Image of the Day: Starfleet Shuttles At ‘Sci-Fi Air Show’

Summer is a time for air shows. And wouldn’t it be great if you could go to an air show and check out some of Starfleet’s finest shuttles, along with Vipers, Eagles from the Moon and more of your favorite (fictional) spaceships? Well that is the idea behind today’s image of the day.


Starfleet Shuttles At ‘Sci-Fi Air Show’

This image of parked Starfleet shuttles comes from

Click image to see larger size

The site is the brainchild of ILM visual effects artist Bill George, who has created a virtual ‘air show’ with all sorts of classic sci-fi spaceships. There are tons of more "Sci-Fi Air Show" images of spaceships from Battlestar Galactica, 2001, Space 1999 and more. Go to to check them all out.

Just some of the other craft at the sci-fi air show – Click image to them all

See a fun photo?

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Holy crap this is awesome !
(see there are things I do like out there)

This is not the first time I’ve branded something “genius” today, but if this doesn’t qualify I don’t know what does. Very cool, great idea beautifully executed.

I’ll be looking for the Flying Sub.

Completely cool!

The Eagle is still the best after all these years!

Brilliant stuff, but … more Trek shuttles!

Scott B. out.

Beautiful Visuals
if only ……………

PLEASE bring this to Dobbins AFB, Atlanta!


I mean for real.

Virtual? You mean this isn’t coming to California?!!!!



OMG. I’ve got chills! Masterful work!
Didn’t Bill George design the Grissom?

Great stuff. The show’s logo looks like Okuda’s work.

Bill George designed the USS Excelsior

Bill, if you really want to make some money — and make some geeks happy — include the software for us to put our pics into these ships. I’ll have a seat next to Deanna Lund, plus a shot in the pilot’s chairs of the FMS and the Eagle. Oh, and more Federation shuttlecraft, plus LIS pod, please.

Great work!

Bravo! Would like a closer look at those Trek shuttles.

really did they really build a full size Eagle? that is amazing or is this a photoshop job i cant see the joins!

Thought someone had a collection of show props on display. Great job on the images.

That was virtually entertaining.

It’s just like I used to do with my Aurora models, Dinky toys (the company, not that they were dinky, eh?) and Matchbox cars back in the 70s.

SO good to see the Spindrift again after all these years. The last time I saw it, it was only the starboard half of the ship, up near the base of a giant tree on a soundstage at 20th.

(It was 1970, I was 13 or 14 years old, and the day I got to visit the LotG set, they were filming the next to last episode “Wild Journey” — which unfortunately had Steve and Dan back on Earth for most of the action, so everything they filmed that day was on “normal” sets. BUT I still got the see the Spindrift, even if they weren’t filming there! Woo-Hoo!)


The Eagle and the Flying Sub sure bring back some memories! =)

Yep, the Eagle is easily the smartest still. Lovely piece if work.

What a concept! That was great.

If only it were all real.
The sad reality OF reality is that thanks to you-know-who, we’ll be having to rely on the Russians to cart our asses up there for the forseeable future.

Awesome stuff!!!! If only…

So neat!

Where is it located?

my favorite is the Probert design TNG shuttle

Awwwwwwk! I strapped me 452 bottle rockets ta’ a cardboard box and blasted oof’ o’ me roof!

Uhhhhhhhh… wuz’ that a metaphor fur’ “Geekgasm?”

I mean, I’m sorry fur’ tha’ poor geek I gasmed upon… but me box shuttiecraft flew fur’ three meters untils I crashed inta’ me neighbour’s Camero.

Anyhoo… truly lovely pics. How in tha’ world do they construct those great vessels onsite?

I mean that Viper just… makes me feel… so much bigger… I wish I had one ta’ wear and impress tha’ lasses at “Tha’ Hog and Anchor” on Saturday nites…


That is really cool!!! When is the show coming to Philly? ;)

I just came back from touring the USS Alabama, air hanger & USS Drum submarine.

Totally feels the same looking at those pictures! Great job!

I think I would have spent 4 days at this one though instead of just 4 hours.

I’m sending a link to my wife just to torture her and tell her that’s the next stop on vacation!

I think my favorite thing is the Flying Sub National Geographic cover. I’m guessing George is taking it easy with the Trek and Star Wars stuff just in case anyone throws a fit.

By the way people, I just received my Star Trek CDs (Deluxe) from Varese Sarabande today. So you guys should be getting yours soon, if not already.

The box is Blu ray case size, it opens in landscape style, the discs are designed like the saucer section, and there are some very pretty high quality paper photos of the movie inside the case, they are stuck in like a book. Very nice. I am now importing the songs to my iPod.


i’ve always loved the Eagle and the original galactica models… love it!!!

Doug L.

i think this images are fake!…

Always loved the Spindrift. So good to see it restored and intact.

Freaking beautiful!

But where is the new GiganticPrise??

I wanna see all 1200 meters of her on the tarmac!

wow, brilliant! Would go to this in a heartbeat if it was real :D they should get all the old full size set props together and do this

Frakking incredible!!!.
Has anyone considered a Space:1999 reboot….I so hoped someone would have done the movie in 1999///but alas that time has passed…
Martin Landau is still alive…isn’t he?…..
The eagle is awesome…is that real…or just photoshop…awesome job either way!..

can’t get this website to work…

38 – Feast!

Wish that was near me, Starfleet shuttles and Vipers, I’d love to get in on that.

The subtle weathering on the Spindrift- hell, on ALL of them- is excellent.
Bill! Hope you can chime in!
How long did it take to complete these??

Looking through the pics, I thought to myself, “This is either Really good CGI or Really good craftsmanship”. When I found out it as both, I died a little inside.

Only one thing to say: DO WANT.

Talk about living in fantasy land… I wish it was all real

very nicely done, especially the 2001/1967 Orion…!

The Orion looks sweet.

VERY COOL!!! Nice work!!!

Excellent work!

its a credit to the artist that some people think this is real :) hehe

I like Probert’s TNG shuttle as well, but the pic of people walking into the classic Galactica shuttle is amazing!