VegasTrekCon10: Report & Photos From Star Trek Costume Contest

One of the highlights of big Vegas Star Trek Convention over the weekend is the opportunity to see the great costumes fans have been working on all year. Some of them are humorous, some of them are technically challenging, but all of them are fantastic. This year’s contest, which favors high-skill, home made costumes, once again showcased hundreds of great fan-made costumes. Highlights of the event are below.


Costume Content at Creation Star Trek Con 2010

The costume contest seems to grow every year. This year, hundreds of costumed Trekkies paraded across the stage in groups allowing for photo opportunities in between each set of contestants. A big change to the event, however, was the judging. Traditionally, the costume contest winners were chosen by audience vote. Who ever got the loudest cheers won. This year, Creation brought in three guest judges to decide who got the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

All the finalists on stage together

Winners, chosen by three guest judges, each received Creation Entertainment gift certificates. First place received $500, and second, third (and an added honorable mention) received creation gift certificates. But no one went home empty handed. Each participant in the contest received an 11×14” glossy print of this year’s convention flyer.

  • Honorable Mention: Neelix and Kes
  • 3rd Place: Pregnant tribble (with buns in the oven)
  • 2nd Place: Klingon
  • 1st Place: Romulan Couple

Honorable Mention: Neelix and Kes

3rd Place: Pregnant tribble (with buns in the oven)

2nd Place: Klingon

1st Place: Romulan Couple

More photos

Here are some photos of the contestants waiting in line for their turn on stage.

Risan cabana boy

Wesley Crusher and his infamous rainbow sweater

Pair of Orion slave girls

Gorn couple

A trio of Orion slaves

Vulcan couple

A Piece of the Action

Voyager crew

View of the audience from on stage

Even more photos

Costume contest Slideshow

More Vegas Star Con 2010

For more from the con see our full reports:


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I think the Vulcan couple are supposed to be Sarek and Amanda. He does look like Sarek a bit!

My personal fave in the photos above is Gorn Elvis! :-)

Gorn Elvis for next Trek movie villain!

That Risan Cabana Boy may as well be wearing nothing… LOL

Gorn Elvis rocks !!

I personally like the “Piece of the Action” gangster guys. Funny.

Nelix is dating Mrs Brady now?

If it were Gorn Elvis running for President against a human, I’d vote for Gorn Elvis, and here’s why:

10. Why vote for the LESSER of two evils? (Old joke.)

9. Superior physical strength.

8. Compound eyes see all.

7. Perpetually friendly grin.

6. Almost beat Kirk!

5. Excellent taste in clothing.

4. Could summon alien fleet to defend Earth.

3. Knows the theory of relativity is wrong (how else did he get here?).

2. Hey, he’s ELVIS!

And the number 1 reason, etc.:


Oh I want to comment on some of these. I shant though.

The Risan cabana boy is WAY too overdressed, get rid of the mesh Girlfriend!

I like Mirror Kirk and Mirror Spock. So many little medals and patches! And an evil goatee, of course.


Gorn Elvis rocks! I’m stealing the tribble costume for this Halloween.

How in the heck did that Romulan couple, or any of the others that placed, beat out Elvis & Priscilla Gorn! I demand a recount!

Dude… How could the Elvis Gorn NOT win?

ELVIS LIVES! (And don’t you know it was the nerds who always thought so.)

#14 agreed! WTF?!?!

Gorn Elvis all the way.
Quick someone, an Gorn Elvis pun… Green Scale Shoes… something…

very cool

To Risa!


–Reptilian Minds
–Viva Las Cestus (III)
–You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Metron

2nd Place: Klingon…Bajoran Klingon?

That’s a Kilngon? Looks like some Viking.

How the frak did Gorn Elvis not win?!?!

Clearly he reigns supreme.

All hail Gorn Elvis!

Gorn Elvis wins, hands down. What, were there hanging chads on the ballots and he didn’t win the electoral vote??? Next thing you know, the Romulan couple will invade Betazed without provocation…

2nd place Klingon looks like Kris Kristofferson having joined a Bajoran Biker club…

Good to know Pony shoes and Baden soccer shin-pads will still be around in 400 years. I think I’ll go invest…

Who judged this competition anyway? Clearly there was an anti-Gorn movement within the electorate. I’m only hoping that Bob Orci doesn’t have the same mindset.

Gorn in Trek 2012!

The Gorn Elvis guy/gal pair were amazing and funny as hell!

My hats off to ALL the cosplayers; I’ve been going to cons for a decade or so now and I finally found the guts to try cosplaying last year for the first time. It was a little scary at first (as I did it at Comic Con in San Diego in front of 120,000 people), but the reaction was so warm and overwhelmingly positive that I had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat. I had several celebrities stopping ME to get MY photo! It was terrific. I give any and all thanks to my wife for the initial idea and encouragement.

Cosplayers (the good and even the not-so-good) are the living, breathing ‘atmosphere’ of any good convention! I salute you all.
: )

The costumes were a lot more creative and better than the vegas con in 06 I went to…

Congrats to everybody for such imagination! Awesome!! I will probably have musical nightmares about Gorn Elvis now….

After all he did play at the Hilton for quite a while haahah

Now I know what happened to the Gorn Dummy at the experience haah

No closeups of the Ferengi :(

The Orion slave girls look better than the one in the movie. She looked and behaved like a sorority girl with green skin.

Gorn Elvis: Mr. Cawley? Is that you under that costume?

Gorn Elvis shoulda won.

Orion slave boys??… i’m gonna have nightmares…

Gorn Elvis shouldn’t have just won. He should ave his own show. I’d watch that.

I wouild never have recognized that 2nd place Klingon as a Klingon. The costume has no Klingon elements from any of the series or movies; none. I say he got lost on the way to the Galaxy Quest con.

35 – Everything I see is Bajoran. Bajoran nose ridges, Bajoran belt buckle… perhaps he is the elusive Kingon/Bajoran fusion that everyone’s been searching for!

Gorn Elvis clearly the winner. I like the Mirror world Spock & Kirk also. That was a great episode.


those cleats he’s wearing aren’t Bajoran. They look like.. could they be…
Pony?!?! do they still make those???

Gorn Elvis is aweome. But 1st place? TNG-style Romulans?? Really? Ugh…sadly they look just like them, bad spock wigs and all. Was never a fan of the re-tooled Romulans. But great job on the Tribble outfit!

Outstanding costumes all of them! My personal favorites are the Gorn.

1. Gorn Elvis/Gorn Couple
2. Guy dressed as Borg
3. Orion Slave Girls

Those people should have been the winners.

I don’t know who did the judging, but it was shoddy. I mean c’mon, the “Klingon” was more like a Bajoran Viking Biker. While the people didn’t have the greatest Romulan costumes and make-up, at least they looked like Romulans, though they still shouldn’t have won.

You should have seen the Elvis Gorn couple walk through the casino to the back where the ballrooms are. I think one guy missed his role of the dice at the crap table. I would have loved to have seen this Gorn with the Elvis singer that the the Hilton has.

I have to hand it to each person who entered and I say well done everyone. There were a lot of great outfits but I have to go with the Piece of the Action since it is one of my favorite TOS episodes. I hope they did not fly in to McCarren airport with those choppers in their suitcases…. but then again, you can go to the Gun Store as I did back in July and fire a full auto Thompson like they are carrying.

Only in American would you ever see ‘The Gorn’ dressed as Elvis!LOL
Great pics. Great costumes Thanks

The judges were Jon Povill, the associate producer of Star Trek the Motion picture and someone from Creation Entertainment. It was fun and I would do it again.

To the puny UFP from the Gorn Hegemony:

We would have obliterated your puny Earther vermin from the face of that wretchedly weather-variable world you call home, but for one thing…

The King.

We… We bow in scaly reverence to you, O highly evolved rats of Sol II!! To have produced such musical genius!

Viva Las Vegas!

Thank you very much,

The Gorn Hegemony


I’d like a better picture of that “7 of 9” behind the gangsters…

I’ll take the Orion Slave Girls.

Mmm. Mmm. Tasty

That 7 of 9 had a great costume. Her shoes were built right into the costume. It was incredibly well done. She was from Australia. She had to leave early for a show – and I am not sure if she made it past that first round. She’s probably holding her change of clothes.

TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder)

The GORN couple should have easily won.

The Romulan couple were excellent. Missed the contest but they Romulan couple were in front of me in the Concert that night. the ridges on their foreheads were also really cool

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