More SDCC Star Trek Exclusives: Genki Khan Cologne & Hot Wheels Enterprise in Dock

As yet another sign of Star Trek’s return to the mainstream, more and more companies are announcing exclusive Trek items for the San Diego Comic Con (July 23-26). Genki Wear, makers of Star Trek themed fragrances has a special Khan cologne, and Mattel introduces an exclusive USS Enterprise in Space Dock Hot Wheels edition. Trekmovie has all the details.


KHAAANN! Cologne – at SDCC (and online today only)
Genki Wear, whose previous Star Trek fragrances include Pon Farr, Tiberius, and Red Shirt, will be offering a cologne inspired by Khan Noonien Singh himself. With a tag line of "engineered to be superior," the cologne is limited to 500 bottles worldwide. Khaaann! cologne has a "clatter of citrus and bergamot" and "midnotes and vetlver." The main fragrance is "a smoky ambergris scent."

Khaaann cologne box (click to enlarge)

Fans who wish to smell superior can get their "Khaaann" by visiting the Genki Wear booth at SDCC (Booth 3149) where all four Star Trek fragrances can be sampled and purchased with the help of three lovely Starfleet officers dressed in TOS and ST09 Starfleet uniforms.  Khaann! retails for $40. For those who KHAN’t attend the SDCC, Genki Wear is offering a "12 hour online sale" of the Khaann! cologne beginning today, July 17th, from 9AM to 9PM EDT at

Mattel SDCC Hot Wheels Exclusive
During the past few months, fans visiting Toys R Us or Targets may have noticed something special in the toy car aisles: Mattel has been releasing what they call "1:50" scale versions of various Star Trek ships. These are about 5" depending on the ship (wave one includes the USS Enterprise refit, USS Enterprise D, USS Reliant, and a Klingon Bird of Prey). Retailing for about $15, these are excellent for display.

At SDCC, Mattel will be selling an exclusive and limited "USS Enterprise NCC 1701 under construction in spacedock" version from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (which celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year). The item includes a spacedock section which doubles as a display for the famous starship.

Hot Wheels Enterprise in dock (click to see more images at

You can pick up the Enterprise in spacedock SDCC exclusive at the Mattel Booth (#3029)

More to come
These latest two products are not the last Star Trek SDCC Comic Con items, so look for another update over the weekend or early next week. Also early next week TrekMovie will provide our Star Trek Guide To Comic Con, going over all the exclusive products as well all the booths with Trek licensees, and panels with Star Trek celebs.


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James Cawley for T.J. Hooker! oh, and I’ll take some of that Khan Cologne.


Interesting idea, but the Hot Wheels ships are a disaster! They bend more than my Star Wars micromachine X-Wing.

I have noticed a lack of quality in the Hot Wheels ships, which I suppose should be expected since they’re die cast, but I’d like to see something better.

^ #5

Problem. The components aren’t all die cast. Die Cast doesn’t bend like action figure plastic! The Enterprise’s entire sauser section, the neck, the nacelles and the nacelle arms are all plastic. The ONLY part that’s metal is the middle portion of the secondary hull. That’s it.

hey what the hell happened to the Movie Enterprise and the Narada replicas? They better put out that first before doing the Spacedock.

^ #6

Nobody is going to make the Narada. The sharp points would make the ship a hazard to kids.

Well, nobody I know at least. Plus the complexity of the ship itself would almost render it unplayable.

#8 Maybe they should release the Narada, it will weed out the stupid out of the gene pool, and make lawyers rich…lol

^ #9 Spock

As long as it comes with a missile launching Boba Fett and a piping hot cup of McDonald’s coffee…

They could always make the Narada as it appeared in Countdown, pre-borg refit. Although that would cause a lot of confusion for anyone who hadn’t read the comics

The Enterprise in drydock is an interesting concept but I can’t say I care for Hot Wheels’ execution. I would have been happy to pay more for an Enterprise miniature inside a full drydock model.

I’ve picked up the current lot of TOS Trek Hot Wheels toys; while they aren’t the best of quality, they look good if you leave them in their original packaging and its about the only way right now to get a decently sized USS Reliant (Art Asylum: hurry up and release an electonic version already).

BTW, totally unrelated but my brother and I bought one of the Master Replicas 32″ lighted USS Enterprise ships and the thing is absolutely incredible. Here’s a quick pic I took in low light right after setting it up just to see how the lighting looked. Too bad MR never got around to making a TMP version before they folded.

If these Hot Wheels models weren’t made out of plastic they might be worth buying, but as it stands they are junk. I just wish they had followed the Corgi models of a few years ago and actually used metal.

Does Khannnn!!! cologne have the fragrance of rich Corinthian leather?

I made me own Narada model by stuffin’ and taxidermizin’ a large squid. Doused it in Khan cologne ta’ make tha’ stench bearable.

Whoooosh! Here comes Nero’s leviathon ta’ shoot down tha’ Nixon… errrrrrr…. “Kelvin” I means…. made me a Kelvin outta’ an old toidy seat and some empty loo tissue rolls…


Just ordered my Kahn cologne! Ahahah solid!

I can’t imaging a Khan fragrance without a sweaty, unwashed smell of musk note to it.

I wonder if the Enterprise’s saucer section is going to be crooked like on the Wave 1 version. Get your act together, Mattel!

“Yours is the superior fragrance…”

Tagline for Khan Cologne:

“He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him! ”


“I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!”

cant wait to see this stuff on the remainder shelves !

These Hot Wheels replicas are cool, but I hate that – more often than not – the warp nacelles are twisted and out of alignment due to problems with the plastic as it cools/cures. The old Micro Machines used to have the same problems.

I’m waiting for the new E. I’ve passed on the Reliant, ED and i haven’t seen the BoP. I did get the refit E. It goes nicely with my Hallmark Enterprise from acouple years ago.

……”clatter of citrus and bergamot” and “midnotes and vetlver.” The main fragrance is “a smoky ambergris scent.”

IOW, it smells like the inside of a French port-a-potty. I’ll pass. But I’ll take one of those space dock Enterprises.

Sweet! My license plate is now a cologne!
(I’ve had that plate since ’01).

Too bad I won’t be at the Comicon to pick me up some of that stinky stuff (and in no way could convince my wife to let me but a bottle of perfume that I would never wear… er I mean, cologne that I would never wear).

The Pre-Enterprise sounds good, but will it actually be released? The movie will be out on DVD and in the discount bin, before we new the New-Enterprise!

When Mattel announced the new ships I thought Great! maybe we will finally get an Akira, but now I wonder if we will even get all the Enterprises?

I’ll take the under construction Enterprise, should it actually be released to those who don’t live in San Diego…

I use to collect Hot Wheels but that was back when things had 4 wheels. Now these model retailers have to pay for financing an employees anything they spread their market area’s into about every thing but Adult sex toys just to get change back from the IRS.

I do not mind them venturing into other areas but guess what three letter item I do not like eating profits.

I like the idea of a ‘construction’ version of the ship. But I would rather see a bigger version and with more parts under construction/missing.

The Corgi Star Trek ships aren’t 100% metal either, they are about 50% plastic. Quit yer bitchin.

I got the 1701 TMP version for my birthday and it is crap. The saucer is warped, and it bends up at the neck, and the engine pylons are bent a little. All I can say is it will be great for my 4 year old to play with so he doesn’t break my better quality Art Asylum TOS 1701.

I wish someone would come out with a collection of ships that are to scale with each other. Than would be cool. But then the 1701-D would be the size of the Playmates one, and the New ’09 E would be the size of my couch (sarcasm abounds)!

Khan always seemed like a High Karate guy to me.

I agree the metal to plastic ratio should have been better – particularly on an item whose box advertises “DIE CAST METAL” with NO mention of plastic parts. But for those who care to try, there is a fairly simple fix for the out of alignment PVC parts of the Hot Wheels refit Enterprise:

I took a hair dryer on low heat and carefully applied it to the plastic parts that were warped. After they softened up just enough, I gently bent them into the correct position and held them there until they cooled ( running a bit of cold water over the parts as they cool will speed the setting ). I haven’t had a problem with it since.

I know it’s silly to have to go to this much trouble for a toy, but when it comes to replicas of the Enterprise, I’ve run across very few in my 40 years of collecting that have hed all of the components aligned correctly, so I’m used to having to make adjustments on my own.

I love Star Trek as much as the next guy here, but all the Star Trek colognes do is fuel the stereotype that we’re all a bunch of obsessed fanboys who live in basements.

Okay, well I’m an obsessed fanboy, but I’m not someone who would go out and buy Khan cologne.

Items advertised as “Die Cast Metal” are usually made with zinc and other low-temperature alloys. Zinc has become so expensive that some manufacturers have exited the business altogether. Others have had no choice but to add plastic parts and raise their prices to compensate. I know…too much information. Enjoy the metal while it lasts.

Seems odd that they would limit it to 500 copies. This seems like this would be the most sought after fragrance. What’s the point?

Also,…I don’t think a Kirk fragrance has to be relegated just to the Mirror Universe. As Spock said in another episode “He’s quite a dynamic individual” …even in our universe.

re # 35

I can understand the need to use metal sparingly, since it’s become so expensive, but my beef is that Hot Wheels boldly advertise the ‘Star trek’ toys on the package as “Die Cast Metal”, when all of them are anywhere between 5 to 10% metal. It would be far more forthcoming and honest to advertise them as “Die Cast Metal And Plastic”.

Also, why use PVC plastic on the Enterprise refit and Reliant? The Enterprise-D is also mostly plastic, but it is the far more rigid styrene plastic, which tends to warp less in the manufacturing and curing process ( it also holds sharper details ).

#37-I agree, it’s very misleading to advertise one thing and substitute another. I liken it to the old argument about “pork and beans” that are really beans with pork. As for the plastic parts, it may be that they use PVC to resist breakage or prevent injury during hard play. The more rigid plastic (ABS or Polystyrene) does hold detail better, but when it breaks it can become lethal.


Did anyone order the Khan cologne at comic con? I and my friend did, we paid $40 up front and they said the cologne would ship in 7 days or so. Its’ been almost 30 and neither of us got our order. Anyone in same situation?

I was pretty disappointed with the Hot Wheels line, but I actually think the space-dock edition is pretty damn awesome. Now THAT I would buy (too bad I was too busy to go to SDCC)

The Hot Wheels people should have the Trek license took straight back off them. We in the west get these bent soft plastic turds while Japan gets Furuta, F-Toys and Romando – sure, they’re little more than toys that come with a stick of gum or a pack of candy, but the attention to details is far superior than the Hot Wheels crap. I have an F-Toys Defiant (NCC-1864)…it is only 3.5 inches in length, but the level of detail is astonishing….up there with an AMT model almost, and that is no exaggeration. Plus it comes with a cloaked version of itself….two models on the one stand. Ebay has a few for sale from various sellers if anyone wants to add them to their collection (the F-Toys vol.1 has five standard – Enterprise NCC-1701, Enterprise refit, Enterprise D, USS Defiant, Enterprise NX-01, and one secret/chase item ISS Enterprise (NX-01) Mirror Universe version. They’re stunningly good models for the money….and usually cheaper importing from Hong Kong than getting them off a western seller.

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