STO Intel Report: The Undine (aka Species 8472) – Pictures & Video

Species 8472 is back. Now called the ‘Undine’, the Borg butt-kicking tripods from from fluidic space have stepped from Star Trek: Voyager to the Star Trek Online massive multiplayer game. Atari have provided us with video, images and intel reports below.


Star Trek Online Intel Report: Undine
TrekMovie has been provided with intelligence reports (via Cryptic) on the Undine (aka Species 8472). One of the reports is from Starfleet Intelligence, and the other from the Klingon Empire.

Undine Faction video

Undine – by Cmdr. Bradden, Starfleet Intelligence

Most of the information we have about the Undine comes from the USS Voyager, and much of their information, in turn, comes from the Borg. Understandably, our knowledge of this unique species is rather incomplete.

The first name we knew them by was Species 8472. They are completely genetically unique from every other life form with which we have ever come into contact. Their DNA is formed by a triple helix, unlike the double helixes of other species. They are not humanoid in any way and they are able to withstand conditions in which most other species would perish. They are able to travel through the vacuum of space without taking damage, they are resistant to most known weapons – biological weapons included, and they can hide themselves from our sensors and transporters. How they do this is a complete mystery to us at present, but we can safely assume that these abilities developed in response to their native dimension, known as fluidic space.

In their natural form, they stand approximately three meters tall and have a tripedal structure. They are also, however, capable of changing shape. Their mechanism for this does not appear to be the same as that used by the Changeling race. When seriously threatened, they appear unable to perfectly retain an assumed shape and revert to their natural forms.

We do know, thanks to the information the starship Voyager provided, that the Undine perceived all humanoids as a potential threat. It seems that their initial contact with the Borg defined their view of humanoids. It is most regrettable. However, their interactions with Voyager indicate a willingness to ignore humanoids so long as we make no incursions into their space.

In recent years the Klingons have claimed that the Undine have infiltrated multiple species and replaced key political figures. One such infiltrator identified their species as the Undine, hence the shift from calling them by their Borg designation. While we do have some evidence that such replacements have happened, we believe that the Klingon Empire has over-reacted and exaggerated the potential threat. Such a move by the Undine makes very little sense.

Undine – report by Cmdr. Korak, Klingon Intelligence

How can you fight an enemy who wears your own face? How can you guard against an enemy who greats you as a brother? How can you defeat an enemy who forces you to look with suspicion at all around you – your son, your mate, your leader?

They are clever. And they are relentless, these Undine. They have studied us well enough to know our ways and to know how best to hurt us. They have infiltrated the governments of many races, destroying alliances that should have been strong. It fills me with shame to admit that they have passed for Klingon so well that even I could not tell.

This is not the first time a shapechanging race has infiltrated the Alpha Quadrant. The Changelings did so once, but not so effectively as this. They did not research us the way these Undine have. They could not understand us because they so disdained "solids." But the Undine have no such blindness. They hate us. They wish us exterminated. But they suffer no false delusions.

Ja’rod, son of Torg, captured the first of the Undine. It was his cleverness, and his bravery, that found this threat. We Klingons were the first to see it. And we were the first to fight.

The Undine have infiltrated every power in the Alpha Quadrant. We warned them all. The Federation, the Cardassians, even the Romulans. We have freed the Gorn and the Nausicaans. But the Federation refuses to listen and instead opposes us at every turn. It falls to the honor of the Klingon Empire to eradicate this threat, and we shall no matter the cost.





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As a player of STO, seeing 8472 is usually fun. There is a sub plot that they are infiltrating all the major governments. You usually have to blast one as a boss for an episode.

Wow, this as a new Series (Species 8472 as a main antagonist ) could have a lot of potential, but knowing how they nerfed the Borg, probably they would suffer the same fate.

I wish they hadn’t gone the “shape-shifting” route with Species 8472. Shapeshifting has been done to death. Also, I would have preferred to see the creatures become part of the Borg collective. A consequence of Janeway’s helping the Borg. The Borg take the knowledge of Voyager’s discoveries of Species 8472 and take the next step and instead of the nanoprobes destroying the Bioships, they assimilate them and the pilots.
This all happens during “Endgame”. The Borg sent thousands of cubes into fluidic space to conquer Species 8472. While the virus that Janeway infected the Borg destroyed most of the collective, the Borg who invaded fluidic space weren’t infected because they were out of range. Those Borg would have become even more powerful after asssimilating a powerful race such as Species 8472. I never believed the Borg would leave another species alone just because they were more powerful.
The Borg tried to assimilate humans twice. Why wouldn’t they go after Species 8472 again? The Borg would be able to figure out how to assimilate Species 8472 after Janeway shared her info on their weaknesses with the Borg. The Borg are relentless. They would have also learned from their first encounter with the aliens. Sure, they would have lost had Voyager not intervened during their war, but after aquiring the info from Janeway, that fact would have been irrelevant to them. The aliens had a natural defense against Borg technology, but all the Borg would have had to do was further analyze the creature’s biology to ensure the nanoprobes assimilate and not destroy Species 8472.

And I don’t like the fact they gave a name to this race. Undine?

Is it “Undine” or “Unidine”?
The video says “Unidine” at the beginning and since it is from Star Trek Online, wouldn’t it be the correct one?

Yeah gotta say looks kina lame. First off, giving them a name beyond 8472 seems dumb. Also, why would a species that’s naturally so resistant and adaptive wear armor? I have to say it doesn’t look like I’m missing out too much by not playing.

Oh yeah, with the armor, Species 8472 would fit in well with the Halo universe as part of the Covenant.


doesn’t sound like we’re missing out too much by you not playing either.

Wow when did 8472 turn into the Protoss from Starcraft?

Anyone notice the current baddies on Caprica are called STO?

Wonder if that’s a coinkidink.

the armor would have made sense if it aided in their ability to survive in “real”space. The shape shifting stuff is just annoying- they are supposed to be alien to even the most alien of star trek species. they made a huge mistake by making them changelings, and giving them the goals of galactic infiltration. The name is not so bad, i dont mind it the more i see it.


Those are some good points. Good to know there are other Voyager enthusiasts (or at the least they acknowledge the series) around here.

I felt that species 8472 were an interesting and promising new antagonist to the Trek universe. Unfortunately the concept (and that of fluidic space) never seemed to go anywhere.

I was referring more to the Borg who have it in their nature to assimilate anything and anyone they see fit. Species 8472 was the “apex” of biological life according to the Borg. I find it hard to believe the Borg would leave the aliens alone. In the Borg issue of “Alien: Spotlight”, the Borg did find a way to conquer their rivals.

Their ships look like the Vorlon ships from Babylon 5.

There’s a mission in STO early on where someone is revealed to be an Undine, and while you’re on a planet he runs out into the wilderness. You can’t complete the mission until you find him. I wandered the countryside forever looking for him and eventually gave up. I think the planet was P’Jemm. Anyone have/solve this problem?

You don’t go looking for him in the wilderness on P’Jem. When you’re prompted to beam back to your ship, do so and there will be a space battle with an Undine ship.

They do shape shift…remember that episode when they recreated Starfleet Command?

Its pretty good tbh, STO is a hell of a game, with a great community and some good friends…

#3 For frak sake…. Someone always finds something to complain about, wether its the new movie or this incredible game.

Trekkies be happy, and cheer up gods damnit! A few years ago none of us could of predicted Star Trek would start to become big again

#17…. Well said! couldn’t agree more!

We Trek, therefore we bitch.

I thought Voyager left Species 8472 with a good impression on humans. Please don’t tell me they’re making them the general bad guys simply because they want to give us something to fight. I hate those cliché MMO developments. I wants some cool, alien looking allies gawd dangit.

I don’t play STO because I can’t afford it.

I also don’t play it because it looks pretty stupid and very, very non-canonical.

8472 bad? Not on my watch. Why can’t the most powerful known species BE GOOD!

RE: Millennium Vulcan – February 20, 2010

“I felt that species 8472 were an interesting and promising new antagonist to the Trek universe. Unfortunately the concept (and that of fluidic space) never seemed to go anywhere.”

I definitely have to agree with you. I remember the way that Species 8472 was hyped at the time and how impressed I was with how they totally dispatched the Borg. But for some reason, the producers of Voyager never took it a step further, instead choosing to continue the Borg storyline.

I would be cool if the Undine were used as adversaries/villains for a future Trek film. They look very cool and scary and since they were only used once that I know of, they would come across as fresh and new.

This just shows the level of detail this game has to offer.

I’ve played from the very beginning, and only saw the Undine once so far.

Looks like there is way more in store for me.

My only problem is having the time to play the missions! There is too much to see.

This is by far the greatest game ever made for the Star Trek universe.


@ 19 — Could not be more true!!!

I’m not certain why STO chose to call them Undine… however the Name ‘Undine’ isn’t new, its a mythical evil water spirit in the Celtic tradition

Wow for once they actually look MORE realistic than their human counterparts!

Glad they have a name now too.

I think that what we see as armour is more likely to be ceremonial
officers dress for two reasons:
1. As the vast majority if the Species 8472 in the pictures and intelligence report video do not wear it.
2. The supposed armour does not cover as much of the waer as it could.
I also think that they chose use the celtic name, “Undine” from the datga they stole from Voyager to create the simulations seen in ST: Voy, because they thought it was fitting as they want, “to purge our galaxy” and their native environment Fluidic space is water like.

Undine is an apt species name, since the Celtic Undine were a race of “merman”-like creatures from the sea. Fluid dimension … sea … apropos.

It never occurred to me until just now, but is it possible that the Vendorian from TAS: The Survivor … was a member of Species 8472?

Stranded members of that species acting as Romulan spies would be a hell of a connecting thread for some Expanded Universe Trek story to pick up on.

I love this game.
If you’re not playing this game… you really don’t know what you’re missing.

For the haters… don’t judge a Klingon by his ridges…. wait…
Don’t judge a borg by the number of it’s implants… um…
Dont judge a tribble by the color of its hair… um…

There has NEVER been a decent Star Trek game… until now.
Cryptic finally got it right.

@29 The Elite Force games, Bridge Commander, The Fallen, 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites…

There’s been plenty of good Star Trek games if you know where to look.

This game is getting really boring really quick. 90% of the missions are the very definition of cookie cutter, the ground combat is painful due to the incredibly awful animations and AI, and the game is a total cakewalk.

Being that it’s an MMO I’m sure it will get better as time goes on, but as it is, I don’t see myself playing it for much longer. First playing the game after coming off of finishing the masterpiece that was Mass Effect 2 didn’t help much either. That game did so many things right that would’ve been perfect for STO (if just the ground combat alone).

#17, Last Son Of Krypton, you talk like a Galactican. Choose one or the other and stick with it!