KirkWatch: Pine Signs On For Comedy Feature + Shatner Denies $600M Priceline Payout

Tonight we have a special brief all Kirks edition of CelebWatch. We start off with news on the new Kirk as Chris Pine has just signed on to do a new action comedy. As for Kirk Classic, William Shatner has bee making news this week with a report that he is a multimillionaire many times over, but apparently reports of his $600 Million worth are just not true.


Pine to do comedy

Chris Pine will follow in the footsteps of the first Kirk and add comedy to his resume. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Pine has signed on to star in the FOX action comedy This Means War. This confirms earlier reports that Pine was on the short list to replace Bradley Cooper who dropped out of the project earlier in the year. Pine will play ‘FDR’ one of two roommates battling over the affections of a woman, played by Reese Witherspoon. The other friend has not been cast, but Seth Rogen is reportedly the leading candidate. Shooting will start in July, which means that both Pine and his Star Trek co-star will be working on comedies this summer, with Quinto shooting his supporting role in What’s Your Number, a romantic comedy starring Anna Faris (see previous story).

Chris Pine to do new action comedy, possibly with Seth Rogen

Shatner: Not the $600 Million Man + animated Negotiator

Earlier this week an article in the Toronto Sun stated that even though Priceline would not disclose how much money they have paid William Shatner to be their pitchman, they had "unofficial word" that Shatner was paid in Priceline stock now worth $600 Million. This unsourced article was picked up all over the web, in the mainstream press, and even on TV.

However, it appears that the story is not true, according to the man himself. Today William Shatner made two tweets on the subject

Someone stupid said a stupid thing about me making $600M. It ain’t so. Relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad it never happened.

Wow, I have a lot of Twitter-nieces and -nephews. I don’t know how far I’ll be able to stretch 600M invisible dollars. My best, Bill

Leonard Nimoy decided to join in on the fun and replied to Shatner via Twitter:

@WilliamShatner at least buy me a meal !! LN llap

@WilliamShatner Bill: I swear it wasn’t me. How do these rumors get started? Like the one about you trying to drown me during ST IV. llap

 Speaking of Shatner and Priceline, here is the new Negotiator ad.

Priceline has also posted their animated ‘Negotiator’ ads (voiced by Shatner) from Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy. Here is one:

More at Priceline’s YouTube page.


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Animated “Priceline Negotiator” — best thing MacFarlane’s come up with in a while.
More. More.

This Means War sounds good, I will be good to see Chris Pine in a comedy.

hmmm,, I might send a message to Mr Shatner and ask for some of his 600 Mill invisible dollars,,,, and buy a air guitar !!!!

Never mind Priceline, that’s probably the price Shatner asked for to be in ST09!

Chris Pine in a new movie about two guys fighting over Reese Witherspoon??

Stupid premise! Witherspoon’s chin could be used as a battering ram to knock down any door! Ugh!!


Yeah, you’ve already said that “joke” on another thread. Let it go, man!

Ryan, I’m simply pointing out that if you’re going to have a romantic comedy where two men fight over a woman, at least have the gal be attractive. Example: a young Jennifer O’Neill in Summer of ’42.

Not some hag who’s made a name for herself in other non-love-interest roles!


You’d think an adult would be embarrassed over making such a petty and pointless comment.

Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for her role in “Walk The Line” so I doubt very many producers are going to take Harry’s “advice”.

Please don’t make an article that encompasses someone like Pine with someone as awesome as William Shatner.


Acting skills aside, nobody is going to believe that two red-blooded males would fight over the likes of Reese Witherspoon!

Could everybody please BACK OFF and leave uncle Bill alone.

Where’s Tenuto?

@10 And your assumptions about her are the ultimate truth huh?

@10 You need to go see a doctor. Certain body parts of yours are not working.

If money is an issue spread your legs, we might be able to kick start that thing.

LMAO @ #11 and #14…tell those haters off:) LOL!!! (hangs head in shock)…girl has kids and still has a body like a goddess and that ‘dude’ saying Reese is ugly…. what a sad day for heterosexuality….:( (hangs head in shock again…) and back the hell off The Shat… he’s nicknamed The Shat for a reason; because he be the SHIZZ… :) GO BILL!!! and if Priceline HAD paid him in stock that elevated to $600 million in value, it wouldve been the best business decision of Bill’s life and he could’ve personally financed Star Treks XII, XIII and XIV and still had tons of money leftover!!!


Who cares about Chris Pine. He is a crappy 10 cent actor. And I don’t care if I get a ‘warming’ for this. Just ban me because you are a nazi anyway.

The Shat and Nimoy are a great team. They should do a little comedy together or hey. Maybe even another Movie. Good to see Pine out there doing Movies and with Reese Witherspoon. I hope it is susscesfull as the bigger his star the better for the next Trek Movie as his bigger star power along with Zoe and Cho and the others will help get more people to the next Trek Movie and that can only be good for Star Trek.

I think Pine’s got the comedy chops. Watch the extras/deleted scenes from The Princess Diaries 2. XD It’ll be interesting to see him in a big comedy with Reese Witherspoon, who I loved in Legally Blonde… Dunno anything about Seth Rogen, though.

And I love the Twitter interplay between The Shat and Nimoy…the ST cast is the only reason I go on Twitter nowadays.

I’m still trying to get over the fact that Seth Rogan is playing the Green Hornet. That role couldn’t have been more “mis-casted” even if you tried. That’s like having him in the role as Superman. What were they thinking? I wouldn’t have anything to do with Seth Rogan if I were Pine.

Green hornet is Rogans baby…he gets tom play the lead because its his sandbox…for better or worse.

CP and Reese are awesome in comedy and I love the idea of this movie. Seth Rogen seems to be in another movie shooting will start this summer so…



19, 20, 22 — a) This is Hollywood, where revisionism is the new watchword.
b) In the short-lived 60’s TV show, Kato (Bruce Lee, of course) so overshadowed the lead actor as to make him seem absent. Maybe Rogan wants to have fun with that. There are worse actors out there.

Rogen even.

Once a Trekkie named Harold Q. Ballz
At Witherspoon’s art was appalled.
Her acting conspired
To raise up his ire.
And her chin tickled his b***s.

Reese Witherspoon is anything BUT ugly! Seriously?? She’s HOT.

To all those who say Seth Rogan is miscast as The Green Hornet i only have this to say.

Michael Keaton – Batman.

I’m not going to argue with you guys! If you like Reese, TAKE HER!

William Shatner should be in an episode of Family Guy. He’d probably be very funny. Nimoy too.

@28 It’s just that most of us here are over the age of 15 Harry.

If someone doesn’t appeal to you demonstrate some grace and don’t say anything.

Reese was hot only in “Election.”

Where is tubby in all this ?

31 is delusional.

I’ve been saying for years Shatner and Nimoy could be the next Lemmon and Matthau.

Harry. If you don;t like someone then fine. But at least be respectfull as a true Trekie is supposed to be. Are you a true Trekie.

Harry, we know you love her.


Based on that logic this site would simply be a strokefest with nothing but loving compliments galore. Surely someone can voice an opinion if they don’t like something or someone.

(I know, I know….and don’t call me Shirley!)


Classic, and exactly what I was pointing out before I was attacked!

Good for Chris Pine hope it all goes well for this gorgeous actor and brilliant as well.

PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR: Did… we do it? Did we make a difference?

PICARD: Yes, we did. We stopped that kook Soren and saved a planet full of people we’ve never even seen but… well… I’m afraid to say that…

PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR: What? Tell me- how bad is it?

PICARD: You’ve landed on Reese Witherspoon’s chin.

PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR: Oh, my… here… Picard… take this check for 600 million dollars to… to… buy her some plastic surgery… (gasp)

PICARD: 600 million? Screw that! I’m buying boobs to attach to Mr. Data. Off I go! (chucks rocks over PN before he skips off)

PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR: But… I’m not dead yet!


Do you mean Trekkie or Trekker Capt Mike ? Some of you guys are way too thin skinned.

So Harry does not like a certain Hollywood actress – what is the big deal? Looks like some people on here are just spoiling for a fight. Sheesh.

Thanks, Denise!

Good luck to Chris Pine in the movie “This Means War”. I hope the script is good. Need a good laugh. As far as Reese Witherspoon – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is surely as much about personality as anything else so it depends on the kind of character Reese plays. Chris is funny and so cute!

QUESTION: Does report that William Shatner is not worth 600 million because Bill Shatner says so??? Please tell me you did some investigative journalism and are not just taking the word of someones twitter…… I know we give our heros the benafit of the doubt but this is a reputable web site for news…. If price line is a publicly traded company then the HAVE A BALANCE SHEET stating what they spend every dime on.

It’s been reported that Shatner sold off a lot of his Priceline stock some years ago, thereby lessening his net worth now.

Harry, your just playing the fool again.

To offer an opinion that others don’t like is one thing but insulting a woman is not something a man would do.

Would you tell a room full of people of you thought your friends girlfriend was ugly.

Embrace your manhood and stop making up lame excuses.

Ah, Chris, I heartily disagree. Once anyone, male OR female, steps in front of the camera, they are inviting comment, both good and bad.

“insulting a woman is not something a man would do”

If women truly expect equality, especially when they seek the public’s attention, they better be able to take open criticism.

Try joining us in the 21st century, the water’s fine.

I think Reese Witherspoon is extremely unattractive and, therefore, a really bad choice to play a love interest in a romantic comedy film. Most guys I know wouldn’t give her a first look, let alone a second. It really insults the intelligence to have Hollywood base a movie premise on two men “fighting” over her. What, did they just get out of prison?

If skinny, pale, big-chinned women “float your boat”, hey, knock yourself out. Maybe some people are easily impressed, but not me.

I have to side with Harry on this one. Actors are in the public domain. They are products. This site has seen its share of evaluations of all the women that have come across the “Trek” screen, from Nichelle Nichols to Jeri and Jolene.

As consumers, we’re allowed our opinions, and don’t have to be ‘civil’ in order to express a strong opinion, as long as we’re not NSFW or offensive in any other way.

The only exception would be if Ms Witherspoon were a poster on this site. Defend yourself! There be Harry here!

Thanks, AJ!

You know, this post makes it sound like this is Pine’s first foray into comedy–well, maybe it is since his previous attempt was “Just My Luck” with another “well-known” and “talented” actress: Lindsay Lohan!

Just making an observation in a “fair and balanced” way. ;)