John Cho on Star Trek Sequel: No Decisions Have Been Made

Star Trek’s new Sulu, John Cho, was on G4’s Attack of the Show yesterday. He talked mostly about FlashForward and the (possibly 3-D) third Harold and Kumar movie, but he did give a brief update on the Star Trek sequel. Check out the video below. Plus Star Trek sequel co-writer Damon Lindelof gives an update on his schedule.



Cho on AOTS

Mostly Cho talks FlashForward, Harold and Kumar and a bit about how big of a star Zoe Saldana has become, but at the end he is asked about Trek. Regarding the Star Trek sequel, Cho confirmed again that shooting will begin next year, but with regards to the scrip he said:

I don’t think they’ve written anything yet, some of our writers are on other projects right now, so I don’t think any decisions have been made.

Watch the video

Sulu gets Sexier? – Cho talks more about Trek

And in a AOTS behind the scenes interview, Cho talks more about Star Trek, first joking that "Sulu gets sexier" but then notes that he "doesn’t want to poison the well" with his own input saying he has "full confidence" in the writers, noting that he signed on to the first Star Trek without reading the script. He also talks more about about the next Harold and Kumar script and FlashForward



Lindelof almost done with Lost – next up, Trek sequel

John Cho noted that the writers have been busy on other projects. One of those projects is Lost. Damon Lindelof is the co-show runner for the ABC show, which is now in its last season. Lindelof will be working with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman on the Star Trek script, but he can’t really do that until his work on Lost is complete. And it seems that time may be soon. Just this afternoon Lindelof tweeted that he was headed to Hawaii (where Lost is filmed) for the final time:

DamonLindelof: In LAX (no space) ready to board what will be my final flight to the island. It is becoming very, very real now.

TrekMovie will have more exclusive content on the Star Trek sequel this weekend, so check back for that update.

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Can’t wait for the end of Lost!

That was kind of a non-news item…
How about pitting Kirk- Pine against Mirror Mirror Kirk-Prime, and then the Shat can play the villain? Just sayin’…

I expect the sequel to be better than the first. Such was the case with very good Batman Begins followed by its outstanding sequel, The Dark Knight. The First one dealt with the origin story of each character getting everyone into place and the second one had more time to deal with some meaty plots.

#2, I was thinking the same thing! That is exactly how they can bring Shatner back without breaking canon – have him as old kirk in the mirror universe!

Either that, or have him play old kirk from the future of the NEW timeline, not the old. That would involve time travel, but that’s nothing new for trek.

I for one am sad to see lost coming to an end, ABC has said that they would like to see lost continue in one form or another, which could a disaster. Remember Galactica 1980. Yuch.

#3 I hope you are correct. What worries me is there may be a Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace kind of drop off in quality.
As I’ve said before, big pressure for the team on the next Trek. It has to be at least as good as Trek ’09 and yet also be something that we haven’t seen before. Its gona be tough for them.

#4–fatal flaw: in JJverse it is impossible to go backward into the past of your own timeline…

And regarding the article itself, Cho wants Sulu being sexier? I guess the question here is in this timeline do they make Sulu gay, as a nod to Takei, or not?

No decisions have been made? I’ll make one right now – axe Uhura or make her more interesting.


I sure hope they don’t make Sulu gay because of George Takei. Lets keep the character separate from the original actor. And besides, he’ll still be a father of a daughter in the new timeline. Which means he was most likely straight anyway.

The only character who should have a love interest in the next movie should be Kirk. And even then it isn’t all that neccessary. Definitely keep the “bromance” between Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I doubt the Spock/Uhura relationship will continue.

I’m not sure romance would work in a “Star Trek” movie. There just wouldn’t be enough screen time. A romance could work on a series, since it can take place over many episodes without being crammed.

Most people don’t want more Sulu, and I have changed my mind about Uhura. They are secondary characters. Kirk+Spock+McCoy and maybe Scotty.

And finally, I’m getting the sense that both Zoe Saldana and John Cho aren’t happy with their roles. And if they aren’t careful, someone else could be playing Sulu and Uhura in the sequel. What they don’t seem to understand is that there is only so much screen time for their characters.

” What they don’t seem to understand is that there is only so much screen time for their characters”.

#8 which is where much of the ‘confusion’ seemed to come from with the original cast. The likes of Takei and Doohan couldn’t seem to quite grasp that they were very much secondary characters. Much loved and needed of course, but secondary nevertheless.
As far as I know haven’t they all signed on for 3 movies? So its unlikely they will be replaced. Besides, unlike you, I don’t get the impression they are unhappy with their roles.

My guess is that there is a story but that because he is always talking to the press about it, they won’t be telling Cho anytime soon. Don’t forget team JJ don’t like you to anything that isn’t on their terms.

As for Shatner you can just jump forward in the story if it fits in with the plot. Prime Spocks funeral maybe? He’s only half Vulcan and won’t live forever.

Harold and Kumar in 3-D?!?!! I’d be there in a heartbeat

I don’t believe this No Decisions have been made yet what is keeping them I know it takes a lot of time making a movie but still I am thirsty for more Trek movies.

Well., may this crew’s second outing work for them like STII:TWOK worked for the primers… if it’s half as good, we’re ahead…

Dont think Cho was a good choice for Sulu at all. He was quite poor (even tho he had very little to do) in the scenes he was in.

I get this feeling that everyone other than pine and quinto is expecting bigger parts.

I would love it if they make the sequel like TWOK What you think?

I hope they leave Shatner out of any sequel.

Chris2 #17

I hope they included Shatner + Nimoy in any sequel.

More groundbreaking news, no update on the movie.

Stay tuned for next week when we hear another cast member say exactly the same thing.

Can’t wait to read that.

zzzz boring I want like more exciting news on the Trek XII progress.

maybe in the coming months we know more or maybe next year

Prime Kirk please in the sequel I don’t care if he is 79 I want him in just a cameo or something what are your thoughts Boborci on that

I accidentally caught the second Harold & Kumar film on cable, and I am embarrassed to say I laughed my ass off for the duration. Just keep it raunchy and rated-R, and keep Daniel Patrick Harris (or whatever his name is, Doogie Howser MD).

If it’s dumbed down ’cause Zak Penn works for Obama and Cho is now ‘legit,’ forget it.

Anyone seen the South Park episode where Cartman freezes himself?

Would someone pls help with this pls k thx?

fur’ AJ:

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: Kneel! AJ, kneel before Neil Patrick Harris! Oh, wait… what the frak am I doing in this chat room?

JOHN CHO: I want Sulu to be sexier. That’s why I designed this crotchless uniform to wear in “Harold and Kumar III: The Search For Harold and Kumar.”

KAL PENN: Oh, God… Obama’s gunna’ fire me if I wear that. My stimulus package will hang out.

JOHN CHO: Oh, my… you’ll be wearing nothing at all. And you’ll have to go through puberty again.

KAL PENN: Please tell me you didn’t hire Kirstie Alley to reprise Saavik for this film?

JOHN CHO: Oh, come on! There’s nothing wrong with a little more on her alley. A little cushion for the…

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: Kneel! Kneel before Neal Patrick Har…

JOHN CHO: You said that already.


Wow, I got all the names wrong.

Thanks, BND!

Now, off to the crapper for some gin and expired pickles….

So basically, the news is that there’s… no news. Yet. ;-)

this is not getting anywhere is it I don’t think

This just in………….nothing new!

Yeah! No news!!!!

no news is good news!

Aas pleased i am that JJ and the guys have resuscitated the TREK-franchise, this fan is a frustrated by the intentional delay in progress for more TREK. Accommodating their absence from the helm of the sequel (so they can continue all their other projects) is a bit insulting to TrekFans (who’ve pretty much completely accepted the revamped, alternate-universe take on the old series).

However, as a see Transformer/Iron Man/Wolverine/Sherlock Holmes and other franchises move forward with gusto (as most sensible studios would do when there’s money to be made off their film-property), TREK languishes. As much as I admire the incredible talents the TREK2009 producers/scribes contributed to TREK, Gene Roddenberry’s series certainly has more potential in the hands of anyone willing to actually work at it. For all the grief Rick Berman is given around fandom, no one can doubt that he focused all his talents on TREK and indisputably produced hours & hours of classic-TREK.

While, I’m sure there’s not a the same level of desperation for the next Paramount/Abrams’ MISSION IMPOSSIBLE sequel – it surely will be a success whenever JJ and Mr Cruise rejoin to create one. But, let’s face it, that’s not the way TrekFans want their series to be handled. We’re not rivaling Shakespeare here. There are other talented directors (Nicholas Meyer!) & writers who can adequately work on the sequel (if the current creative-crew have so much success to keep them busy elsewhere).

And the magic that the TREK2009 producers captured in their recasting will quickly backfire if they give all the actors a chance to forward THEIR impressive careers. keeping the cast together will become increasingly impossible/costly for the studio (there goes the special-effects budget as in the past TrekFilms). And if the stories inevitably begin to take place within months of the previous films, the actors, set-tech and everything will quickly appear aged and absurd.

Had great optimism for TREK’s return. Now, less so. Solution = a new TV-series, you say? I’m afraid TREK needs more of a vacation from the TV-screen. But not a contrived disappearance from the movie-screen as well please.

I don’t believe that they don’t at least have a basic concept as to what direction the sequel is going… They most likely don’t want to deal with annoying fans like us asking them about it all the time.

Smokes and mirrors…. it’s all smokes and mirrors.

“#4–fatal flaw: in JJverse it is impossible to go backward into the past of your own timeline…”

What? Just where did that come from?

#33 You make some great points there. Your right, Sherlock Holmes sequel is full speed ahead, as is T3 and the others you mentioned. I really like that Bob posts here from time to time, it shows to me that he (and Alex are fans just like us), but the vibe Im getting now is that there is a lot of divergant events going on that are the factual reason this sequel wont be out until 2012. Star Trek 09 was actually supposed to be released in 2008, the studeo delayed that thinking it would do better at the BO in 09, which it did. But that is almost a 4 year gap between producing films, 08 to 12, and thats just not acceptable by any measure.

And let me first state that I am very greatful to JJ, Bob Alex, Brian Burk, JC,DL and the rest of the SC for what they did with Star Trek 09. IMO it rocks and has brought new life into an other wise flat franchise. But 2012 is just to dang long a gap inbetween films, so its up to us fans to take up the job and make some NuTrek of our own! They did it will the fan letters in the late 60’s and 70’s and can do it again. I say keep supporting those who produce great Trek material on the web, like Phase 2 (although I have some personal creative differences there, they are doing Trek, from the heart!).
I’ll do my part as a fan by finishing some fanfic stuff based on the Star Trek 09 story as soon as I can (keeping in mind Im no Pro writter yet). Other fans can do the same as well. Lets not wait until Star Trek 2 is realesed to get our “fix”, lets do it now, no reason not to.

I can understand why they haven’t started yet. After that little fallout with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I guess they had to make sure they didn’t make the same mistake.

But then again, the problem with Transformers was most likely due to Michael Bay and Megan Fox.

Star Trek is suffering from the fact that CBS is doing absolutely nothing with the franchise between films. Star Wars has had two Clone Wars series, and is about to do a comedy series. Every single Superhero franchise is alive in animation as the new films get made. Star Trek gets nothing.

This then wastes millions spent on marketing the last film, as Trek2012 will once again have to be marketed as some kind of “return” for the franchise. More international tours, more money spent on reminding people why they liked a film 3 years ago, and absolutely nothing on TV. The books and comics are read by fans. Getting new fans is the key, and everything JJ said last year about making this Star Trek for “everyone” is pretty much squandered at this point by CBS’s lack of interest.

Long Live Iron Man.

Cho, Saldana, Yelchin and to some extent Pegg have to accept they ate and always will be, supporting characters.

If any of them think the movie should be about or even involve their characters more they are surely in for a big suprise.

Cho – take note of George Takei. He’s lobbied for a Sulu series for nearly 20 years. It ain’t gonna happen.

3 years between films is not actually a long time. Several other film franchises have operated on a three year cycle and it never hurt their appeal or their box-office.

Star Wars and X-Men for example.

Rushing something out in two years however – or meaning that the production cycle is almost non-stop CAN however lead to a production line feel.

That same production line problem (i.e there must always be Trek in production) that led to the declining returns of the last two series and the TNG film franchise.

Personally, I can do without going through that again and if they want to take three years to go and do other things, THEN return and work on the sequel then I would rather that’s what they did.

Besides, it’s not three years anymore – it’s now only a little over two years to go til June 2012.

Patience, guys – patience!

#41 I agree. Too much Trek led to a severe fall in quality and, as Patrick Stewart described it after Nemesis bombed, Franchise Fatigue.
I’d rather spend three years waiting with excitement for a new movie, than seven days waiting with indifference for another dull episode.
I’m sure a new TV show will come somewhere down the line, but lets get another couple of movies out first.

Are we going to be subjected to non news for the foreseeable future? What happened to the great fill in articles we used to see? I don’t mind that there’s not much news yet on the new movie. But don’t make an article pointing out that there’s no news. How about some articles about the movie series? Maybe give fresh reviews to stimulate conversation. There has to be lots of things TREK to talk about.

I dont think to much Trek led to the stagnation of the franchise, to much mediocre Trek maybe. Look at how many CSI’s/Law and orders (and other similar shows) there are on TV right now, and have been for years and they arent deemed stagnated or old at this point, and how many Star Gate series have there been and one still in production. #39 AJ is right, CBS is doing no-thingg with Star Trek inbetween films and I see nothing coming anytime soon. No, as a fan Im sorry it just doesnt wash with me. And let me point out that when I say mediocre Trek Im using the dictionary definition…
“Mediocre: 1. a middling of quality, neither good or bad 2. Second rate.” Just so some wont think Im knocking the spin offs, which Im not I like em.

My opinion is as Braga and Moore wrote All Good Things, basically the length of a feature, in 2 weeks, Lindelof, Orci and Kurtzman can write a good script pretty fast. Maybe CBS just does not know where to go from here, too many options, so they probably take their time for long term planning. The second movie will either make or break the direction they will decide for the franchise. The “pilot” was successfull, now they are facing the real decisions. Then again, this is conjecture on non-news.

@10, 40: Ah, but “supporting character” and “flat character” are not the same thing at all.
Even in TOS Scotty got to party on Argelius, he had hobbies, a girlfriend (that we never heard from again, but still). Sulu had all sorts of crazy hobbies and pastimes, Uhura was an accomplished singer, and so forth.

Still very much supporting characters, but we still got to see facets of their personalities over time.

I hope they have Nimoy in the sequel, but nooo Shatner.

@46. “Still very much suporting characters, but we still got to see facets of their personalities over time.”

Agreed on that point.
Its the way Cho, Pegg and Saldana keep coming out and saying they want more action, love scenes, or bigger input in the next one.

They wont get a “Wolf in the Fold” moment as there isnt enough time to fit all 7 characters doing something huge in each movie.

Koenig was annoyed by Chekovs part in 3 as he’d done so much in 2. Yet 3 didnt really need the character to stand out or do as much.

They should be thankful their going to be in the movie tbh.

Like everyone I can’t wait for the sequel, but I really feel there should be a fresh, new series. The series died the same day Roddenberry did. It would need someone like Ross Whedon to take total creative control.

I’d like to see a new series too, Set 100 years after TNG era…I say era because TNG , DS9 and voyager occupied that timeline. I do respect those shows. I can just see execs at paramount and CBS still pointing to enterprise as to why a new series wouldn’t be a good idea.

There are a good number of fans who are split as to their favorite treks, The 2009 movie was the only way to make (almost) everyone happy.

A Titan series will not draw enough fans to sustain it. Yes it would be a good series.

A captain sulu series would have been possible if the Sulu/ Voyager crossover episode would have drawn more fans, Yes it was a good episode but it didnt leave enough fans screaming for more.

I think by 2015, we will see a new series of some kind, Probably along the lines of 100 years after TNG era.