Great Links: Star Trek On Lists Of Tattoos, Cheesey Scenes, Cool Blasters, & Great FX + Meerkat Scotty + PvP Comic + more

This week our collection of Trek in the zeitgeist has the Internet putting Star Trek on a lot of lists – from Blasters, to special effects, to cheesy moments and even tattoos. We also have a knitted Scotty meerkat, a remade ST09 scene, a new Trek web comic and more. Check it all out below.


Trek Lists: FX, Blasters, Tattoos, Cheese, & Enterprises

This week seems to be the week for Star Trek to show up on lists around the web. Here is a rundown of the Trek lists of the week.

Best FX: Entertainment Weekly names "Wrath of Khan" Genesis animation one of 30 ‘I cant Believe My Eyes’ Movie Moments

Cool Gun: Blastr (formerly SciFi Wire) named the Klingon Disruptor and "Cage" Laser Pistol as 10 most gorgeous blasters

Cheese moment: Mania names Kirk/Gorn “Arena” fight as 3rd (of 10) cheesiest Elements from TV shows

Trek Tattoos: Buzzfeed looks at 25 Awful Star Trek Tattoos

Oh my

PvP calls out Kirk

This week the popular ‘PvP’ web comic decided to take on Kirk for how he treats Mr. Spock in the TOS episode "Spectre of the Gun." 

Kirk called out for "Specter of the Gun" (click to see full size)

Fan craft of the week: Knitted Meerkat Scotty

UK fan niftyknits offers hand-knitted Scotty from Star Trek Meerkats on Etsy.

Meerkat Scotty

VIDEO of the week: Indie film makers remake ST09 scene

The team behind an independent thriller called "Tilt: The Movie" are partially funding their film with contributions, and larger contributors are allowed to make requests for re-enactments. One $250 contributor wanted to see a scene from Star Trek 2009.

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Slap happy

Ah Tattoos. They’re so pointless.

Anthony Pascale, just a question, how did the screening for “Star Trek V” with Walter Koenig go last night? Really wanted to go.

That meerkat is awesome, but where are Scotty’s regulation boots? Or, for that matter, pants?

Some — urm, most? — of those portrait tattoos look demonic. Of course, George looks possessed in real life in that picture. So it goes…


“Ah Tattoos. They’re so pointless.”

Unless you’re in prison, or if you want to have something to show off to George Takei!


C’mon, you knew somebody had to say it. :)

If you’re not proud of anything. SOME of us like Individuality.

slapping? i’d rather they kiss (but i’m into lesbianism)

I bet the “aspect ratio” of those portraits was more accurate about 40 pounds ago.

Why does the PVP cartoon have the Enterprise crew with zombie eyes?

Tattoos are pointless, but I’m not going to tell the one eyed girl that….

She probably lost it in a knife fight

Individuality these days means NOT getting a tattoo

ahaha i love george takei. his expression is so funny/adorable.

Hey Trek Movie site! Thank you so much for posting our Star Trek clip for our Tilt campaign. What a delightful surprise.

Thanks for linking to Scotty – and Hat Rick, surely you know meerkats don’t wear boots ;-)

Hah! That’s great!
The Vulcan bitch slap!