Photos of the Day: Zoe Saldana’s New Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign

Three weeks ago Calvin Klein announced that Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, was the new face (and body) for Calvin Klein Underwear. CKU has now released images from their new ‘Envy’ campaign featuring Zoe in her unmentionables. Check out the photos below.


Zoe’s new Calvin Campaign

Calvin Klein is now rolling out their new campaign for Envy Underwear, featuring Zoe Saldana.

click images to get a closer look

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily about the collection, Zoe said:

I like when you are able to assist your body to look amazing as opposed to replacing anything. That’s exactly what Calvin Klein Underwear Envy does. It helps you, it assists you, but it will not overshadow what you can bring naturally.

Calvin Klein Underwear is offering $5 purchases of Envy at (Enter code BRA5 at checkout).

Photos: Courtesy of Calvin Klein, Inc.

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cue stupid messages from undersexed trek fans in 3 2 1 …

Guess I’ll be starting the day with a COLD shower. ; )

lol, i can see this message board filling up very quickly.

3> Marko — and starting the day with a good laugh! Thanks!

Jas – Bet you’re right on that one!

#1 Do you have a persecution complex or something?

Very nice pics!

Stunning, and incredibly talented. Looking forward to her upcoming projects.

Nice new nose

7 – Couldn’t agree more.

6 – I like to see criminals get punished for wrongdoing. Does that give me a prosecution complex? Badoom-chink! ; )

It’s unsettling how slick, formula glamor photography can drain the essential appeal and identity from the subject, and turn it into something generic :(

10 – Mr. Ross, if she’s “generic” where you come from, I’d like to move to your neighborhood! : D

1. Possibly the funniest first comment I have ever seen on this site.

#10: She isn’t. That’s the point. But these photos are … they’re virtually interchangeable with every other example of their type from the last 30 years. Icy and artless.

That said, I live in a clubbing district near a college campus, so … yeah :)



Hellooo, Airbrushing.

In the immortal words of Duckman:

“Hamana hamana ha-WOW!”

#9 Brett lol not bad!






I need to buy her some lunch, she looks like she´s starving, poor gal!

Far too skinny…. Nah not for me.
Slow news day?!?

*stand by for comment to be deleted *

Sorry if it’s not about Star Trek, this shouldn’t be on here….. But do u have any like this of Nichelle in her prime?!?! :-P

#21 In the 23rd Century…………..they still need eye candy!

Sorry #20

21. Lore

Let’s face it, we all know what officers ***really*** used the holodeck for!! ;)

#20: Nichelle is still in her prime :)

Hey, I’m one of Zoe’s biggest fans, but these photos don’t show her at her best. There are hotter looking women at my local bar on a Friday night and, no, I’m not going to tell you where it is! :>)

I actually dreamed the other night that Zoe worked with me. Man, she was hopeless at her job. She spent all her time talking on the phone with her showbiz chums and nattered constantly about what movie she was doing next. She got absolutely no work done. She was useless. Quite the worst worker we’ve ever had.
But it didn’t matter. Not one bit! :-D


Locked all that up in the spank-bank. Thanks!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Very good photographs of a very pretty woman. Thanks for posting these!


The only thing unmentionable is what I’m thinking.

Oh, OK… rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRoooowwwww!

Decloaking . . .

Get that woman a CHEESEBURGER!

Recloaking. }:-D>

That’s nice but…..where’s the Rachel Nichols photo shoot?

give that girl some pies to eat!

32. Ceti Alpha 5

In our sleaziest dreams! ;)

We are the world, we are the children…


I still dont see it! But fair play to Zoe, she seems to be EVERYWHERE now since Star Trek, and I hope she dosent forget it :-)

She really needs to eat some food i liked Nichelles Uhura better

She’s a beautiful girl on her own, and yet she’s photoshopped to hell here. That doesn’t even look like her.

On the other hand; Rachel Nicoles looks like a dude in drag.

She is exquisite
Those eyes

38 “Rachel Nicoles looks like a dude in drag”

Uh, between the neck and the belly she doesn’t! :>)

I like to see ZOE on tv once in a while, something very DRAMATIC or very FUNNY, like 30 Rock, or Mad Men, or Burn Notice, or The Good Wife! :D

Well done, Madam, bravo! :D

#36: “[…] fair play to Zoe, she seems to be EVERYWHERE now since Star Trek, and I hope she dosent forget it :-)”

Starring in the highest-grossing film of all time may also have a teensy-tiny bit to do with it.


“Uh, between the neck and the belly she doesn’t! :>)”

So, are you saying she has junk down below? :-)

And every article that is exclusive to Zoe Saldana should be called “ZoeWatch”. :-)


I’d like to see the drags where you come from …

Danged she is hot….Doesnt look Skinny to me….she is one of those uniquely beautiful women…..a very original hot body she makes those Calvin Kleins look great!

I saw videos of the photo shoot on Entertainmen Tonite about a week ago and wow…double wow even

I wonder when she last had a cheeseburger and fries…poor thing


agreed… she looks somewhat better in these pics but in ST09 she was way too skinny. being skinny feels good but god damn, sometimes you just gotta eat a sandwhich.

now nichele nichols in space seed, thats what i’m talking about.

I wonder if everyone talking about Zoe being too skinny are hanging off both sides of their chair as they type.

For the love of God someone please get that poor woman a pepperoni pizza. Or a cheeseburger. Something.

Somebody give me a transporter so I can beam into her life! She is the hottest thing in this galaxy in my opinion. I want to play video games with her. I want to be drowned in her radiant beauty! She’d be hot even if she turned into a zombie! I want to see what she looks like as a zombie, and a vampire!
This is for you Marko #1, is that stupid enough for you? Ha Ha! :)
I need to walk my Horta, and feed my Tribble now.