Free Preview of Star Trek The Exhibition In Hollywood Friday Night

As we reported earlier this week, Star Trek: The Exhibition arrives this weekend in Los Angeles at the Hollywood & Center. The official opening day is Saturday, but there is a special preview on Friday night and readers of are invited, for free! Spaces are limited, find out how to get in below.


Get a free preview to Star Trek The Exhibition in Hollywood
Star Trek: The Exhibition opens Saturday at the Hollywood & Highland Center on Hollywood Blvd. The preview is at 7PM – 10PM Firday night. You and a guest can get in for free but you need to RSVP to

Here is the official invite:

Opens to the public on Saturday
And if you can’t make it on Friday, then you can buy tickets (starting at $10.50) at the box office or in advance at The exhibit is open seven days a week: Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For more information, text “Hollywood” to 75309 or call 866-940-3976. The address for the exhibit is 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028.

Visit the STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION fan page on Facebook here. And follow the exhibition on Twitter @StarTrekhwood

Hollywood & Highland welcomes Star Trek The Exhibition

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Wish it were here in Hollywood Florida!

Sorry for being off-topic about the poll on favorite genre-shows, but I have to state that my favorite show is not even in the list. It’s ‘Defying Gravity’ and it’s lack of success once more demonstrates that hardcore SF has a hard time these days.

Is this like a theme ride or something or is it a museum exhibit?

the one i went to had both was worth checking out

Any chance of this coming to Europe? In the 90s a lot of such exhibis were touring here. I went to all of them.

bring out yer dead

Think we need a Star Trek Wax Museum.

Bring this to Munich, Germany!

# 8: Da bin ich auch dafür! :-)


Defying Gravity was canceled by ABC a few weeks ago. Probably why it is not showing up in the poll.

For those not in the US, I’d say keep praying very hard, and maybe after they think they have milked all they can from the American public, then Europe and maybe the rest of the world. Figure those stays will be 3 months to half a year. Moving and setting up takes time and money. Figure places like London and Paris. The ticket price depends on how inflation hits the US because of the over spending they love to do here in Washington DC.

Die Harsd fans will not get left out, the question is when and where. I’d see if any Media production companies would need to contact the American promotion company. My bet is they will not talk to fans but company’s they may listen. Then it’s the old money factor.

I’m still waiting for a Denver stop that was pre opening schedule had it for March-April 2009. But as we know those plans got transported into outer space.

Wow! I can see some fake mockups for free! Sign me up!

For $10.50 it may not be so bad…afterwards you can go to Madam Trussard wax museum that just opened near by.

Lieutenant, We can see why you have not advanced in rank, you assume that all us readers know where your at, so thus we know what wax museum your talking about and where it is at. But as far as we know it could be on Pluto’s moon Cheron, and we’ll have no real verifacation for 9 to 10 more years until our space probe reaches there.