Mashup Weekend: Star Trek A Team

News is slow over Thanksgiving Day weekend, and lets face it, people are spending their time eating and relaxing. So here at TrekMovie we will be helping you pass the time by presenting some of our favorite new viral video mashups. Today we have the new Star Trek crew mashed together with The A Team. See below


Star Trek 2009 A Team
Video by PhantomKnight


Star Trek TOS A Team
If the above seems familiar, last year we showed you a great video by Huckbone, pairing The A Team with the original Star Trek.


So which is your favorite?

The Real A Team
And for those of you who are too young to remember The A-Team , it was an NBC action adventure TV show that ran in the 80s for five seasons (more at Wiki). One of the stars of the show was Dwight Schultz (TNG’s Reginald Barclay) who played Captain H. M. “Howling Mad” Murdock.You can see the real original opening credits at YouTube. By the way, there is an A-Team movie in development for 2010 release, directed by Joe Carnahan. Star Trek’s Chris Pine once expressed interest in joining the project, taking on the Murdock role which he said was always his favorite.

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yeh a -team!


the clip did actually reflect the general pace of the film….in fact I am surprised they found scenes long enough to edit that…..:)

Freakin’ hilarious, especially the second TOS-based Mashup.

Thanks for that.

Some very Hannibal-esque grinning on Chris Pine’s part.
Very cool.

I vote for Star Trek 2009 A Team as my favorite. They fit all of the major crew members in it and match the video to the original sounds in the opening score.

Have to go with Classic Trek mashup. Very nice. Sulu has Murdoch, Scotty as Barracus, LOL.

I loved the Star Trek XI/A-Team mash-up the best. The TOS/A-Team mash-up was good too.

cpt. pike as Hannibal just imiagen him saying “i love it when a plan comes together”


That was fun!

That girl is rockin’ that chariot wheel!

oh come on the new crew!

still love the TOS A-Team intro best.

I’ve never seen ‘The A-Team.’

will say these two bits are rather humorous.

Wow…these were both awesome! I can’t pick a winner here!

haha, those were great! especially the ’09 version :D

no#2 is the best, not enough to incorporate from the new crew yet to justify no#1 being better. Both are still good.

Love it! We had arrangement of this song for our high school marching band, it was one of my favorites!

haha that was awesome, music can so much drastically change a scene!

“no it was a cop show, Star Trek was a cop show too, sure it was spaceman acting like cops, didn’t you go through the galaxy and straighten things out?”

Is that where boborci and alex got their inspiration for the cop scene, “what is your name boy?”

-Harlan Ellison

I loved both of them! That was a treat, thanks!

Oooh, I can’t pick, I really liked both of them!

Love the A-Team.


Both were great, but whoever edited the new version managed to sell it. It just felt more A-Team-y.

Like them both equally I think. No, like classic best. No, new. Oh decisions decisions.
Both excellent!

OMG! I never realized Lt. Brocoli was the same guy from the A team.

#14 Do yourself a favor and keep it that way.

Shoulda snuck Lt. Barclay in there…!

Come on A-team is a classic that everyone should watch, of course the twilight generation of today will probably find it extremely cheesy.

Excellent! I have always loved both Star Trek and The A-Team.