The Collective: Star Trek Japanese Imports Coming – Dragon 12″ TNG Figures + TOS Bearbricks

This summer there are a few interesting Japanese imports coming that are of interest to Star Trek collectors. First up, Dragon Models have a line of Star Trek: The Next Generation 12" cloth figures coming this month. And in September, collectors can pick up MediCom Bearbrick figures that have been Trek-ified. More details below.  


Dragon 12" TNG figures

Dragon Model Ltd. has gained a reputation for quality 12" military action figures, because of both detailed sculpting and the concern for quality uniforms and accessory items. The company is producing 1/6 scale (about 12") versions of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Captain Jean Luc Picard, Lt. Commander Data, and Lieutenant Worf. Originally for the Japanese market, these figures are now coming to the states.

Retailing for $87.99, these cloth action figures from Dragon are similar to the Sideshow line of Star Wars 12" items or to the 1990’s Masterpiece Star Trek line from Playmates Toys. Unlike regular 12" action figures, these 1:6 scale are not meant for play, but are more for collecting and display. The uniform design and sculpting are more detailed than regular play action figures, as are the accessories and displayable packaging.

Dragon Picard 1:6 figure [Pre-order at EE: $87.99]

Dragon Data and Spot 1:6 figure [Pre-order at EE: $87.99]

Dragon Worf 1:6 figure [Pre-order at EE: $87.99]

Dragon 12" TNG figures

And in September Entertainment Earth is also importing some unusual Japanese Star Trek items from MediCom, makers of the ‘Bearbrick’ stylized bear figures that have been adapted to a number of licenses. And now they are doing Star Trek Bearbricks. There will be a Kirk & Uhura 2-pack of 2 3/4-inch Bearbricks for $19.99, plus two giant-sized Bearbrick Spocks for $109.99 and $499.99 respectively.

MediCom Bearbrick 3 3/4" Kirk/Uhura 2-pack [Pre-order at EE: $19.99

MediCom Bearbrick 400% Spock [Pre-order at EE: $109.99

MediCom Bearbrick 1000% Spock [Pre-order at EE: $499.99

NOTE: the smaller Spock figures shown above are just to show scale, and does not come with the large-sized figure (and strangely, it is not available to purchase individually).

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I hope that’s only prototype tailoring on the 12″ figures, otherwise they look ill-fitting in areas.
I like block figures, I just don’t get Bearbricks…

spot…. bahahahahah is this a star trek figurine first?

they never make worfs head “fit” his body

oh btw. i just noticed the price on those figures… for 87 bucks i’d expect custom tailored bodies. not a one size fits all for each character. cheap mofo’s

Actually, for 87 bucks, Worf should include his Baldric.

Why the hell do they have mickey mouse ears?

Where’s Worf’s Metallic sash?
I he were around these days, the planets would surely go to war over such a display or disrespect.

Bearbricks are creeeeeepy.

Yeah, for 87 bucks I expect a better fitting uniform. And check out the size of those pips!

However, I do like the sculpting, especially Picard.

Contrary to the misleading headline, the Brickbears are not TOS, they’re obviously Reboot Trek.

Data comes with spot! Cool.

Why does Worf have grey hair?

Bearbricks? People actually buy these? Badly done likenesses that look like fisher price toy figures with mouse ears? Those are just wrong.

Warf looks like he aged about 35 years and lost a good bit of weight…

Worf looks like he just stepped out of “Star Trek Online”.

Here’e my free theory for what it’s worth:

Collectibles have to be affordable enough so you can buy two; keep one in the box and play with the second one. These don’t look like much fun to play with and they are WAY overpriced.

Bearbricks? Um. Japanese people, I’m looking at you. You make me worry there’s a whole nation of people who buy things the way Michael Jackson did. Yikes.

bearbrick? i dont get it and the cost wow why would you want to own one

All you guys bitching….”they never make worfs head “fit” his body: or “I hope that’s only prototype tailoring on the 12″ figures, otherwise they look ill-fitting in areas”. If you don’t like these figures don’t buy them, keep your bitching to a low level. That’s the kinda stuff that gives us Trekkies a bad name. As for the bearbrick figures, LAME,STUPID, Almost as bad as anime!! Who the hell wants them???


Do you see the irony of your statement?

Talk about the Deadly Ears.

Most high-end 12-inch figures (i.e., Sideshow, Hot Toyz) go for $90-$150 now so for Japanese import figures this is not a shocking price point; “custom sculpted” bodies are something you get MAYBE with “custom” figures, i.e. one-off figures that can go for $300 or so depending on the vendor. Sideshow, Hot Toyz, any manufacturer of 12-inch collectible figures will use a standard body–the variation will be in the head sculpt and costume. And even at 12″ scale you’re not going to get real fabric to drape and fold perfectly “to scale” although there have been some excellent attempts.
I’m very tempted by these figures but if Dragon does Kirk, Spock and McCoy figures in this quality I will buy them in one second. I have been waiting for someone to do the classic Trek characters in 12-inch scale for YEARS…

Thanks for that injection of reality Jeff

I am not sure what it is, but so many Trekkies have unrealistic expectations of things. Nothing is good enough and when it is ‘good enough’ (like with replicas), then it is derided for being too expensive.

Mr Spock you just saved the earth n universe once again so where did you go—I went to Disneyland-i wonder if my name is on my mouse ears hat?

These figures are insane.

What value will the consumer receive for this much money? A baggy uniformed doll with a likeness that doesn’t match the quality of the previous Art Asylum dolls from years ago.

Is there really a profitable market to release *another* set of Star Trek dolls?

These aren’t custom action figures. There are dolls. Bad product.

Burn your $100. Even if you are a hardcore Star Trek fan, there is much better display-case junk you can buy than these.

Dragon Models is not a Japanese maker.
It’s Hong Kong.

That is true and thanks for that. According to CBS these figures were licensed for the Japanese market and I added that clarification. We actually inquired about them last year when they first showed up on this Japanese toy site: (in Japanese)
…but at the time CBS told us the figures were going to just be for the Japanese market, but clearly that isn’t the case now.

Hmmm…. They dont look bad. The belts make Picard and Data look a bit short though. Spot looks great. Wish I could get him. But Worf… It looks like they took a body, then put his head on top. I like the Bat’Leth though. Any chancecs of them putting Spot, The Bat’Leth and picard or Data together?

wait until the “donald duck” – borgqueen and the “bugs bunny” – nero will come to your shop. oh dear, merchandise is seometimes only nonsense.

I always wonder why they show Picard with a phaser aggressively in hand, totally out of character. He should more appropriately be in “conversational” pose, verbally and intellectually brow-beating the alien opponent into surrender.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of Bearbrick figures, but I think they should have made Spock’s ears a little more pointy :-)

#16 Ok, “I’m not buying them.” Is that low profile enough? :-D

It’s truly never an issue of cost for me; it’s more the quality of the product that’s a measure of worth in my eyes. Having spent a lot on sixth scale figures from Hot Toys, Medicom and Sideshow, I know full well what’s possible in terms of fabric outfit tailoring. In my opinion, these outfits need a lot of refinement. But at the low(!) $87.99 price point, it’s probably all we’ll get.

And you’re probably watching the wrong anime. ;-)

Ships please. What’s so hard about coming out with some cool ships? Something other than the ones that have been done over and over (D, A, Bird of Prey). I’d like a detailed C, B, Defiant (DS9), Botany Bay………

Whatever happened to it being ok voicing your opinion when you don’t like something. Surely this article wasn’t posted so we’d all agree and like these cheap toys.

Hope isn’t getting kick backs for showcasing merchandise. :p

anyway I think it’s quite healthy to acknowledge when something is less then stellar and to voice your reasons. Maybe it’ll prompt the company to put forth more effort in the future

I’m glad Dragon isn’t doing TOS figures, because I’d like to have a really well-done Kirk and Spock. Frankly, these TNG ones are okay, but they just aren’t good enough. Sorry. If you want to see drop-dead gorgeous, amazingly life-like 1:6 figures, check out recent releases by Hot Toys.

These Dragon figures are nice, but not even close to the spot-on likenesses and beautiful detailing that Hot Toys manages to pull off. Of course, HT’s are twice the price too.

Scott B. out.

Scott. Those are truly amazing! See this is quality. I fear most of us are just such whores for merchandise we’ll take whatever people throw our way. Even if the 12″ figures you presented are more money you see the quality is there. Almost 90 bucks is quite a bit for a rehash of the 12″ dolls I already bought in the 90’s from playmates.

I rather like the sculpts of Picard and Data. The Spot sculpt makes me laugh a little – it seems somwhat “cartoon” like in some respects – sort of a bit “anime”.

Oh, and #31, Steve-O? I hope IS getting kickbacks for featuring merchandise. In fact I hope Anthony and company are tapping into the Great Material Continuum anywhere and everywhere they can!

Meh. It’s fine if they get money or free goodies but it doesn’t mean they should post, and then defend the items when they are not recieved well

#33 – I’m glad you agree. The Hot Toys figures just blow your mind, don’t they? You can snap the faces off and position the EYEBALLS for cripe’s sake. I’d pay $160 for a Kirk or Spock that actually looked like Shatner (a notoriously hard likeness to capture) or Nimoy with a perfect uniform and the kind of props and details Hot Toys manages with their other licenses. But I wouldn’t pay $80 for a Kirk that was the almost-but-not-quite quality of the Dragon TNG figures above … y’know?

Scott B. out.

#35 Steve-O “…it doesn’t mean they should post, and then defend the items when they are not recieved well”

Why not? It’s HIS site! And maybe he actually, HONESTLY disagrees.

“I don’t like it when…” OK
“I think it damages his credibility when…” Fine

“They shouldn’t…” Wrong! But thanks for playing.

Yeah the 12″ figures look great as far as the faces go, but the uniforms look like something off a cheap Barbie. They’re too big and the pips are way oversized. Hopefully they fix them before the final release.

Why would anyone spend $500 for a Spock figurine with Mickey Mouse ears?

I’m not much a a figures type collector. Give me the ships. That being said it is ALWAYS good to see someone making the effort to put out quality Trek merchandise.

The Mickey Mouse Trek stuff (yes, yes, I get the “bear” deal) does zippo for me, though.