the Trekkers here, not?”

That was pretty much an integral part of his standard answer for a good while. You can find the same answer in multiple interviews cited here on TM during that time. It was definitely “repeated”.

Hey at least Bill is leveraging the media and he is always in the public eye pulling “Nofee” off of price-ignorant internet purchasers! I admire Bill for all he does. With media involved in everything these days, a one-man show is a thing of the past. It’s almost impossible to do it all yourself unless you are a genius or very very internet / media saavy. It is possible in a limited fashion.

@ #34

I think Bill is just saying that any Star Trek without him as Captain Kirk would be a bad decision IF made in the PRIME Universe in the post-TMP era. Too bad they killed his character off in Generations,..THIS IMHO was the worst decision EVER in Star Trek. If that wasn’t written so closed-endedly, we might well never have seen ST:XI. I assume this was a major stumbling-block for even the best writers to overcome. This was the major NO-WIN Scenario. Looking back, I can see why they did it, they were transitioning from TMP to TNG and it was like turning the page to install Captain Picard but we see where that ended. They should have done that like TWOK and Spock.

However, I am pleased JJ and Company did so well with the movie and ST:XI will serve as a GIANT reminder to all that Star Trek is and still can be a major money-maker. I am glad JJ and Company are the great pragmatists they are and hope they continue to be mindful of the past mistakes of what works and what doesn’t. But, judging from the Box Office pull from ST:XI, I think they already know that. Admitting that JJ and Company pull off a miracle by saving Star Trek in a last-ditch effort and “rebooted” the franchise, is something I can do publicly, even though alot of folks would only agree with that statement privately.

I just wonder how much of which Bill Shatner has said are taken completely out of context? Everyone wants CONTENT but no one cares about CONTEXT until you have to do a retraction / correction.

#40—-“I just wonder how much of which Bill Shatner has said are taken completely out of context?”

I would imagine that it happens to his comments more than it does to yours and mine, but just about as much as to those of everyone else with any degree of celebrity to his/her name.

Our Closettrekker
is not a man who can say
much with a few words

#42—I just like to share the reasoning behind my opinions.

#10 Ikers

Please do us a favor and YOU leave Star Trek alone. Sheesh. What have YOU done for Star Trek?

I’m tired of you and can’t even recall if I’ve read any of your dribble before …


Mr. Shatner said the movie would be a stinker if he was not in it?

Please provide your source or shut up. I would love to see that article. Or perhaps you have it on a tape recording of the last time you actually talked to the actor?

It get’s very old with people who think they know someone when they don’t. Sounds like sour grapes on your part.


#45—Easy there, Iostrod.

Phil was only (rather colorfully and liberally) paraphrasing the man’s repeated statements that making a Star Trek movie about James T. Kirk without him in it would be a “bad business decision”.

We all know he didn’t actually use the word “stinker”. But we also know know that he used the terms “bad business decision” and “poor business decision” in multiple interviews cited over and over again on this very website.

You can find such articles any number of times in the archives here at TM.

On another note, did you by chance grow up in West Texas?

Come on, show the sources for those “repeated statements”.


Sorry, Closettreker (comrade in arms), I don’t buy your apologistic support for Phil. I’m a journalism major, old school, and I expect people to back up their claims with facts and sources.

Yes, Mr. Shatner used “bad business decision”. Not the same as saying “stinker”. All I ask for is a little fairness – don’t re-phrase someone’s comments to suit their own opinion. Yes, Closet, I’ve been following this discussion since the dawn of time so I’m aware of all the history.

Yes, I grew up in West Texas. Hometown of the CG that will be leading me back into my second tour in Iraq in the next year. I’d be glad to provide you my AKO email address so we can keep in touch.

In fact, I’m sitting in the backyard by the pool. Watching my grandkids enjoy the 4th of July weekend in the pool. As you and I know, we fight for the rights of people to have the right of freedom of speech. Yet, there’s an obligation that comes with that – to use it responsibly. Back up your accusations (not yours,but #10) with facts.

Happy 4th of July, Closetttreker! God bless America.


#47—I’m not going to search them all, but there is one here (November 21, 2007) in which he says “it doesn’t make good business sense”.

There is another (May 19, 2008 TM artcile) which even provides an excerpt from his autobiography, in which he calls it a “poor business decision.”

In an interview with Details Magazine (January 15, 2007 TM article), he calls it a “stupid business decision”.

A Decmber 19, 2007 TM article quotes him in yet another interview as saying it was a “foolish business decision”, and the same day the KGMB Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying “I hope that movie bombs”—although Anthony did not confirm that particular quote.

Is that enough for you?

I’m afraid tracking down *all* of those old articles would take all night…so, if you want me to do the work—it will have to be.

#48—You too, buddy.

I am also a fellow West Texan ( grew up in Odessa), as well as a fellow combat vet.

Good luck and stay safe.