New Viral Video With Zachary Quinto, a Stormtrooper, Mickey Mouse and more weirdness

Star Trek’s new Spock, Zachary Quinto, made our Top 2009 celebrity Stories List for his viral videos, and this week a new one from his friend Tyler Shields was released. Quinto appears with a number of other celebs, as well as a Stormtrooper, Mickey Mouse and all sorts of weirdness. Watch it below [note: video contains adult themes and imagery]


Quinto in Shields 2009 video
Tyler Shields is a photographer and music video director, and a friend of Zachary Quinto (and other celebrities). He has put together a 2009 video with clips of his work from the last year, including shots with Zach and a bunch of other celebs and some bizarre imagery (more details on Here it is.

Shields also posted a mock behind the scenes video about working with a Stormtrooper.

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It’s no “Going Down to Liverpool,” but then again, it’s no “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” either.

Stormtrooper is definitely far, far away…

Love the ‘snorting coke off somebody’s arse’ imagery. I guess the very last part is a joke (?) about how the Stormtroopers’ armour NEVER seems to protect them. They may as well be naked.

A Star Wars stormtrooper or a Nazi stormtrooper?

Ok, that was stupid.
Just cause Quinto is in a vid, doesn’t mean we need to see it.

Yuck. This guy is trying too hard to be ‘shocking’ and ‘intense’. It’s pretentious and boring. Ugh.

The only good to come out of this is the idea of a man dressed in a Mickey Mouse head either being an assassin or a serial killer.

The rest was too weird and surreal. Looked like someone wanted to make art, when art isn’t made, it becomes.

Or something like that.

Shields’ work does seem rather abstract, which not everyone will be able to get into.

I did like this, though. The images reflected the emotion in the song. It was a very engaging montage.

I’m glad this got posted, I thought it was great. There were warnings before the video: “note: video contains adult themes and imagery.” Anyone who wasn’t interested is free to post their opinion, though, not trying to start a fight. Since this is a news site about Star Trek and the actors in it, this was news about Zachary Quinto. If this were in the same vein as Hostage: A Love Story, I don’t think people would be bashing it, and lamenting the fact that it was posted at all.

5 “This guy is trying too hard to be ’shocking’ and ‘intense’. It’s pretentious and boring”


I think we should have more videos with astronauts running down the street at night. For some reason, that interests me.

Oy vey everybody’s a critic. It’s artistic-keep posting weird stuff like this. It doesn’t all have to be proper news about knighthood! I absolutely love this site cuz they post EVERYTHING! Qunto rocks!

dont worry, we will continue to post all sorts of stuff, cause there are all sorts of Star Trek fans who like different things.

Stick to Star Trek Zach!

There is something wrong with posting. It takes me lots of tries to post anything!

O. K. I think I’ve got it.

I like all the extra stuff Mr. Quinto does. It’s interesting!

Am I the only one who wants to buy an astronaut uniform and wants to run down the streets of L.A.?

these videos were awesome.

#16 I’d prefer to buy an astronaut suit and run around on Mars :-)

Loved the astronaut! Liked both vids too, well done

#18 Yes, your situation is much more preferred :)

Anthony, any word on the proposed Star Trek Technical Manual?


Thank you for posting these Anthony. It’s too bad most others don’t seem to like them but I appreciated and enjoyed them.