Happy Birthday, Simon Pegg

Today also happens to be the birthday of Simon Pegg. This is a big one for Star Trek’s new Scotty as he is turning the big four-oh, that’s right Simon is now 40. TrekMovie would like wish Simon the very best of birthdays.



Pegg on 40

Simon has actually sent out a couple of thank you Tweets today for those wishing him a happy bday:

@simon pegg: Thanks again for your birthday wishes. My love to all with whom I share the day & to all who generally celebrate the day of their birth.x

@simonpegg: Thanks for all your birthday messages. I totally feel 40. Youth programming is anathema to me and all pop music is shit. No change there

Pegg is keeping busy

Not only does Pegg have a new baby girl to take care of, but he is also a very busy man. His next movie is Paul, a sci-fi comedy he wrote with co-star and best friend Nick Frost about two nerds traveling across the US to Comic Con who meet a real alien. The release date has not been set, but should be in 2010. Here is a video Pegg made during production that explains the film.

Pegg has also lent his voice to the animated Steven Spielberg film The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, due out at the end of 2011, and he is currently shooting the John Landis comedy Burke and Hare, a comedy based on the real-life story of a couple of grave robbers. The first flyer for that just came out and can be seen at Twitch.



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He did a good job s Scotty. Let us hope that he gets a bigger role in the next film

Cheers, Mate! Happy B-day! =D

A great Scotty, and a funny guy.

40 ain’t fatal, dude! Not even 47. Happy Birthday!

I cannot wait to see Nick and Simon back together again.

Happy B-day Simon. Welcome to the 40’s.

Be sure to drink something green and Scottish for your birthday. After all, Scotty would! :-)

Happy Birthday!

It’s Andrew Robinson’s (Garak from DS9) birthday today as well.

Happy Valentines birthday scottie-can someone get him a towel? ahhh yes i hated turning 40 goin from 30 something to 40 something seemed a lot older to me—then again 50 was no picnic either or 54 now i dont even wanna think bout the next one–happy bday simon youre still young anyhooo

Happy birthday Simon.

It sure was

shame they forgot to do a tribute to Andrew Robinson.

This site forgot to do Ethan Phillips who was on 8th Feb.

Please also note Jeri Ryan’s birthday is on 22 Feb and Majel Barrett’s birthday would be 23rd February, can there be a tribute for her?

Are the spin off stars being forgotten?

Happy birthday, nouveau Scotty! ;)

there wasnt enough scotty in the movie

Happy birthday, Simon Pegg. Can’t wait for Paul!

I think we should end every birthday wish article with, “And also to everyone else Trek-related we didn’t have time to mention.”


I think that with all the thousands of people who are related in some way to Trek during decades of existence, all 365 (and, possibly, on leap years, all 366) days of the year may be spoken for as far as birthdays.

(Also, this reminds me: If something is open “365/24/7”, does that mean that it’s closed on Leap Day? :-D )

Happy 40th Birthday Simon!

He was fantastic as Scotty. Give him a bigger role in Star Trek 12 please!

I am so looking forward to seeing “Paul” and “Burke and Hare” at the cinema.

Happy belated birthday! ^_^

Just seen the movie “Hot Fuzz” with Simon in it. It was good! Check it out if you can-

Happy Birthday Simon!

does anyone know it is Levar Burton’s birthday?

Best o’ birthdays, to ya ,lad!

(And to you as well , Mr. Robinson!)