Watch Orci & Kurtzman Talk Star Trek Script Development In Honda Short Film

Today is a big day for scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, as they have just picked up their first WGA film screenplay nomination for their Star Trek screenplay. However, it wasn’t always easy sailing on the project. The pair are featured in a Honda sponsored short film, talking about the race against time at the beginning of the project. Watch it below. 


Bob and Alex – part of Honda’s "Racing Against Time"
Honda sponsored a "Dream the Impossible" documentary series including the short film "Racing Against Time". The film features a number of ‘dreamers’ talking about their races against time, including skateboarding star Tony Hawk, and Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

More on the "Dream the Impossible" series at


Thanks to tipster ‘Trick’

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Yes, indeed. The clock is ticking! Must have script for sequel by yesterday!

I kidz. Take the time it takes. Give us a great story we’ll be happy to pick to pieces in a lovingly viscious way.

Thanks guys!

Can’t wait for sequel plot news ;)

Could we please have a tab at the top that says Star Trek sequel (2012)?

“the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones…” how optimistic, how apt. Bring it on. Call it the HSS Enterprise

Listen, let me help with the pressure guys. The Klingons are peeved that the Romulans took out 47 of their ships. So the Klingons launch an attack into Romulan territory, and happen to come up upon the SS Botany Bay. They board the ship and bring Khan and his crew back as prisoners, but Khan manages to take over the Klingon ship. Through some BS Khan proves himself to the Klingons, helps them with their Romulan problem, and asks in return for his help, that the Klingons allow him to take Earth. Only young Capt. Kirk shows up and foils his plans.

No pressure guys, there is your sequel plot. Took me five minutes, (would have been three minutes, but the news was on and i was distracted.)

The sequel has to better than the previous but not as good as the third which won’t be better than the fourth. By then the first will seem antiquated.

Bob and Alex have you seen the new Trek Movie novels that are coming out in this Summer? This one might make a good story for the sequel.

Star Trek: The Hazards of Concealing
by Greg Cox
(On sale: June 29, 2010)

An all-new adventure featuring the new Enterprise crew—from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox.

The events of the recent movie have left one important loose end: the elder Spock from the 24th century. His knowledge of both technology and future events makes him one of the most important strategic assets in the galaxy. Starfleet Command wants Ambassador Spock to rejoin Starfleet and share that information with them, but Spock is reluctant to interfere with the unfolding of the new timeline. Will he be able to escape a sinister plan wrought by the enemies of the Federation, or will their quest to exploit Spock’s wisdom succeed, with disastrous consequences?

Couple other ideas I had.

Make Jim’s brother George be the bad guy.

Or maybe have Prime Kirk somehow get transported to the new Universe. Maybe he gets wisked away right after saving Picard and his crew and his healed in the Alternate Universe?

Botany Bay, Khan and crew, assimilated by the Borg (ok, not really).


Yeah, man….it’s really that easy.


Have you ever had a billion dollar franchise riding on your shoulders? No pressure huh?

@ 8. Craiger

I agree. Doesn’t have to be part of the story, but at a minimum, I think brother George Kirk needs to be addressed. I’m not sure, but I think that it was implied that his brother was older than him (at least, I was always under the impression that he was older). Therefore, there should be no reason that he should be deleted from the new time line. It wasn’t altered until the day of Jim Kirk’s birth.

@10 It sounds as good or better than some of the past Trek movies. I’m just sayin’…

Pretty cool to see Bob and Alex talking about Star Trek in a Honda commercial calling our attention to Peak Oil as a challenge to overcome in an optimistic Star Trek sort of way.

Love it!!!

#5: Cool idea

@ 5.

Or.. Khan.. new leader of the Klingon Empire?? Hmmmm :) Not bad.

Come on peeps, Khan leading a Klingon Invasion force, it would be great! End at the film’s climax, when the two fleets are poised to destroy each other, the Organians could show up and tell them to play nice.

Story idea.
A strange virus infects the bridge crew forcing them to age faster than normal. But somehow it doesn’t affect Scotty or Bones.
You can probably see where I’m going with this.

Starring most of the original cast.

Sorry for being off-topic, but I hope BOB ORCI (if he’s reading this) will answer me a quick question… When the USS Kelvin is attacked by Nero, about how old is it? Newer ship or quite old? Any specific year or range of years it was built?

# 18 Ashley –

On the Blu Ray, the designers talked about the Kelvin being toward the end of its service. No idea as to specific age, but it was meant to look worn and older in deliberate contrast to the brand new, state of the art Enterprise.

A strong plot yes and No to Khan

It’s going to be confusing when we say new Star Trek are we talking about the new film, or it’s sequel in the making. I think that the first new film should be called by it’s tagline Star Trek: The Future Begins.

@18: i too would like some more info on the Kelvin, maybe they could include that ship in a new Technical Manual?

i would also like to know George Kirk’s OFFICIAL rank. seriously, he has the Lt. Cmdr stripes…wth?

In thinking about it, I don’t mind Khan if it takes an entirely different course and plot, not a re-telling.