TrekInk: Exclusive Preview of Star Trek Nero #2

Next week brings the second chapter in IDW’s "Star Trek Nero" series, where we find out more about what Star Trek’s villain was up to for those 25 ‘lost years’. And TrekMovie has an exclusive preview below, where you can find out what happened to Nero’s ear.


PREVIEW: Nero #2
Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, art by David Messina


From Star Trek writer/producers Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman and the creative team behind the best-selling Star Trek: Countdown. The story of the villainous Nero continues as we learn how Nero spent the years between his battle with the Kelvin and his reunion with Spock! You don’t want to miss this essential chapter in the rebirth of Star Trek!

Issue 2 covers

5-page preview:


(click to enlarge)

"Star Trek Nero" #2 arrives in comic shops Wednesday September 9th. You can pre-order issue 2 from TFAW as well as the next two issues in the four issue series. Issue one is currently on backorder.









If you can be patient, a trade paperback combining all four issues has been announced. It comes out May 2010, and you can pre-order from Amazon for $12.23 (discounted from $17.99).

Nero TPB coming in May

Out this week: Star Trek Archives #6
This week IDW released their latest archive, this time compiling the DC comics New Frontiers miniseries from 1984/1985. Here is the official description.

The treacherous but intriguing tales of Star Trek’s Mirror Universe are presented in this collection of the 8-part Mirror Universe Saga! Witness the deception and desperation that unfolds as the Empire sets out to conquer another universe. It will take all the guile and cunning Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the Enterprise can muster if they hope to ward off the coming Empire invasion, and save themselves in the process!

(Click to enlarge)

Star Trek archives #6 TPB can be pre-ordered from Amazon.


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Very cool! First time poster!

I need to get part 1, and get started with these.

Spock Should have Saved Romulus, after making a choice that ended up Killing Nero’s family due to His “Good of The Many” Logic. THEN Nero could have gone after him for Revenge.

but nope. “Star Trek ’09” Instead.

looks like a semi-plausible way of explaining why the ship is still in orbit

Issue #1 was very cool. #2 looks even better.

i like the way the story is going. Would love to see a Tv Move about nero and his 25 years in prision. But this will do. hey Bob Orci. Any chance of making this a Miniseris for Tv. Would be the best thing for all of us Trek Fans and New ones as well. What is the possability of you guys doing something like that.

why are there ridged klingons????????

#7 Not all Klingons caught the Augment virus…. or were less affected by it. Most folks use Chang as the perfect example of this.

@ #7:

Looks to me like they’re wearing masks of some kind….

And THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for the announcement that a trade paperback is coming.

I don’t like it, but I’m gonna wait….

@ #7:

My apologies. You’re right; the one-eyed guy has ridges. Whoops.

Johnny, because they existed in Enterprise.

I guess the Augment virus is starting to wear off by now, eh…?

@ #10:

You didn’t see all of Enterprise, did you?


Special effects and makeup has improved since the 60s.

I could have sword they also had the ridges in the movies from Star Trek: The Motion Picture all the way through to Generations.

You can enjoy the original tv episodes, but please do not compare movies to episode production budgets and designs and act like the episodes looks and feel should be identical to the bigger grander scale movie versions.

@ #7:

the disease only affected a percentage of the Klingons. See the “Blood Will Tell” comic series. There are both smooth and crunchy Klingons in Kirk’s time

Woo! Looking forward to this. I really liked Countdown despite its few flaws and Nero was an interesting character IMO. Oh, and I’d like that combined trade paperback cover as a poster for my wall plz :)

I bought Nero #1 a few days ago and zipped through it. The visuals were great, but I feel the story was lacking a little bit. I still enjoyed reading it and can’t wait for #2 to learn more of Nero’s backstory, but so far, it’s nothing I didn’t predict would happen, based on what I’ve heard about the deleted scene from the movie with Nero on Rura Penthe.

And I remember from a previous TrekMovie article that his ear being ripped off was supposed to be “part of the plot”, based on what I remember, but a dog ripping it off seems kind of meaningless… unless there’s something I don’t know yet. I’m hoping for an unexpected twist that will spin the story in a new direction soon! Keeping my fingers crossed I haven’t lost faith in the Nero comics yet I believe it has potential!

I am definitely gong to get the trade paperback

So anyone wanna bet that the mask-wearing Klingons are people affected by the Augment virus? It’d be nice if they throw in a single smooth-headed Klingon just as an acknowledgement of it. Yo, BobOrci, throw a fanboy a bone.

Or maybe the scans future-tastic technology on the Narada that bumped up the UFP filtered down to the Klingon empire and they managed to cure it.

Those Romulans are Ripped. No Wonder Kirk and Sulu had a hard time on the drill Rig

@20: Pointless manual labour as punishment in a time of antigrav and automation = Worst. Gym. EVER.

All kidding aside, this is looking really badass, and the art is impressive.

Why do the Klingons have ridges?

Really like the Klingon armor. I wonder if some would wear the ridged armor to cover up their infection…?

The Alternate Universe looks interesting, I wonder if it would dare go into the quantum mechanics and scientific reasons why these concepts are possible. But those odds are slim to none because that would load the book with educational info and the book is most likely for entertainment, not education. There may be hints as to why, and the author may have knowledge to explain it all in plain English or Klingon. But that may re-frame the meaning of the book.

Either way the book may be a very good book, but the odds of it being a physics book is another question.

I think it would be cool if there were a comic adaptation of the movie but with drawings in the likenesses of young Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley et al in place of Pine, Quinto etc.
Any fanboy artists up to the challenge? I’d buy it!

Nobody else recognized the Klingon warden from Star Trek VI? Tsk.

Roberto Orci is he the same J. R. Orci that worked for “The Journeyman” the NBC TV show ?

#25. I recognized him immediate. “Well, since you’re all going to die anyway, why not tell you… His name is……” Beeeeeeammmmmmm

#26 I believe J.R. Orci from the excellent (and sadly canceled way too soon) “Journeyman” is Roberto’s brother.

Finally get to see what happened to that ear!!
I can’t wait to see this deleted material when the dvd comes out!
I hope we see just some of this action in the deleted scenes…It would have been awesome to see in on the big screen…
Wish they would add it back and show it for a limited time…

It appeared to me that the hooded Klingons had ridges as well..kind of protruding thru the hoods…I thought the hoods were to keep us from knowing who they were before the movie came out… whatever…

My husband purchased Nero #1 and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. He plans to purchase Nero #2 as soon as it comes out. Too bad these scenes were cut from the finished film. I am curious about Nero’s origins and I think these comics will flesh out some of the details.

Slightly off topic, but we are also enjoying the series Spock Reflections as well. The Countdown series was very enjoyable and well-done. IDW is doing an excellent job with their Star Trek comics.

BTW, that Klingon “dog” creature looks like the ones in STIX: The Undiscovered Country.

Whoops! I meant ST VI: The Undiscovered Country not ST IX. Sorry about the typo.

Just read Nero No. 1 last night, and I find myself wanting to finish the series to find out what happens to Captain Robau’s body! It’s already the most important supporting character of the series. Hoping for a spin-off, somehow!

Tongue out of cheek: continued high quality with this series, and Spock: Reflections. Great stores, great art. Hope they keep them coming!

If they don’t use that NERO-Klingon stuff they filmed in the sequel somehow, they should make a Direct-to-DVD movie using it. There is a great NERO prequel movie waiting to be made from all this! How hard would it be to film new stuff and mix it in with the old? Hell, they once talked about making a Khan prequel. That ACTUALLY have stuff to use to film a NERO prequel.

Why are the Klingons dressed as though they are a 1940’s detective expecting a rain shower? If that is truly the way they were costumed in the filmed elements, it is to everyone’s advantage that the film was (1) edited out and (2) not to be incorporated into another version of the movie. After all, a warrior does not fear the rain!

#33 … Not likely. For one thing, they’d have to recast Nero. Eric Bana is too big a star for direct to DVD.


I wondered about that. I think if they offered him enough money, he would do that. For one thing, he sounded pretty bummed that they left those scenes out of the film in interviews.

I would love to see Star Trek direct to DVD movies, but if and when they do that, they’re going to make something with broader appeal than Nero’s backstory. What I think they should do is release an animated film, similar to the Animatrix or the Batman one that came out before Dark Knight. Animated Trek would be money in the bank, and I betcha they could even get most of the movie cast to do the voices. It’d be awesome.

# 31.

I think that “dog creature” is a Klingon targ that first popped up in Star Trek 3 on whathisname’s bird of prey. Doc Brown. He cradled it when it died. I would have love to have seen that bit in the movie.


I’m pretty sure those aren’t hoods, if you check out this freeze-frame from the trailer here, it has a shot from one of the deleted scene’s. Nero’s “The wait is over” bit, and it looks more like the Klingons are wearing metallic masks so those ridges could be, probably are, molded into them. Once again, my going theory is that those are “Augment Virus” infected Klingons so they wear ridge-masks to hide their smooth-foreheaded shame:

Not quite sure about the Klingons wearing what appears to be trench coats, but whatever, I’m sure we’ll all get a better look at it on the DVD/Blu Ray.

Actually it looks nothing like the dogs in Undiscoverd Country it does however look very much like Kruges ‘dog’ in Search For Spock.
The dogs in ‘Country’ were covered in White fur and a giant almost Beak like set of fangs. Kruges was hairless with a broad mouth and lots of small pointy teeth. This plot point was not invented for teh comics either as Ive pointed out previously here you can see the teeth mark scars around Nero’s skull.
The klingon uniforms ‘designed’ (as in taken off the rack at some Goth store) for Trek ’09 are so Ungodly unimaginitve its sad. “Hey guys…lets put them in Gestapo trench coats with Sam Brown belts!” The klingons are one of the MOST developed (if not THE most developed) of all the Alien species in Trek lore and it looks like JJ and company treated them like an afterthought. I dont have a problem with the Klingon STORY elements ony the utter lack of effort in its realization. The Klingons look like they were designed by somebody working on a low budget ‘SyFy original’ not a movie costings millions and millions of dollars.

@40: On the other hand, I imagine guarding Rura Penthe to be the loser assignment of the Klingon Empire, so maybe they get all the outdated hand-me-down crap, while the Glamorous Warriors! of the Klingon Fleet get the leather-and-armor outfits we all know and love.

Also, this is 25 years before the movie, right? Maybe the universe hasn’t diverged as much yet, and the simple outfits are meant to be a callback to the simpler TOS-style uniforms.

Just throwing it out there.

Interesting that they run around shirtless on an ice planet.

what is better on steak than A1? This might be an in universe reason for the dangling parts here. Why not adhere to the creation of the cestation of the pool in gold and other brightly lit cookies that one may sample in a city is really beyond me limited duty of honor to the code of green dogs


Uh, what?

@43: Montreal Steak Spice is better.

The rest of your post I’ll have to relegate to a higher authority.

Issue number one was good — but not enough comic pages and too many damned ads!

You know, it’s ridiculous enough to pay almost 4 bucks for a COMIC BOOK — but to have half of it as ads and other BS is ridiculous.

Back in my day, comics were like, 50 cents…and nearly the whole thing was filled with plot and artwork.

These days, it’s f-ing ridiculous!

Anyway, why didn’t they just do this as a graphic novel like they did with Countdown?

Oh, and I forgot to mention (for those of you who actually follow my Trekweb exploits) that I picked up that Wrath of Khan comic and flipped through the pages at my local comic shop and the artwork in that thing is TERRIBLE!!!

I mean, my GAWD…the Enterprise and, well, just about everything is terrible!

Even the old Gold Key comics look almost better by comparison.

I find IDW comics to be hit and miss…there’s no consistency.

What is Simon Pegg doing on the cover of a comic that he’s not featured in?

I believe Simon Pegg played the Prison Master at Rura Pente…

…yeah, that’s it…


# 48.

The same way Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, et. all were on the alternate covers of “Countdown” for comics they’re not featured in. I’m half-convinced this entire series was based around coming up with different usages for the leftover promo photos.