Exclusive Preview Of Star Trek Blu-ray Vessel Simulator

One of the cooler features of the upcoming Star Trek movie Blu-ray set is the Vessel Simulator. Using your remote, you will be able to explore both the new USS Enterprise, and the Narada. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive video preview of this feature. Check it out below



Starfleet Vessel Simulator
The Vessel Simulator lets you explore both the USS Enterprise and the Narada, here is a preview.

The Vessel Simulator feature is available exclusively on the Blu-ray set for Star Trek.

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Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

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looks great!

Wow, this looks really great! I’d love to see more of the Narada. :)

Looks as though it’s time to invest in a Bluray player

I hated the new ship design until seeing this. They should have released this online the day the movie was released.

The new design tends to look good from only a few angles, especially looking up from behind her (no comments, oh peanut gallery of mayhem!) The other variations on the Big E look good from almost any angle.
I will say, this version shows JJ’s E at its best.

Makes you want to go and get a Blu-Ray player.

agreed. I’m getting a PS3 I think for the games and blu-ray

The Enterprise: Anybody besides me think she doesn’t look quite retro enough?

No complaints. Beautiful bird.

@#6 I actually think there are a lot of very ugly angles of the Ent D. That said, the Ent D has some great angles too, they just didn’t showcase them nearly as well as they could have during TNG.

Yes, the view looking up from the back DEFINITELY makes this ship look SO MUCH better! I wish they had used that view on the movie posters.

Beautiful ship.

Mighty sweet looking. I can’t wait.

Hopefully they’ll have the Kelvin for a BD-Live treat? (Hint, hint …)

It still gets me how the design of the new E can look totally horrible from some angles and from others badass. I mostly just hope that they get the interior right for the next movie, no more brewery and multiple cores please. The vid looks awesome, though.

what an odd choice for the music on there though. That’s one of the songs that they use for MMA and NASCAR.

The entire marketing for this movie was weird to me, combined with the FLASH BANG LOOK OVER THERE camera cuts and the bright future lense flares….guh. I did enjoy it though and look forward to purchasing a bluray player for this movie ;)

“Any chance to go on board the ENTERPRISE…”

“I, for one, am ahppy to have you at the helm. I don’t think these kids can steer her.”


That Bluray stuff looks sweet. I admit that the new E has grown on me, although I have chosen to go the “ears in fingers, insisting that it is still only about 1,000 to 1,200 feet long”. But it will still be fun to mess with all the goodies on the disc. The Narada is kind of a dumb looking ship. That’s a mining ship? It looks like a squid. And the Romulans used the captured Borg technology to arm a mining ship.


I came.

Why can I not go to the Vimeo link for that video?

@18: “And the Romulans used the captured Borg technology to arm a mining ship. Right………”

It actually says that in the simulator feature itself.


That makes it no less ridiculous. At least to me. The Romulans went about galactic dominance all wrong, as it turned out. They should have had the labor class lead the battle. The military apparently didn’t have the good gear.

What’s the music?


Well, what about the Scimitar?

Weaksauce Anthony, you set it to private video.

One weak ass drilling ship almost destroyed the entire Federation.

öhm, it is on the 2 disk blu ray to!

If the secondary hull was shrunk back (meaning aft) the ship would be much better…. that and stop all the silly talk of the ship being larger than the original by a factor of 10 just because they filmed the movie in a brewery! You can see the windows are the same size an location of the orginal! You don’t triple the size of the ship and just make the windows bigger! (for really tall people that need on window over 4 decks!)

Music: Saliva – Ladies And Gentlemen


The Scimitar was Romulan Tech and not Borg/Romulan Tech hybrid. This was also an era before Borg tech was needed to inhance the fleet, it just turned out to be an invincable ship from the outside! Bad @$$ Romulans!

The video really does make the E look nice. i’d be curious to see what it would’ve looked like with reddish-orange ranscoops

The Enterprise looks great. I really liked the new movie design.

THX, read Countdown ;)

I really like the way the ENT goes to warp. No rainbow of colors, no stretching of the ship, no starburst, just *poof*, she gone. Me likey.

Yah that music adds to the bad assness of the simulators ships angles-good thing they didnt have some nerdy kinda music playing or I might have thought I was being nerdy enjoying it! HAHA

Actually the BALLS on the back of the Nacelles git bRIGHTER and brighter as it powers up to go to warp….now If I didnt just watch that vessel simulator I would not have known that….

Wish I could watch it. The video continues to say its for private use.

Modelers should enjoy this. The music was awful, of course, but I assume that’s only for the commercial.

They should have played Enterprising Young Men for this trailer.

I am still not a fan of this new Enterprise.

It does not have the beauty of the Original and refitted constitution clas Enterprise

I do like the film but this Enterprise disappointed me.

I prefer the original con TOS Enterprise and Enterprise D and E over the new redesigned Enterprise

This is cool, the Big E and Nerada look awesome! I’ve got the Blu Ray set and now all i need is the player which i should be getting soon…….

November 17 = The day I buy a Blu-Ray player.

42: Wait for Black Friday deals. Profile 2.0 players under $150, possibly under $99.

#4’s right. Time to get a blue ray.

@22. “The Romulans went about galactic dominance all wrong, as it turned out. They should have had the labor class lead the battle. The military apparently didn’t have the good gear.”

Maybe the Romulans don’t like things ending too quickly. There might be reasons why they didn’t use this technology at first. Maybe it would have ended things too quickly. I don’t think the Romulans would like living in a universe without adversaries. That is after all what they relish.

Romulan Commander: “A gift for our homeland. Another war.”

So now that their home world is gone and their potential adversaries are coming willfully to their aid, I guess some Romulans think that their time is over, and they want to go out and leave as much of a mark as possible on the galaxy.

As for Nero expressing his desire to rid Romulas of the Federation? Well, he’s a ‘by the book’ 2Dimensional character who just wants to blow things up.

If this site keeps dropping spoliers on the Bluray features, I won’t be surprised by anything come Nov. 17th!

That would have been much better without the pseudo hard rock music behind it, in my opinion.

“Unlock the Ultimate Experience”?

It’s just a bunch of movie clips right?

@45 – Nope. It’s completely interactive. You zoom around the ship(s) to whatever spots you want, looking at detail… zooming in and out, getting all sorts of details and so forth. Check out the review on TheDigitalBits.com.

Sounds like one of the best interactive BD features to date…

er… that was directed at poster 48… redshirt.. oops…