Qmx Announces New Star Trek Movie Badge Replicas

Today the replica maker Quantum Mechanix announced their first available retail products from the 2009 Star Trek. Starting to day you can pre-order any of four replica badges, exactly like those worn by the new crew of USS Enterprise. See below for more details, pictures and ordering information


Need some badges?

In November Qmx worked with Paramount on a special exclusive Blu-ray set for Best Buy, which included a set of four replica badges. So the only way to get the badges was with that set, until now. Today Qmx announced the badges (the same ones from the exclusive Best Buy Blu-ray set) will be available for retail, sold separately for $9.95 each. There are four different badges to choose: Command, Science, Engineering and Medical. Each badge is made from steel and hand-burnished. All are screen-accurate replicas of the original badges used for the film (although those were made of prop plastic).

According to QMx, the badges will be shipping by April 9th. They will be available at comic shops and other retailers.

UPDATE: Badges can now be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.

Here are pictures of the badges (click images to pre-order at Entertainment Earth)

Command badge and packaging

Science badge and packaging

Engineering badge and packaging

Medical badge and packaging

Back of pin

Perfect for Cosplay

And if you want to fill out your cosplay set, Entertainment Earth also carries the Star Trek Movie Rubies Costume Collection (You would have to remove the lower-quality pin that comes with the Rubies shirts).

Star Trek Movie Captain Kirk Gold Shirt Star Trek Movie Uniform Grand Heritage Blue Shirt Star Trek Movie Uniform Grand Heritage Red Shirt



More to come from Qmx in 2010

Qmx has the license for all replicas from the 2009 Star Trek movie. For 2010 Qmx is planning a number of products, including an Artisan Series Enterprise replica, maquette statues, a phaser replica, and more. Look for a TrekMovie update on these other Qmx Star Trek replicas in the near future.  

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