Overview of Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Sunday Paper Promotions

The wait is almost over! As fans get ready to purchase their DVDs or Blu-Ray editions of Star Trek this Tuesday, they could check out their local Sunday papers for images and offers from various retailers. TrekMovie provides a guide to help sort through these retailer transmissions, plus some more details about midnight openings.


Star Trek Sunday Paper Ads/Plus Details on Midnight Openings



The November 15th Target Sunday ad features a quarter page dedicated to Star Trek, including a look at the exclusive DVD and Blu-ray packaging that "transforms into a replica of the USS Enterprise." 

From the Target Sunday ad

The Target offerings are available in stores or now online at Target.com:


Star Trek is all over the Best Buy Sunday paper ad. Trek 2009 is featured not only in its own half page ad (page 12), but also all over various television sets that are for sale this week.

Best Buy is all over Star Trek

Best Buy also has a mini-Star Trek website available at www.bestbuy.com/startrek featuring synopsis, pictures, character posters, and the trailer. There is information on the locations of the more than 200 Best Buy stores which will open at midnight (12:01AM) on Tuesday morning for Star Trek fans. Many stores are opening at 10PM or 11PM to show the movie. Fans should check with their local Best Buy stores.

Best Buy has a Trek subsite

Don’t forget, among it various editions being offered, Best Buy has a limited edition Blu-ray Gift Set with the 3 disc movie with digital copy and four replica Starfleet insignias. The "doorbuster" price (meaning the price that is available during the first two hours of business) is $36.99 or it will regularly be $39.99.


CVS has a center ad for Star Trek on page 7 of their weekly ad. By purchasing $15 worth of iTunes Gift Cards, the regular Star Trek DVD is only $9.99.

CVS Star Trek sale


TrekMovie previously reported on the midnight openings of some 20 North American Blockbuster stores. Check with your local store because some Blockbusters will be going all out and having free Star Trek showings beginning at 10PM November 16th (Monday) with a screening of the movie, a chance to win Star Trek memorabilia, costumed fans, and trivia contests.

More Exclusives
Also see our previous article for more retailer exclusives in North America.

Star Trek on Amazon
If you want to reserve your copy on Amazon, you can pre-order all three sets (but the Amazon exclusive is now sold out).

Blu-ray DVD
3-disk set




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I already ordered it months ago. Maybe I’ll buy a second copy on the day it comes out!

Cool, some really awesome promotions for Star Trek there! :)

#1 you can never have too many copies! I’ve got it on DVD and Blu Ray!!

Now all I have to do is buy a BlueRay player!

It is out today over here in the UK.

Off to get my copy on my lunch break!

not forget the enterprise on the screen of the new apple iMac
(or was this mentioned before??)

$3 off. What a doorbuster.

Woohoo! The more media exposure for Trek, the better!

Also, how come I never saw this article before? They must have moved the JJ article up. :-)

$19.96 at Walmart – Blu-ray

I’m in England.

Guess what i’m watching tonight!


The 2-disc DVD is right next to me as i type.
(worst box-art ever, btw. What were they thinking?)

Tommorow I’m off to walmart!!! 2 disc DVD to put with my 2005 20 disk Motion Pictures Boxed Set! Oh and don’t forget that digital copy for my iPod Touch!!! I’m good, Star Trek’s better!! I’m also buying The Best of Star Trek: The Next Genneration DVD volume 2 to put with my volume 1 I purchased earlier this year!!! Cool…movie…must…b.u.y!!!

My wife went to ASDA this morning got milk, coffee, lunch … oh and the staff were putting out the Star Trek DVDs! She got me the double disc set…nice
I dont have Blu ray yet!

I’m gonna wait until Paramount comes out with the definitive Star Trek box set of all the movies.


^ I’m assuming that my message above is understood with a more than
| Vulcan sense of humor.


I went out last night and bought a Blu-Ray player just for this movie.

I’ll be getting the 2-disc dvd, don’t have a blu-ray. I may end up getting the blu-ray edition for when I upgrade but tomorrow will be the dvd & Art Of The Movie book.

My 2-Disc DVD copy of ST XI arrived in the post this morning from Amazon UK. My husband and I will be watching it this evening!


I’m in Germany. Guess what I was watching two weeks ago. ;-)

I kind of want to get the version from Target with the Enterprise, but I don’t know if you get the standard Blu-Ray packaging too. It would kind of be silly to JUST get a plastic spaceship to hold your movies in. Especially if I want to let someone borrow the movie to watch. “Here you go. Now DON’T BREAK IT!!!”

Brad, I’m sure you can buy empty blu-ray cases at stores like Best Buy if you’re worried about that…

Anyone notice that Target’s 2 disc DVD is more expensive than it’s 3 disc Blu-Ray?!

Hmm, the target online site says that packaging is for online only sales, so I won’t be able to get it in the store tomorrow? Well, I guess I’m going to best buy then.

#20–well, technically in todays paranoid society, letting someone borrow a DVD is actually ILLEGAL, and a copyright violation…

I went ahead and pre-ordered the blu-ray from Best Buy, wouldn’t mind having the pins and I liked the cover better.

Also a question about the other movies, they released 2, 4, 6 and 8 individually are they going to do the same with the others?

Target’s store print ads and online are totally confilcting and confusing!
They state “Only At Target” and “Special Edition”. The online for some bezzare reason states their Exclusive is ONLY avail. to order online, not avail. in stores! But their print ad clearly states BOTH the 2 dvd and 3 disc BD IS avail. in-store! Online the excl. is avail in both 2 disc dvd/BD 3 disc.
Online the product decription and paper ad vary describing the model. The paper ad describes it as a pkging you assemble…like cardboard?……but the ad and online clearly show a PHYSICAL plastic model!
The online does NOT describe it as an excusive. Only @ Target/Special ED. is all it says. I literally guessed right a few days ago going by the online listed price of $34.99..which the very next day dropped to 24.99!
Very Confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine shipped Sat. morning to me.

Ok, what was the Amazon excusive???

Photos of the assembled Enterprise model disc case on this site:

The author of that posting has the Australian R4 DVD version.

Try this link instead:

Sorry for the double post!

Dammit! I went to Target to buy the Blu-Ray version Enterprise package and ended up grabbing the DVD version. The packaging is practically identical. By the way, IF you want real packaging, DO NOT BUY the Enterprise version. The little toy Enterprise is nice, but you DO NOT get a standard box, which makes it a pain in the butt to travel with. I’m very disappointed, both that I got the DVD version on accident (the DVD’s and Blu-Rays were right next to each other and the packaging is identical) and there is no box or anything, so if I want to let someone borrow my blu-rays, I have to give them the ship too. Not cool in my opinion.

##0…any used record/video/book store can sell you an empty dvd/BD case. Many online sources sell them in various grosses as well.

Yippee. Got my Blue Ray this Morning at Wally MArt—EARLI!! (That’s earlier than early-LOL)… Now, I’m headin to Target to get the other one for my collection….I LOVE this MOVIE!!!!

OOPS Got too excited–Star Trek on Blue Ray this AM>>>>>

I bought the Enterprise BluRay 3 disk edition .. it’s really cool. Like the little model. It’s actually a pretty good model. And the disks sit nicely in the saucer. don’t have a BluRay player yet :P .. but the digital copy that comes with it allows me to watch the film until I can remedy that problem.

Think I paid more than I should of though . here in Canada in Best Buy it cost me $34.99 … I don’t feel bad about it however since it’s a 3 disk edition and frankly I’d have paid $30 just for the model.

For anyone who bought the Enterprise model edition; does it come with an actual case to put the discs in other than the ship itself? I’ve seen one person say it doesn’t and another in another forum say it does.

It does not come with a standard case. The digital copy comes in a paper sleeve which I keep in the main box. One can cheaply buy a CD case to hold it, if that’s a concern. Oh, and the bluray edition has the distinct blue bar and logo on it. It’s small but it’s there. The case is awesome.