Video of the Day: Leonard Nimoy Accuses William Shatner Of Stealing His Bike

If you have ever had the pleasure to see original Star Trek icons Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner together at a Trek convention you may have heard the infamous bike stealing story. A fun video of a telling of the story from a con from the past has gone viral and is worth checking out, watch it below.  


Captain Bike Stealer?

Video from Youtbuer YourTrueMaster via Reddit


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Boy, if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard this story!

Thanks for the post… gotta love ’em.

That’s actually hilarious!

Mr Shatner has stolen alot of things,,

Spocks bike,,

The Enterprise,,,

most female aliens hearts,,,,,


I think Pee Wee Herman stole this experience for hiis first movie pee wees big adventure hahha

…numerous scenes!!

Crap, that should have been 5!!

Those two are such an old married couple, it’s hilarious.

Saw this routine at the Palace of Auburn Hills in MI sometime in the early 90s. Just as hilarious now as it was then.

Is that WATER in the bottle?

Thank you, TrekMove! I’ve had a rough couple of days, and this gave me many much-needed laughs.

These two are priceless together! Does anyone know what year this was from?

MFer! …my brother stole my bike, once… grumble, grumble…

This is probably my favorite video.

Good punchline build up.

I’d still love to see a pic of Shat without the wig.

I’ve never seen this before, this was great. The two of them have great timing and chemistry, which is no surprise. Also easy to see why The Shat has always seemed more comfortable in comedic roles than dramatic.

Thanks for posting this!

Great story! I’d heard parts of it before, but never with this much detail… and with the love the two obviously share for each other.

They told a similar story when I saw them in Chicago in the mid 1990s.

I giggled while intently listening to this. Leonard and Bill together are a great deal of fun!

Love may they live!

Shatner must really have an affection for Nimoy to have tormented him like that constantly.

The all-time best appearance by the two of them, and ironically the first in that setting! It’s amazing that they came up with all the stories in that convention totally impromptu. And have been retelling them all these years as essentially, their act. Fabulous.

Any idea the date?

Oh man, I love those guys.

“That’s the logical thing to do!”


Can you imagine these two on stage…..oh wait!

I’d put big money on sometime after ST4, around 1987/88

Wrong. This video comes from a old VHS release titled WILLIAM SHATNER and LEONARD NIMOY – THE 25-YEAR MISSION taped at Sacramento in 1991 just after the premiere of Star Trek VI. It was released on VHS by Creation Entertaiment and copies can still be found on eBay.

I remember reading this story in “The Making of Star Trek.” Great story from behind the scenes.

They are so hilarious!….should take that show to Vegas..oh I guess they have! This is why we love these guys so much…..
It’s great that at least Leonard still likes the SHAT…unlike everybody else!

Wouldn’t it have been fun to see them in a production of “The Odd Couple”?

or they could still be in a production of “The Sunshine Boys”

I hear William Shatner also stole Dee Kelley’s English Muffin right out of the toaster!

They must cast Nimoy as an eccentric recurring charactor in Shat My Day Says. They could do this routine in the show.

I wet my pants every time I hear this story. :-)

This is the first time I’ve heard it. I was very entertained!

I love listening to Nimoy asking Shatner if he wants some “wooter” – PURE Boston!

Bill and Leonard are always great together on stage. Lookingforward to seeing them together next month in Vegas.

Great times!

Talk about chemistry!

cant wait to see them in vegas they never get old ( i meen to listen to on stage)


You going to the con next month as well?


I love Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.