Damon Lindelof Rewriting Alien Prequel (& Possible New Sci-fi Film) – Is Trek Team Taking On Too Many Projects?

Looks like Damon Lindelof is going to leverage his Star Trek prequeling to another sci-fi franchise. Star Trek producer and Lost writer/executive producer Damon Lindelof has reportedly closed a deal with 20th Century Fox to do some rewrite work on Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. Lindelof may also have nabbed a new original sci-fi project for the studio.


Lindelof to do Alien prequel + possible new sci-fi movie

As Star Trek fans are well aware, Damon Lindelof is currently in the process of writing the script for the Star Trek sequel with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Damon is also credited as one of the five producers as well. And according to Deadline New York Lindelof has picked up some more work to "rewrite" the Alien prequel script, currently in development at 20th Century Fox, with Ridley Scott back as director. According to the report 20th Century is hoping the project will be the next that Scott directs.

The article also points out that the talks between the studio, Lindelof and Scott went so well that Lindelof may end up doing a solo sci-fi project for the studio:

In a development as vexing as a Lost plotline, studio insiders said that while Lindelof indeed met with Scott and the studio for that rewrite job, the exchange of ideas between them sparked a take that could well turn out to be a free-standing science fiction film. The studio will decide when Lindelof turns it in.

Lindelof is also credited as a co-writer (again with Kurtzman and Orci) on the Jon Favreau-directed Cowboys & Aliens which is currently in production and is slated for release on July 29, 2011.

Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof biting off too much?

Our friend and fellow nerd Jordan Hoffman of UGO has snapped. This news has pushed him over the edge. He is now very concerned that the ‘Star Trek Supreme Court’ are doing too many projects and they should just stop it all and focus on Trek. Here is his video rant:

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Mmm, could be.

YES! We want quality, not quantity!

more projects – more press – more tickets – more Trek

Is Jordan Hoffman actually Shatner without the rug and girdle, and then CGI’d to look younger?


I think he is overreacting a bit.

But still, when Rick Berman et al were doing multiple shows and a movie. The quality of Trek went down. I think focusing on one thing at a time and then moving on sounds logical to me.
Then again, I am just a simple folk. Not making million of dollars.

They’re professionals. Of course they can work on several things at the same time! I hop between projects regularly!!

I would prefer to see Lindelof tackle original material rather than keep working on other people’s properties. That said, I realize that he’s basking in the LOST afterglow and is trying to cash in, which I can’t blame him for.

I don’t think this will affect Trek. He’s not the primary screenwriter(unfortunately) for the next film. His role is to help shape the script. The primary writing will still be done by Orci and Kurtzmann.

Harry Ballz – I wish!!

These guys may be taking on too many projects; they obviously don’t have time to shave in the morning. ;)

Strangely, I don’t think they’re overloading too badly.

This is their profession. They do this for a living. To them, it’s something like a busy day at work. After all, movies are still a business.

Though yes, I would like to see them primarily focusing on Trek.

“Alien” is two passable flicks (Cameron’s being the better of the two) that have been re-released dozens of times, and exploited. Better to let 1 and 2 get re-discovered and throw the others into the discount bin. I’m sick of the re-releases of all 4 in ever-fattening box-sets with more crap no-one watches. Star Trek has proven a far more important franchise in the last 25 years.

Ridley Scott is on his spiral down from Gladiator, so I am not surprised he’s seeking out help to write his two new “Alien” knock-offs. Maybe he’ll toss out a “Blade Runner” spin-off for good measure as well. In 3D/IMAX.

Too many projects? Quite possibly!

The point he makes when he says they “should be reading about Trek, learning about Trek etc”. This is hmmmm wrong. They erased everything from what we know as Trek. Sorry Anthony but this guy brings this up. The TV series that are out on DVD have no direct tie into current Trek. So why should they be watching Trek when all those stories and things do not apply anymore. I thought the purpose was to start anew. So lets do something “new”. Nothing applies now except ANYTHING that was laid down in ENT. There is no plan to change the current Trek timeline back into the original one.

They have watered themselves too thin and it will show. Hawaii 5-0.. haha Please.

Oh yeah. Alien prequel… No thanks. Alien sequel. Sure.

Before I begin…. #11 – WHAT!?! Ridleys was/is the best, James Cameron is the most over rated director in hollywood imho

Hold on….

THEY need to calm down? Seems to me Hoffman needs to calm down.

Jesus Christ! Not only is it so, well just plain wrong to say/yell (delete applicable) that Star Trek is what “They’ll be remembered for” when they have already given the world LOST, Now dont get me wrong… I am a huge Trekker (well… I call myself a Niner but thats beside the point) but LOST is much more mainstream then Trek ever will be again, Im not doubting Trek wasnt huge in the 90’s because it was, it was everywhere, it was my childhood.

This the biggest over reaction ever, it would only be topped if Hoffman screamed THIS IS A DISASTER!

For the love of God man… The Supreme Court have already started on the project I mean if anything, surely working on Trek will take away from the Alien prequels rather then the other way round… everyone needs to take a deep breath and asses the situation fully. Many writers/producers/directors have taken multiple projects at the same time and it has been fine… stop worrying about it and just let the magic happen. The film isnt coming out till 2012 anyway

Deep breath in…. and relax

#13. And besides….2 things. It’s pretty clear from interviews, the movies itself, and other things that they already know trek pretty well. And 2, you can’t freeking expect these guys to devote there lives to the franchise. You can’t expect them to be pouring over trek night and day. The next trek movie is one script, and I don’t know how much they are getting paid for them, but I say that it’s one script. Can a writer survive off of only one script every 3 to 4 years……I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

i think im one of the few people actually looking foward to the Alien prequels…

in fact i was watching Alien 1 late the other night and the first half from when we get A L I E N slowly appearing with the eerie score, the wake up, the signal, the planetoid, derelict, space jockey, eggs in the massive cargo (basically everything up until they get Kane back on board) is so atmospheric and ‘alien’ I really want to see more of that side of the 1979 film explored (which I think Scott is planning to do, as well as exploring The Company and its interest in the alienand maybe the aliens origins itself)

Yeah I know theres a risk of demystifying the space jockey/derelict and the alien itself (if its origins are explored) but its worth a gamble imo

Lets face it the whole alien(s) stalking people on spaceships/colonies/prisons/arctic pyramids/small mid west US towns has been done to death – time for something new and more Sci Fi HR Giger atmospheric based than the bog standard alien slasher flicks….it’s the first half of Alien that really does it for me – not so much the rest where it basically turns into a slasher flick with an alien instead of Mike Myers

Also ironically enough the derided AvPs have set up rather well the beginnings of The Company and its interest in the alien (although I very much doubt theyd get referenced – but there prob wont be anything to say they didn’t happen – – same with how those films wernt referenced in ‘Predators’)

So true… im dissapointed.

as for reading everything about Trek, Memory Alpha etc i hope not – i really dont want a movie thats stepped in Trek lore so much so id need the website and the Star Trek Encylopidia with me as im watching the film (which i know wonth happen anyway)

i mean what…does this guy want a return to Berman era Trek or something?!

i can sort of understand concern alittle about the multiple projects but lest we forget these guys are professional writers – they do this for a living…im sure they can work on more than one project at a time – wernt they doing a few things at the time of ST09?…besides for all we know the Trek script is done and dusted…

anyway the Damon dude is hardly going to turn down working on a Ridley Scott Alien movie if hes a massive fan of that series…

I agree. All of them are doing WAY too much for every product they make to be successful. I’m all for keeping busy, but writing three scripts at the same time is ridiculous.

It’s kind of selfish to think these guys should only focus on Star Trek. If they put out a quality Star Trek movie, then who cares if they do 10 projects between now and then. Plus, I agree with another poster. I think Orci and Kurtzman do the heavy hitting writing. I get the impression the other guys add their thing, but the basis will come from Orci and Kurtzman.

I loved Alien the best. I always liked horror movies, such as Amityville, Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc, but the one thing that always drove me nuts is, just leave. If a fly told me to get out of a house, I can tell you I am not going to stick around to ask questions. But in space, there is no where to go. Alien had a very creepy atmosphere. Scott did a great job with this movie, and Jerry Goldsmith’s music added another layer of creepiness. Also, the hero was a woman, and not even the headlining star of the movie. Definetly a creative, new way to approach the story. Aliens was great too, but that was more an action, sci-fi movie as opposed to horror sci-fi. Alien 3 was a huge disappointment. As soon as the movie started, Newt and Hicks were dead. I was like, what’s the point now. Alien Resurrection was marginally better, but not much.

Star Trek is obviously their biggest deal at the moment and has and will come first – The other projects they seem to be involved with seem to require less time than Star Trek does – and yeah lets not forget that these are professional writers, they developed the first movie whilst having other projects on the go…

I do disagree with 15 though, before Star Trek (2009), Trek was never mainstream. Popular sure but not mainstream – mainstream is Star Wars, Transformers and those types of movies, Star Trek 2009 if anything was the start of Star Trek becoming mainstream entertainment.

WHY do people keep making Alien movies? Who sees them?

These dudes are talented. it is an embarassment of riches.

We’re lucky we got these guys on trek.

#24 We could do better! Meyer is a better choice.

This guy is right. Why not dedicated your full time to doing a good job rather than to (as the sequel Trek Writers said) “squeeze it in between lunch breaks”.


Last time I checked the “Supreme Court” was made up of more than one person, so I think they’re okay.

On the the other hand, it would be nice they adopted the “Christopher Nolan-method” of doing only one project at a time. If they did; they would probably be done with the STXII script by now.

If they purge the Space Jockeys in this re-write I am going to APESHIT!!!

I don’t want to see another straightup ALIEN movie or anything even REMOTELY Resembling those AvP pieces of shit!

The whole reason for doing the prequels should be to make them about the Space Jockey race and how the ALIEN warriors we seen the 1979 and onward came to be.

Anything less and I will STAY HOME and won’t waste a penny on it!

Yeah, I’m kind of afraid the next Star Trek movie will get the old “kick the can down the road” treatment. It’s easy to postpone something once you have a legitimate reason (such as being busy), and once something is postponed enough, you have a conveniently teleological reason to do something else. Kind of like a vicious circle.

That’s how movies don’t get made (also see: “Development hell.”)

But, honestly, there is no hint that Star Trek 2 will not be made, and let’s all stay positive, folks. We’re fans of Trek. If there’s anything we know how to be, it’s positive and hopeful, dammit!

Trek still is in good hands and things still look as green as your average dollar bill. Go, Trek, go!

Taking on too many projects- well it tells me they still haven’t figured out the script for the next Star Trek too well yet. To me it seems like they’ve been delaying this script till the cows come home. If they had a good idea of what to do, I think they would give their undivided attention on it.

writers can generally work on more then one project at a time and I half expect that a Scrip or a General Scrip will be done by December to January. Also the suprime Court of the New Universe is madeb up of several people and they will give us Quality.

They have to focus on Trek I feel like they don’t care

This is the problem with bigger names; their attention wonders. Previous producers/cast were very trek focused.

As long as they’re punching out product, punching out more won’t make much difference, I figure.

They are taking as much as they can while they are HOT. Trouble is just as was said. If they spread too thin, the result will be all is no good. And to the deficit of Star Trek.

Oh, shit.

And here I thought the “Alien” prequel might turn out to be awesome.

I do think that at a certain point they are doing too much. Orci & Kurtzman are executive producing three television shows now, and a significant number of films.

Not necessarily the bastion of completely accurate info, but this is the list of “In Development” projects for Alex Kurtzman:

1. 2012: The War for Souls (details only on IMDbPro)
2. Racing Dreams (details only on IMDbPro)
3. Untitled View-Master Project (details only on IMDbPro)
4. Untitled Mathew Cullen/Dreamworks Project (details only on IMDbPro)
5. Xombie (details only on IMDbPro)
6. Now You See Me (details only on IMDbPro)
7. Deep Sea Cowboys (details only on IMDbPro)
8. Atlantis Rising (details only on IMDbPro)
9. The 28th Amendment (details only on IMDbPro)
10. The Defenders (details only on IMDbPro)
11. The Big One: An Island, an Obsession and the Furious Pursuit of a Great Fish (details only on IMDbPro)
12. Matt Helm (details only on IMDbPro)
13. Red Cell (details only on IMDbPro)
14. Nightlife (details only on IMDbPro)

If I was dreaming out loud I would say:

Yeah he’s right. Bob, why don’t you guys just take it easy and have a look at the plot that I’ve puzzled together?

I already have the entire structure outlined. I believe it’s an awesome story. Then you guys can fix what you think needs fixing and flesh it out in your own wonderful ways. It doesn’t have Khan. It’s not something we’ve seen before in Star Trek. It’s action packed, funny, deals with an issue that is both current and timeless without being a hamfisted preachfest, and settles at least some of the controversial issues raised during the first movie, all while both giving the existing characters enough to do, and introducing some new characters (AND reintroducing a few old ones).

Seriously start shooting star trek sequel already.

I am the one who is seeing Alien – movies ;)

Seriously. In my opinion the STAR TREK movie is also the most important movie they are working on, of course. But they seem to have too much time. If they would just and only work on STAR TREK, it would be in cinemas next year. And that is not the plan of Paramount. Paramount wants to let us being very hungry for the next movie. Well, Paramount, you just do not know HOW hungry we are still now ;) If they are working on other project in their leisure time, why not? ;))



1. Lots of projects equals lots of money. That is NOT to say that it’s okay to divide your attention so much that nothing winds up being any good. But if you had the talent, skill, and balls to work on so many of your dream projects AND get paid for it, you would.

2. You also have to consider that many projects fall by the way-side, get caught up in red tape, get stuck in development hell, etc. Sometimes, schedules are changed or decisions are delayed on certain projects. Which means they need to be working on something else.

3. These guys CANNOT just spend every waking moment on Star Trek. They gave us a great movie, let them work on other passions before they plunge back into Trek. Even Picard said he would rather die than live a life bereft of passion. Well, I would rather Star Trek die than see Star Trek that’s bereft of passion. I’ve already seen VOY and NEM, after all.

4. I spend an inordinate amount of time on Memory Alpha. I would love to create/write for a Trek television series. But honestly, finding obscure chunks of Trek lore on Memory Alpha would not be good. The trick, I would think, would be to throw in homages to things you REMEMBER. Because chances are, other fans will catch it, too.

5. PAUL GIAMATTI as an all-new DEVIOUSLY perfect Harry Mudd! WHO IS WITH ME!?

Lindeloff didn’t have screenwriting credit on Star Trek 2009. Let him earn a living and be quiet.

As for “reading memory alpha” — Isn’t that already Bob Orci’s head?, plus they guy already said “I’m gonna watch TOS front to back”– much better than reading about it.

I think we’re good.

#34 – “This is the problem with bigger names; their attention wonders. Previous producers/cast were very trek focused.”

That’s because they generally didn’t have much else going for them.

#44 – “That’s because they generally didn’t have much else going for them.”


It kills me that so many Trek fans are actually WORRIED that the people currently involved in Star Trek have OTHER INTERESTS. I mean, sure, it sorta sucks that Whedon is working on Avengers now because that really puts a fork in all those fanboy hopes I had for more Serenity, but in the long run, he might become a really popular writer/director because of it, and be able to do whatever he wants. This is my thinking with all involved in TREK. Other projects get the attention of MAINSTREAM MEDIA and the, forgive the elitism, HOI POLLOI!!! Perhaps this is why Star Trek, while existing in some form of influence on pop culture, remained outside of the REALM OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA. They had nothing to relate it back to. They couldn’t have the actors on their talk shows without bringing up STAR TREK because THEY REALLY WEREN’T DOING ANYTHING BUT LOBBYING FOR MORE TREK SCREEN TIME IN THE NEXT MOVIE OR APPEARING IN FREAKIN’ LOCAL COMMERICALS WHILE HOPING THAT THERE WAS ANOTHER TREK COMING!
Not that it was completely their fault. But let us not shove these newbies into the shoes of the original actors/creators. Let them breathe. Let them become popular and beloved on their own terms. It only means more mainstream attention for Star Trek in the future.

Wasn’t Damon working on the end of Lost when they did Trek 2009? Trek 2009 didn’t seem to suffer did it?

#46. He was only a producer on that film, now he’s a co-writer. Significantly different job duties, although I do believe he assisted in the early stages of the story.

Re #38, “2012: The War for Souls”: The author of the book version, Whitley Strieber, believes (as of Jan 1, 2010) that the Orci & Kurtman effort has been “ditched”. So that narrows their list down to 13 other projects, not 14.

Frankly, the last movie seemed like they spend no more than a day on the story, while JJ did the most work making it a spectacle. So I don’t expect much for the second.

Has everyone seen Inception? Let’s have Christopher Nolan take over