Shatner: Star Trek Movie “Wonderful” + Talks Star Trek Sequel

Last night Bill Shatner was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, promoting his show Raw Nerve, but things swung around to discussion of Star Trek. Bill said he thought the Star Trek movie was "wonderful", implying he finally saw it, and revealed he and JJ Abrams recently had lunch. However, he said he didn’t know if he would be in the sequel. See video below.


Shatner talks Trek sequel on Kimmel
Last night Bill Shatner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video below). Bill talked about flying, Jimmy’s appearance on Raw Nerve,  and his wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and then ended talking about the Star Trek sequel. Jimmy asked Bill about reading that he and JJ Abrams were going to meet to talk about the Star Trek sequel. Bill said they did meet for lunch, here is the exchange.

Kimmel: What is going on with Star Trek?

Shatner: I don’t know, will you call JJ for me?

Kimmel: I will call him

Shatner: Please, call him and ask him, in a slightly plaintive note, what are you doing?

Kimmel: Just say I am the captain and it is time for the captain to take charge.

Shatner: I said that, but this maître d’ came over and said "I am the captain."

Kimmel: You didn’t really give me an answer

Shatner: I literally don’t know. Star Trek is a wonderful show. They did a wonderful movie. JJ I think of as a buddy, he is a great director. I am sure when the right time comes, he will make the right decision.

Here is the video in two parts (part 2 has the exchange on Star Trek)

This is how rumors get started
By watching the video above it is clear that Bill and JJ had a courtesy lunch, something JJ said was going to happen at his press conference in October. At that event JJ said that he was "open" to Shatner in the sequel and Bill recently said he was open to being in the sequel. However, WENN (the same group who floated fake Tome Cruise in Star Trek story in 2006) turned the above exchange into the headline "SHATNER IN TALKS FOR ABRAMS’ STAR TREK SEQUEL". Of course there can be no "talks" because there isn’t even a story yet for the film, let alone a script with a part in it. It is possible Bill will end up in the sequel, but right now it is only conjecture. Clearly he is interested, but there are no "talks", at least in the traditional Hollywood sense of "negotiations".

Did Bill see Star Trek?
There is one other question, has Bill seen Star Trek? As of a month ago he had not. But it is now on home video, so maybe he really saw it.



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He saw it months ago, he was just milking teh dramaz.

ill b dissapointe d if he likes it
more salt to the wound that in nimoy

This is Hollywood. Everyone say good things about each other. Wait 30 years for the autobiography to know the truth.

P.S. Do you really think Shatner is going to bad mouth the movie after he deliberately begged to be in the sequel?

So…does that mean he saw the movie? If so, I have tons of questions.

Here’s the best way (I think) to get Shatner (and Nimoy) in the next movie…. A flash back scene.

Spock (Quinto) goes to see Spock prime because he doesn’t understand the relationship he’s supposed to have with Kirk (call it a personality conflict). Spock prime tells him a story (therein lies the flashback) about the day they bring in the Enterprise to be decommishioned. Spock and Kirk on the bridge alone as they talk about their friendship through the years and what it meant to both of them. Spock tells of his plan to make peace with the Romulans and how this would be the last time they might see each other for a while, which it would be the last. Kirk then makes a joke saying while they are on the bridge they should just start up the ship and he’d give Spock a lift to Romulus.

Well, that’s just a round about idea (in case B.Orci is reading ;-)).

Shatner: … he is a great director. I am sure when the right time comes, he will make the right decision.

Translation: Cast me in your damn movie already.

“They did a wonderful movie” does not imply that he saw it, IMHO. He knows the tremendous success of it, but I fear that his own ego is too great for him to sit down and watch someone else playing the iconic role he will always be known for.

Let me write it, I have a great Star Trek story based on Picard’s time, just have to revise the characters.

Find me on Twitter

I certainly hope that he has seen it by now. I love “Raw Nerve” by the way. Bill does a great job of interviewing in my opinion.

I really do wish we can get past this whole “will Shatner be in the next Star Trek?” thing. I really don’t care if he is or isn’t. I just want the next movie to be really good regardless of who is in it. (And without Khan)

@DaveK69 But if we see a scene from Spock Prime’s past, is that a flash-back, a flash-forward, or a flash-sideways?

If Shatner does end up in the sequel, we sure wont be told of it. That’s the kind of cat that JJ likes to keep in a bag to surprise everyone when they least expect it.

I read somewhere that Leonard Nimoy was going to sit down with Shatner and watch the movie on dvd. Wonder if they did?

Well I’m glad that it at least looks like he finally watched it. I hope they find a way to somehow work that scene for old Kirk into the next movie, I still think it could be great.

We need video of Bill watching the movie…

Hollywood makes no sense to me. Ah well. I just hope the sequel is solid… and doesn’t have a cliffhanger for a part III.

We have got to get him in the movie…………..

I really hope Shatner isn’t in the sequel. It’s time for the new cast to do this on their own.

Gosh.. I don’t know anymore, especially after , “when the right time comes, he will make the right decision.” But, you really need to see the video clip to get the full context of that statament. At least the sarcasm was pretty evident in the clip. *smirk*

I couldn’t resist…

So…the Shat saw it. Now lets obsess over whether Stewart saw it and/or gives a damn.

I’ve said this a hundred times, but it’s always true:

Gotta love the Shat.

In the sequel the crew get marooned on a desert island that moves back and forth through time and lo and behold there are people on the island. And a monster. And an SOS to Starfleet….left by…..the Shat.

lemme say…for the record….i dont want shatner in the sequel.

having said that…they could probably shoot a (revised) version of the scene we’ve already read about and incorporate it into the beginning sequences of the new movie.

Shatner for a Harry Mudd cameo! I can just see him hamming it up behind a huge droopy mustache.

I’d love to see new Kirk and old kirk (as Mudd) in a fun scene.

Even if Bill Shatner never appears in another Star Trek theatrical feature again, they should still have him appear in Trek in some capacity — maybe a TV special or something. The man is too big not to maintain a Trek connection. (No pun intended.)

Trek would not be Trek had it not been for the Shat Man.

I seriously think Shatner should be in the next movie.

After all he/Kirk IS alive after Generations in his novels anyway . . . . . .

Well its pretty well established that their are alternate universes…what if one of them is exactly the same as prime but where it was Spock that was on the B and sucked in the Nexus. . THAT Kirk chases down the Nexus to recover that Spock not knowing that that Spock was Killed and teh Nexus deposits him in the new universe where he reunites with prime Spock and then…GROUP HUG!

#26 Chris Dawson

His echo is also still in the Nexus. So maybe that will act as a bridge to the parallel universe. LOL.

Shatner saying :”They did a wonderful movie.” doesn’t necessarily mean he seen the movie.
He only refers to what he has heard about the movie.This is not the first time he did that.

I’d rather seeing Archer than Kirk Prime!

Scott Bakula rocks and he really saw the movie!

The man has no shame, does he?

First he rants and raves about he was not talked to about being in the movie, then goes on to say he doesn’t do cameos, then says he hasn’t seen the movie and doesn’t really want to, and now this. And he has the gall to wonder why people don’t like him.

Anybody who doesn’t see through this man needs help.

For me… I want him in the next one….

#5 Love the idea… could picture tht scene in my head as read it… hope sone one else can also!

#31… Oh do calm down… lol!

It is good to see William Shatner embrace the new movie. Star Trek has been such a big part of his life and I am sure it is bittersweet to see new characters take over his part and his part in the franchise end. He has taken good care of Kirk over the years and you have to admire that.

Shatner is a legend and to me he will always be the true Kirk

I would love to see Shatner appear in the next movie but only if those writers can make it work. I a

The scene they had written for him in XI would not have worked because it was very contrived.

I must admit the comments on this site that hurt are the ones who criticise everything about Trek except this new movie.

I love the new movie but please remember there is much more to Trek than this movie.

he hasnt seen it, clearly

Maybe they should make a deal: Shatner loses that gut and he can be in the next movie.

I think Shatner is merely trying to not insult his friends Nimoy and Abrams by saying he doesn’t want to see the movie/doesn’t like it.

re: 38

I agree… love the shat, but seriously? He’s too tubby… Nimoy looked dignified (apart from his wierdly perfect teeth)…

They could do it as a hologram or something….

Not sure about this one. I think it detracts from the new crew – they’ve gotta get out from under the TOS crews shadow…

I personally don’t want Shatner in the next movie. We have a new cast, the new movie setup the change in history, and passed the flame onto them.

I want them to stand on their own feet.

I don’t want to wait for 6 movies before this cast can be left alone and not propped up by TOS cast members taking yet another ‘final bow’. Jeeez. Can’t anyone do anything with a little grace these days? Star Trek 6…oh, that’s our goodbye….Generations…oh another goodbye….Star Trek 2009, yet another tear filled, over wrought, sentiment laden goodbye. ENOUGH!

Get on with making NEW stories, and NEW adventures.

The TOS crew didn’t have an old Kirk and an old Spock leading them around by the nose. They ‘boldy went’. At this rate, the so called fan base is only interested in watching this new cast ‘boldly whimper’ into another black hole of boredom and regurgitation.

Having Nimoy in the new move, with time travel no less, was borderline for me on whether or not I would have anything to do with the film. Trek 2009 was the chance to have Shatner in film, it had context, but if they have to try and shoehorn in just one more excuse to get Shatner in. I’m walking away.

This nonsense isn’t Star Trek, it should be renamed Sentimental Journey.

The SS Shatner has already set sail. The chance to put him in the movie has come and gone.

Time to move on. Thanks for the memories Bill but its time to warp off into the sunset.

OMG, did I just write that??!?!?!?

The issue of Shatner’s prospective appearance in the movie is secondary to the fact that we don’t even have a rough timeline – mid 2012? – for a movie.

That, to me, should be of much greater concern for this supposedly revived “flagship” property of Paramount. If they really believed that, we wouldn’t be waiting three years for the next installment.

I mention to folks who were fans of the movie and “casual” Trek fans in general that there won’t be another movie until 2012, and the consistent response is “Why are they waiting so long?”

Wish I had a good answer.

All this Shatner business is tinfoil in the deflector screens.

I think the Shat has finaly seen the movie and now he wants to be in the next Movie. I say. Yes. A Flash back Scene or the scene that was written for im from the last movie but played i the next one.

The Horatio Hornblower sounds the charge…With so much talk about the greatness that TREK has become..even best picture talk?…Shat would be a fool not to push hard for it now…He has to know that at a rate of 3 years between films, unfortunate as it is to think about, he may not be around for TREK 3 or 13 …..But to just stick Shat in there for eye candy…unless it increases the a slap in the face to the fan…it did not work in Generations, and would do nothing for “me” here.
Again I say, have him play Tiberius…Jim’s grandfather.. he’s still playing a Kirk…

#25 “Even if Bill Shatner never appears in another Star Trek theatrical feature again, they should still have him appear in Trek in some capacity — maybe a TV special or something.”

I agree! Nimoy is acting on tv again, so why not? It would be a dream come true for me and many other fans if Bill and Leonard were reunited in a Star Trek movie, even if it was a tv movie. If Bad Robot produced it, I don’t see how it could fail. Ratings would be huge and DVD sales would be strong!

If shatner is in next movie dont blow it star trek overkill , the new crew is a fresh look & I hate to say it was needed. write the new film good or you just kill the whole franchise again?!!!

More on the subject of a Star Trek tv movie/miniseries with Shatner & Nimoy … such a project could be brilliantly cross-promoted with Star Trek XII. Just imagine how awesome it would be to see the Shatner/Nimoy movie during February sweeps in 2012 (it would be a ratings giant for sure), with a special sneak peek at ST XII airing during the broadcast. They could even use Zachary as young Spock during any flashbacks in the tv movie. Ah, a fan can dream. :)

#45 “Again I say, have him play Tiberius…Jim’s grandfather.. he’s still playing a Kirk…”

I’ve said that too. ST 09 made a point of mentioning Kirk’s grandfather Tiberius. Seems like the set up for a perfect opportunity. The audience would be giddy if Tiberius had to advise Jim during a tough situation and told him, “You’re a Kirk. And Kirks don’t like to lose.” :)

Shatner could appear in the next Trek flick as Tiberius from the mirror Universe. Or he could play a Klingon. I think it’d be interesting for him to appear in the next one as the main antagonist. My apologies if somone said this before (didnt read all the posts).

I don’t think they could put him in the movie, it would make it such a parody – i mean Spock had a purpose within the story but Kirk died in Generations and trying to resurrect him would just be a bit of a joke really.

He’s a wonderful guy, great talent and will be forever known as THE Captain James T. Kirk but i think it’s time for this new crew to have it’s moment as with what’s happened with all the spin-off crews from the original. “Star Trek” was about the passing of the torch and the launching of the legend and the introducing of all the characters now lets see what they can do on their own within their own universe.

With what 48 said; i think thats a great idea. Perhaps a mini-series based on Countdown and then have the end read something like “catch Star Trek in theatres etc…”