Exclusive ‘Fan Fact Checking’ Clip From Star Trek Movie DVD & Blu-ray

Both the 2-disk DVD and 3-disk Blu-ray sets for the Star Trek movie (coming out next week) are chock full of special features. Today we have an exclusive clip, with Star Trek co-writer Bob Orci talking about getting help from the fans (here at TrekMovie.com), and also a quick behind-the-scenes moment with two Spocks!. 


Exclusive Clip from ‘To Boldly Go’ Featurette

The following clip is from the ‘To Boldly Go’ featurette, available on both the Blu-ray and 2-disk DVD set for Star Trek.

TrekMovie community makes it to the Star Trek DVD & Blu-ray!
Although Bob doesn’t mention the site by name, the video shows Bob and JJ on bridge the set of the Enterprise during the live chat they held here at TrekMovie.com back in January 2008. Of course, Bob is a regular (and very welcome) visitor to the TrekMovie comments section, making comments and answering fan questions. And apparently he and the team have been taking something away from the back and forth with the fans (and we are happy to offer the service). 

Top JJ and Bob chatting online; Bottom, Bob typing a comment (see comment section for 1/25/08 article # 206)


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“You’re screwed…ha ha ha ha ha.” :p

All hale Trekmovie
All hale Trekmovie

You guys are the best!!

I participated in that famous on set chat with the film makers. I mean from home, not on the set. Sort of cool to see that on the bonus features.

Bob? :D -really wishes he was on right now-

Apparently JJ did a little bit a posting under Bob’s name! Excellent!

I LOVE THAT!! “You’re screwed.”

We rule.

How can I watch the video. Its set to private.

Love these guys, they get it.

They had Copies of Star Trek on DVD and Blu-Ray behind the counter at the video store today but not for rental. :( This proves that even the video stores know this video release is gonna be big! I want it I want I want it!!!!

that shot of JJ and Bob looks like Kirk/Spock, “Hello, there”

Yes. We here at Trek Movie helped with the movie in some small way. Yes we are the greatest!!!!. We are on the Greatest Site of all Time for Anything Star Trek. J.J and the Court are always welcome here. BoB Orci. You Da Man. If we here at trek Movie can help you any further then we are all at your service. So. Please. Do not use Khan in the next Movie. Thank you.

Oh. Anthony. You Da Man as well. Great site and this is the greatest site for anything Trek. Thank you.

Very cool, love it when you get the sense that the guys behind the scenes are fans too, or at the very least that they are not dismissive of the fans.

Would love for Bob to throw around a few theories and ideas on the next film. If it happens, it will happen here no doubt!
Anthony, you should be very proud of the site you have created here, many thanks.

Hey Bob and J.J You should realy give Anthony Pascale a Role on the Next Star Trek Movie. Even if it is a Walk on Role. So I say lets all file a Petition to have Anthony Pascale on the next Star Trek Movie. Who is all in favor.

This place is like a ThinkTank where you don’t have to pay anyone.

One cool thing about the internet and sites like this is that they’ve enabled the thesis – feedback – adjustment loop to get tighter and tighter.

This site is SIKK

Letting fans make a difference

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hope all these actors knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to do this new Trek movie! Awesome clip, can’t wait to grab that DVD for myself.

These guys are way cool!

And so are we!

At least Zachary Quinto won’t be known as a bad guy now, he’s Spock… …and “screwed!”

You rule Anthony!

Boborci and team are way cool for interacting with fans also and respecting what came before.

Bob, you gotta bust Alex for appearing in that clip wearing virtually the same black t-shirt as JJ did. Do both of them root around in Simon Cowell’s dirty laundry?

#15 – I agree wholeheartedly!

On a huge and total non sequitor, I was just watching a DVD called “Make the Yuletide Gay,” and lo! and behold who but Gates McFadden is in it in a small but poignant role as one of the character’s mother.

Nice to see her still out there.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program: I canNOT wait for the ST09 DVD!!!

Can someone answer this question? I am close to taking the dive and go Blu-Ray. But is there any real reason to do so when one considers my 27″ TV is 14 years old?… (and until I get a real job no chance of buying an HDTV, it’s not going to happen)

So the advert above says that Bestbuy just dropped the price on the gift set from $39.99 to $27.99 but when you click on the link it is listed at $39.99. Anyone know if it really went down to $27.99? I preordered it and they charged me $39.99. That is bunk if they didn’t give me the best price!!!

#25 Best Buy has price protection, so you should be able to go to customer service desk to point out the price reduction and they will refund you the difference, have your credit card ready if you paid via cc.

But if you click on the Best Buy link it still says $39.99.

I second the “Anthony Pascale in the next Star Trek” petition!

“chock full of special features”?

Transformers 2 had an hour more of special features…
So dissapointed.

#27 print screen and show them the new price, they should be able to refund you the difference, if it’s not worth the trouble, just be happy you got yours guaranteed :)

All you people buying it early are crazy! I’m gonna go to Walmart the day it comes out and buy it and don’t have to do any pre-ordering! They never run out on big releases, trust me!

Weird to see Spocks laugh, no?

Yes it is.

I plan on buying both DVD & Blu Ray.

@ 28

But those were ‘Transformers’ special features.

These are ‘Star Trek’ Special Features!

Its quality, not quantity! At least, in my opinion.

To me Leonard Nimoy will always be Spock

Quinto is a good as another version of Spock but to me Nimoy will always be Spock.

Looking forward to seeingthe new movie on Monday.

I’m hoping JJ has no comments on the features about the past Trek that would upset a hard core fan like myself. LOL

I am not a fan of those writers but I enjoyed that clip of discussing the fans


I think it’s supposed to be 29.99- it’s only if you also buy a ST bluray movie – I got a First Contact copy and this gift set for a total of 45- with store pick up, if you have it mailed to you it’s 3-5 bucks more. I wanted to get the Next Gen box set in bluray but thats not offered with this deal so I figured screw it, the only good next gen movie was First Contact.

Holy crap! They answered a question I had! I thought it was a fake but I always kept faith it was really Orci… awesome! :)

Wow, I think everyone who has ever commented here at TrekMovie just got a giant rush to their egos!

As anyone who has read my posts know I have mixed feelings about this film. I have the DVD on pre-order on Amazon.com (and I love Amazon’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee, btw) and I will be watching it again shortly after it arrives but I know that it will never match the greatness of the “old” Standard Universe Star Trek, imo.

In any case, it’s great that the producers valued their time here on TrekMovie and I look forward to future visits by them.

15, that would indeed be a nice “thank you” to the creator of this wonderful site.

12, I must agree. Khan should not be in the next movie for several reasons. First, I think that the role of Khan should only be played by Ricardo Montalban, as his performance would be impossible to beat, and because it would be a nice tribute to Montalban. Second, they rebooted Star Trek so they could tell original stories and not be “constrained” by canon (I have serious issues with that argument but I’ll save that for another time) so they should tell an original story. If they wanted to fully embrace canon then they never should have rebooted the franchise. Just look at James Bond, they haven’t rehashed old ideas since the reboot; they’ve moved forward and went their own way. That is what they should do with Trek now that they’ve rebooted it. So long as it remains recognizable as Star Trek I’ll be happy.

36, I couldn’t disagree more. All the TNG movies were good in their own right. While I agree First Contact was the best TNG film but Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis were all good as well. The only Star Trek film that I’m not fond of is The Motion Picture. It’s just too long and boring with a crappy plot. Although The Final Frontier has a pretty bad plot too but the character moments at the beginning of the film really help the movie, something The Motion Picture is lacking.

31, I used to work at Wal-Mart. You are correct when you say that they don’t run out of these new releases and they do have the best prices in retail. Just remember to be nice to the associates (that’s what Wal-Mart calls their employees), they’re hardworking people who are overworked and underpayed, especially considering all the crap they take from trouble customers.

39: I *so* disagree with you. I still have very fond feelings for ‘Star Trek – The Motion Picture!’ I rank it first or second of all the franchise films.

ST: TMP, to me, was the closest to Roddenberry’s philosophy of what TREK is all about. I am not saying it is perfect, but it is far from being the worst of the TREK films.

I think the film that failed most was, as you mentioned, ‘ST: TFF.’ It’s too bad Paramount sabotaged Shatner’s efforts, although I will say his ideas of TREK were a little far out… it’s little wonder Mr. Roddenberry didn’t like the film.


I like all the films for different reasons, and own the special editions on DVD, First Contact just happens to be the only one I would pay good money to upgrade to Bluray for, and the new one of course.

For my money the best single distillation of Trek is in the Next Gen episode “Darmok”. It portrays everything I think of when someone mentions Trek to me- they even have a ripped shirt captain coming in at the last minute to save the day, lol.


your feelings are shared, I enjoyed the movie but i have gripes with some of the changes Abrams made.

I am still looking forward to seeing it again, but I feel th greatest of the prime universe will never be matched.

I am glad the new movie is getting new people to watch the stuff from before.

But why the gre’thor doesn’t anyone from cast or crew post in the official movie forum?

Everyone seems psyched this movie is coming out on video soon.

Very cool.


It’s got a great villain sound to it. Sign him up, JJ, before hollywood casts him as a teen vampire.

Anthony Pascale for a cameo in Star Trek XII:

“Captain Kirk, I request a transfer to a more reasonably sized Federation starship!!”


Or a washed up Sci-Fi writer driving a limo during the apocalypse.

Sounds better as “Tony.”

“Hey! Tony! I hear some heavy breathing over behind that rock! Why don’t ya go check it out while Spock and I here ask for directions…”

“You’re screwed!” Yeah, and so am I, being happily stuck in this 42 year old love affair with Trek…! :)

#32. I just have to ask:

Are u really the guy writing comments on trekmovie in your name?

Gotta say the back-and-forth has been pretty cool..