Zoe Saldana Avatar Premiere Photos + Trek Comments + Early Avatar Reviews (including Simon Pegg’s)

Last night was the world premiere of James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic Avatar. Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana continues her 2009 genre domination as playing the alien Neytiri. We have photos and video from the London premiere, along with some of Saldana’s latest comments on Trek. We also have Simon Pegg’s twitter review of Avatar, and some early reviews of the film and Saldana’s performance.


Avatar premiere photos
The World Premiere of Avatar was held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England last night. Here are photos of Zoe Saldana, along with some of her co-stars from the film, as well as one of her Star Trek co-stars. 

Zoe flashing that smile

Zoe shows off the dress

Zoe, director James Cameron, and Avatar stars Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Laz Alonso, Michelle Rodriguez and Jon Landau

The ladies of Avatar – Saldana, Weaver and Rodriguez

The press focus on Zoe

Here is some official Avatar premiere video, including a brief comment from Zoe

Zoe talks some Trek – would play a dog!
While doing press for Avatar, Zoe has made some Star Trek comments.

On Khan in the Star Trek sequel, she tells the the Canadian Intelligencer:

(The filmmakers) are very excited. There is a lot of pressure. What do you do? Do you redo the Wrath of Khan or something else? I told them just to do what they did the first time — which is to trust themselves. Because by not listening to anyone they were able to create something free that we still grew attached to. So if that formula worked for the first Star Trek, it can certainly work for the next one.

In her recent interview with TrekMovie, Zoe said she wanted to "kick some ass" in the Star Trek sequel. She elaborates on her new found passion for action with Esquire, saying:

I have the itch lately. I don’t know if it is after ‘Avatar’ or ‘Star Trek’ or because I’ve just finished an action film called ‘The Losers’, in which I did almost all my own stunts. I think it’s so empowering and sexy. I love actresses like Angelina and Jessica. They’re very agile, they incorporate their bodies with their characters and they pick women who are very strong. I really dig that.

Saldana also talked about how the motion capture technology used in Avatar allowed her to play an alien, and she said she is willing to play any kind of part, telling inthenews:

Asked if she would ever play a man, the Star Trek actress enthusiastically replied: “F**k yes!”

She told inthenews.co.uk: “I’d play a man, I’d play a dog, I’ll play a tree, anything! I’m an artist!”

Pegg tweets for Avatar – compares Internet reaction to Star Trek
Also on hand for the London premiere of Avatar was Star Trek co-star Simon Pegg (Scotty). Pegg is a well known geek and has been very outspoken about his dislike of the Star Wars prequels. However, Pegg has tweeted about Avatar in support of the film. Pegg’s first reaction was to say he was "tweetless in the best possible way" and then noted the movie was a "game changer". The morning after he provided this Twitter reivew:

Morning after, Avatar is an extraordinary piece of cinema. Breathtaking in 2 dimensions, let alone 3. Congrats and respect to all involved.

Pegg then commented on Internet chatter critiquing the film and drew a comparison to early bashers of the Star Trek film before it came out, tweeting:

The unfunny smurfs refrain reminds me if the pre Star Trek 90210 twattery. Unite and hate before seeing a theatrical frame? Makes me sad.

Simon Pegg drops by to see his co-star…tweets in support of "Avatar"

The Reviews are in: And it looks good
Pegg isn’t the only one sold on James Cameron’s Avatar. The early reviews are in, and so far the film has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Saldana has received some good marks for her performance

Saldana proves her mettle as yet another kickass Cameron heroine

But the success of the human/Na’vi love-story thread is mostly down to Saldana. Her subtle, spiky performance is a delicious foil to Worthington’s wide-eyed neophyte. She might have played it haughty and aloof – and annoying. Instead, she makes Neytiri untameable and irresistible, brimming with spirit and soul – and making her, and the other CG characters, feel more weighted and real.
Total Film

Zoe Saldana, recognisable despite her blue CGI tiger-stripes, is wonderful as the sharp-tongued, soft-eyed Neytiri.
This is London

Even though we never see the real Saldana, her voice and motion captured mannerisms were enough to make an impression on me, and after this, and her work in STAR TREK, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the years to come.

Zoë Saldana’s warrior princess Neytiri is…well, eager, bright-eyed, and wholesomely defiant, and also sexy in an idealized anime way.

Zoe Saldana in James Cameron’s "Avatar"


Premiere Photos: Wire Image

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hope down the line that Pine and Zaldana star opposite each other in a non-trek film..that would be awesome

Can it possibly make back it’s $500mm budget?

What’s important about Avatar to me right now is that it should not take away from ST2009’s chances for a BP nomination. If it does, that would be something awful.

I’m with Peg! Stop trashing movies before you see it! Give it a chance. I try not to judge them based on trailers either. You have a fantastic film and a shitty marketing department who cut together a crappy trailer.

Go see AVATAR! This film is nothing short of amazing! And again, as Peg said, it IS a game changer.


God i love Zoe (and no weight jokes please)! i’d love for her to be james cameron’s new action heroine muse, kinda like linda hamilton and sigourney weaver were. that man knows how to capture strong women and zoe is definitely that!
oh and #2 i second that thought. they had cute chemestry in star trek. i’d love to see a good movie with the two of them playing opposite one another.

Zoe’s dress is faaaabulous but she needs to eat a few sammiches–with extra mayo.

Too many good movies coming out this month, I can’t afford to see them all AND buy Christmas gifts. I might have to pass on Avater. I still have to see Brothers, Lovely Bones, Princess and the Frog,

#4: “What’s important about Avatar to me right now is that it should not take away from ST2009’s chances for a BP nomination. If it does, that would be something awful.”

But what if it’s the better picture? You’d want the better picture to win, right?

(Not saying it is or it isn’t – haven’t seen it yet, can’t know; I just hope it doesn’t suck)

Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I have been waiting a long time for the genius James Cameron to weave another smart, exciting story that I can submerge myself into. Simon Pegg’s praise is a nice touch, too.

Go, Zoe, Go!

Wow! Now the Rotten Tomatoes is 90% and 100% from the professional critics. Looks like Pegg is wrong … it’s not just like Star Trek, it’s got better reviews and will likely make Titanic money. Given the quality of the reviews, I full expect Avatar to get nominated for an Oscar as well. Sooooo looking forward to this film even more now. Thanks Simon!!

And loving Zoe … she looks amazing in that dress! Want one! Come on Anthony … stick with the important stuff! Who’s she wearing! LMFAO

Zoe really is beautiful, isnt she?

what is the history of Avatar? I mean….im not that excited about it. is there something beyond this film that i’m missing? why should i be so excited about this film. please, educate me.

Sigourney looks great!

Wasn’t trying to copy Wrath of Khan in successive sequals what ended up sinking the franchise to begin with? Do something new I say.

Got to love Zoe. I saw her in a trailer for a movie w Chris Rock tonight at Invictus…. it looked VERY funny.

hard to argue with camerons record–he hasnt made a bad movie yet-even tho the plot of avatar sounds like a partial ripoff of insurrection mixed with halo looks partly mixed with smurfs/vulcans–It may well be the new tech/heroic epic we are all hoping for–it should do better than trek–or maybe even anything else–i will be in line for it–

I love how Star Trek questions always get through, even at an Avatar shindig. Cameron is a fan, so I’ll give this baby a chance. Looks inviting.

I dont get the need for Avatar

Dances with Wolves & Enemy Mine have already been done

Identity was on Syfy last night. Until I read the wikipedia entry I had no idea it was a remake of “And then there were None”

When is Hollywood going to have an original idea again?

For the record, “Aliens” was a Vietnam movie in space…

Ok, I read Cameron’s quote about the film having a conscience and realized, that’s what GENE would have wanted…

Maybe this is the Star Trek movie we’re waiting for? Will the Shat be in it? Will he confront God?

Confused? You wont be after this episode of “SOAP”

I’m holding my thoughts on Avatar until I actually see it, particularly given the good reviews, but Pegg’s comparison isn’t exactly spot on.

They’ve released plenty of footage of Avatar by now. While an opinion about Avatar before seeing it might not be *fully* informed, it’s certainly not *un*informed.

And the same could certainly be said about the clips released for Star Trek before its release. And while I enjoyed those clips I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the people who derided those clips went on to deride the movie in theaters.

Love Zoe. She looks incredible and has that instantly recognizable intelligence in her eyes and speech. Wonderful.

I saw the Avatar trailer in 3-D and was blown away by the visual experience. The look of this film is what is revolutionary. The story is, seemingly, a very basic, simple story… but this story has never been done like this before… I think that is what is significant. Cameron is always finding ways to push the envelope, as far as the scope of a movie. While he is quite capable of making a “small” film (Terminator, Aliens…), he is also quite at home making the epic (Titanic, Avatar…).
I am very much looking forward to seeing this film in 3-D. I do not know how the film will play in standard, because the 3-D is so stunning. But I believe it will be a film to watch.
As for Zoe…. she is certainly lovely to look at, but her screen presence is what really does it (for me, anyway). She is so full of energy, you can’t take your eyes off her. All the power to her!!!

I predict ALL of Trek’s accalades to be lost or diminished in this late yeat entry By Cameron. Unfortunately, it’s FX will blow Trek’s out of the water big time. Sad, but true. But knowing the Academy, scifi is always a loser. D*ck heads that they all are.

#21: “Maybe this is the Star Trek movie we’re waiting for?”

We get a couple every now and then. One thing I learned many years ago is if I really want new Trek, the best place to look for it is almost never behind an official Star Trek logo, because Star Trek’s corporate handlers have been leaning harder and harder toward absolute timidity with each passing paycheck.

I’m looking forward to this movie. It will be curious to see if this movie makes it’s money back and earns a profit. Judging by how well James Cameron’s films have done, I think it will do great. On the other hand, it did cost between $250-300 million, so there is no guarantee.

And finally, Zoe Saldana looks great as she is and as she is in Avatar. I’m thinking she will explode career-wise and may even be nominated for an Oscar one day.

Did Simon put on a little weight? He looks quite jolly in that pic :)

I cannot reach da buttons Capt’em

Sigourney is still the queen of Sci-Fi.

I love you Them