New Site Lets You Build Your Own Star Trek T-Shirts

Today a new way to buy Star Trek T-shirts was launched online as custom apparel maker SwagDog rolled the beta version of their Star Trek shirt builder website. The new official licensee site allows fans to choose a design and then select various shirt styles, colors and sizes. More information below.


Custom Star Trek shirts from SwagDog

The new SwagDog Star Trek site launched today has over 40 original Star Trek designs, covering each of the five Star Trek TV series. Designs vary from simple images of the captains to the whimsical "Don’t tase me bro", to showing your loyalty, like a choice of "Kirk > Picard" or "Picard > Kirk." All the designs are available exclusively on the SwagDog site.

Some of the designs on the SwagDog site 

Each design can be placed on one of five different garment types (Men’s Tee, Women’s Tee, Children’s Tee, Long sleeve Tee, & Hoodie). Each design is available in multiple colors and sizes, creating thousands of combinations. Prices are $19.99 for the adult Tees, $14.99 for kids, $24.99 for long-sleeve, and $54.99 for the hoodies.

The shirt builder at SwagDog

SwagDog plan on adding more designs to the site in 2010, and for their second phase they will be adding more ways to customize the graphics on the shirts. They are also looking to adding additional garment types (like zip up hoodies).

For more or to customize your own Star Trek shirt, visit

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Don’t think I’ll be ordering anything, but definitely interesting enough to check out!

Do you know how hard it has been all these years to find a serious Star Trek T-Shirt?

Oh my gosh, they actually have one of Garak. I am 100% buying that.

“Serious” Star Trek t-shirt… *snicker*

@3. robowarrior
For sure, Garak rocks!! :D

Yet another T-shirt site that doesn’t like anyone over a 2X :(

No McCoy, no Scotty, no Uhura, no Sulu, no Chekov, no Chapel, no…

But they’ve got Kes?!? KES?!?!?!



Or extra small…

@Iyeman: Thanks for pointing that out. We go up to 6X in Warcraft. We just need to activate the extra sizes. Should be active in a day or two.

@Trek Lady: Another good point. We will add XS to the assortment.

We are hard at work adding more designs. MANY more designs. Keep checking back.

Any other suggestions/feedback?

Wow if you do add more sizes ill be sure to try and get some before Vegas Convention in August!

The more time passes, the less cool it feels to wear spin-off memorabilia. 10 years ago I would have loved the DS9 stuff, but it would feel too dated now. Only the TOS stuff is, and always will be, timeless!

TOS Cast – Weird is Part of the Job

That’s a Voyager quote! :-)

Oh, and that’s a fantastic quote to go with Garak.

I’ve always LOVED the irony of Star Trek apparel not being available in sizes over 2XL — way to alienate the CORE MARKET of such items.

(shakes head)

Weird is part of the Job – this isn’t from TOS, it comes from Voyager (I recall Janeway saying it to Kim).

You may want to alter your advertising on that.

The World of Warcraft shirts go up to 6XL…..

Wow. I think Trekkies finally found someone they can make fun of.

These are some really lame designs, for the most part.

these are not cool designs. theyre too basic. there needs to be some stylized graphics. something that seems like its from the 2000s. Plain old colorful pictures/head shots do not make for cool shirt design.

For some reason, “Voyager” seems to make up the majority of the design choices.

Not sure it’s allowed to post other sites, but there’s some cool Trek TOS designs at:

I just ordered the McCoy “Dammit Jim, I’m not a…” t-shirt. ;-)

I totally dig the Starfleet Academy emblem for t-shirts. One suggestion I’d make is the option for a different design placement.

For something like the Starfleet Academy emblem, a neat place for it on a t-shirt (especially long-sleeve) would be to have it smaller and on the upper-left chest.

Yeah, the “Weird is part of the job” quote is from Voyager, but I don’t really see the problem. 99% of people who see you in the street wearing it are not likely to nitpick or even know.

It is a cool quote, and just as applicable to Kirk and Co as it is with Janeway.

Now, here’s a good gift idea for SciFi Debris – a t-shirt with Neelix :D

I think this shirt is much better. I bought it. I found the XL was more like a Large so when I wrote back, the company sent me a free one in the XXL size (I have no connection with the company, just love the shirt and the way they handled it):

I’m with #20 here. Alternate design placements would come in quite handy – ‘Unit Logos/Patches’ on the shirts could even go on the left arm. My university did that – Just it’s logo on the left arm in silver, on an otherwise black shirt. Looked pretty good, and I can imagine this with the Starfleet Delta, Enterprise or Columbia patches or the Starfleet Academy one very well.

Great feedback all. We are adding designs on a regular basis. We also added more sizes last night.

As for the DS9 blast, our artist did a round for that property (I think it’s her favorite) and we got those approved from CBS. We still have similar blasts from the other shows and movies to go.

Good feedback on the simplicity of the designs. We have some more “fashion/stylistic” designs in the pipeline and will post them as they get approved.

Good idea on the Academy Icon. Due to our digital press printing, we can only print shirts with one location (we can’t do the front AND the sleeve, for instance). We’ll go make this art in the left chest option. I think we are also going to offer them in a distressed look so the print already looks 20 years old.

Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming! And thanks, for providing this forum to interact!


@25 – I’d like to say that it’s great to see you involving this community in developing your product line. I will definitely be making purchases soon.

How about one with the Gorn? My youngest son digs him.

#25…you might also wanna tweak the pricing…from the screenshot, $55.00 for a hoodie? WOWWW….I understand theres licensing costs, production costs, profit margins etc., but $55.00 for a hoodie? :O (shakes head in dispair-induced shock)

I think this one would be better if it said don’t phase me bro, since in the star trek universe they have phasers not tasers…

how about one that says
“Beam me up
[pic of Scotty]
There’s no sign of intelligent life down here”

At least there is somehting to getting St shirts. I miss buying ST t-shirts and Polo shirts at STTE in Vegas. I wish I bought more of the LEGALIZE ROMULAN ALE t-shirts. Where ever I wear that, people ask me why is it Illegal? They have no idea it is related or from Star Trek so they ask how they can help legalize it. If they only knew….

Most excellent indeed. A shirt for every day of the month would be epic.

As for design suggestions: definitely some US-military style emblems & crests, similar to what Tom Clancy always seems to wear in his author photos.

30. I would totally want one that said “Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here” ! Good idea!!!
Especially since the “no intelligent life” part is so true about my co-workers at my job…..whoops that wans’t meant to be said out loud…

Feedback? Sure, no prob, here ya go. You need more with alien races… somebody mentioned the Gorn, good place to start. Also, you need ships. Klingon battlecruisers, Romulan Warbirds, J’Em Hadar ships, various Federation ship classes, you name it – some people would even buy a Ferengi Marauder. Speaking of which, headshots of Ferengi and Klingon would be nice, with suitable quotes – something warlike for Klingons, various Rules of Aquisition for Ferengi. Battle scenes would sell like hotcakes. A particularly good scene (from the NextGen episode, “The Defector”) was the Enterprise faced off against two Warbirds, with the Klingon Birds-of-Prey de-cloaking all around them. I’d buy a couple of those, myself. Got enough? If not, contact me – I can do this all day.

11. is right, the spin-offs seem more out-dated than TOS, but I dunno, I kinda still want Scott Bakula on my chest…!

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in a while. Was in Vegas for Licensing Show. We are busy doing a bunch of new designs, some of which you have mentioned, some not. I’ll also have my design team read this thread for ideas!