San Jose Tech Museum Holding Contest For Wedding On Enterprise Bridge

Recently the Tech Museum announced it was extended its engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition, and today they have announced a contest where a lucky couple will get a Star Trek wedding packing to get married on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701, no A, B, C, or D). Details below.


Get married in the 23rd century

from press release

The Tech Museum is hosting a contest to select a lucky couple to get married – or renew their vows – on the U.S.S. Enterprise bridge from the original series in STAR TREK®: THE EXHIBITION.

Couples across the galaxy are eligible to win the ultimate wedding package, which includes exclusive use to the bridge during the ceremony; a private museum room for a reception; two-night¹s stay at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, and a two-tier, Star Trek-themed wedding cake from Bijan Bakery & Café.

To enter, couples simply submit a photo along with a few short paragraphs on why they should be picked to say "I do" or renew their vows on the bridge. Deadline for entries is February 3rd, with the winning couple receiving the highest tally of worldwide votes cast on our Facebook page from February 4th ­ 10th.

The Tech Museum will announce the winning couple just before Valentine¹s Day. The celestial ceremony will take place sometime in March or early April. And in true Star Trek form, expect the couple and their wedding guests to appear in various Star Trek ensembles to make the wedding a truly interstellar event!

For complete package details on how to enter and contest rules, please visit the Tech Museum Facebook Page (and look for the CONTESTS tab at the top of the page).

TOS bridge recreation at Tech Museum — This could be where you take your vows

The 2009 Star Trek Exhibition Wedding
The San Jose Tech Museum contest is similar to one held by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, when they hosted one of the touring Star Trek: The Exhibition engagements, that one centered around a recreation of the bridge of the USS Enterprise D. The lucky couple of Trek fans Brad Siegel and Kate Erwin had a futuristic wedding to remember. You can see video clips of that at

CLICK TO SEE Video of Brad and Kate’s Star Trek: The Exhibition wedding



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What about E or Refit? :P

My wife wants to renew our vows on a beach somewhere. I don’t think I could convince her how much cooler the bridge would be. WooHoo!

I want one of those dress white and gold uniforms hes got there! I love those! I want a good quality uniform in general.


It would be cool (if both people are avid trekkies of course) but my problem is the D bridge never looks right. The TOS bridge looks good, but I think they need to do more than just get the general feel of a bridge, they need to actually duplicate it. And yeah, I’d love to see a remake of at least one of the refit bridges.

BTW in the title it says MUSUEM it should say Museum thx.

Wow! Nice!!! Sweet!

There are not enough words to express how cool this is.

Is it performed by Space Elvis?

Sounds fun. You’re right, though, Will_H — better make derned sure your spouse is a Trekkie.

I’ll take the iBridge.

who wants to marry me???

I wanna get married on the bridge!!! would have to be tons better than the wedding scene from Nemesis ( would be a great film if all of that scene would’ve been cut)

Hmmm… I never would have considered “Star Trek” and “marriage” to be compatible concepts, given the regrettable, high profile record enjoyed by so many principals to the program.

However, there seem to be a lot of bridge replicas out there. It truly seems to have been fruitful and multiplied, more so with each passing year.

Have the original construction blueprints been published?

I remember peering at film clips under the junior high school, science class microscope to plot the buttons of the transporter console. Such a publication would be a Holy Grail of sorts, no disparagement of the original intended.

C.S. Lewis

if only I had a girl to get married to

I feel down sometimes being single, wespecially when I have some really hot looking female friends.

Sweet. Now only if: a) I had a guy to marry to b) I was at the right age.
Still, that bridge looks a little too small.
(Also, why the bridge? There’s a place in the Enterprise made for these kind of events.)

#11 “I remember peering at film clips under the junior high school, science class microscope to plot the buttons of the transporter console.”
A microscope to get details, eh? I could use that.
(Now, if we actually HAVE microscopes in science class…)


I know feeling

Be nice to have a girl to get married to on the bridge.

Love to meet a girl who could love Trek as much as I do.

what ever happened to the Experience re-opening in Vegas? There’s been no word of that for ages


I know I was looking forward to it reopening

To all the single trekkers in here, go the extra mile when there’s a convention nearby. I’ve seen the pictures recently. There’s a lot of good lookin fans of both genders around! As long as you take care of yourself shower, haircut, toothpaste-wise, you’re good to go! Just don’t be shy once you get there. And maybe get your own apartment and leave mom at home before you go…


I went to that when it was in Detroit. I didn’t find the bridge to terribly acurate but I was supprised how small it was in real life but when I went into a spot where a camera would be shooting everything poped into proportion and I realized that they used trick photography. You can actually see that it was that small when you watch some episodes when they walk up by one of the screens on the wall and you can notice their shadows on the screens and walls and you can see how close they were to the walls of the set.

At Brad & Kates wedding, our friends Gerry & Francine went to to the wedding, that is Gerry behind Brad in the dress uniform. Gerry and Francine had their wedding at STTE in Vegas on the D bridge. I hope that STTE re-opens and they have wedding packages available. They used to rent out the Starfleet uniforms for weddings and bridge photos….those were the days! We need another STTE and soon, not to mention Quarks bar too.

Betazoid style!

Well, if Star Trek is your religion, then why not… :))

I guess it’d be easier to convince the bride to marry on the bridge if she gets a traditional church/chapel wedding first. But this would be a cool marriage vows renewal idea for two ST fans.

Marriage on the Bridge, reception in Ten Forward, and a wedding night in the Captain’s quarters. Now that’d be the way to get married.

I the guy getting married in the picture above. And yes, it was an amazing experience and one we will cherish forever. If you want a glimpse of the wedding video the link below should take you there: