Ensign Sue Must Die #24

The last time we saw Ensign Sue, Spock had put her into a red uniform and sent her on an away mission…with the usual result. Find out what happens next, in the 24th strip of Ensign Sue Must Die the comic strip inspired by the new Star Trek movie.



Ensign Sue Must Die 24: Ensign Sue Meets Her Maker
story by Clare Mosley, art by Kevin Bolk, written by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk

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A full-color 32-page book of the Ensign Sue series is available from Clare Mosley’s site for only $6.00. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT



Ensign Sue Must Die brought to you here at TrekMovie courtesy of strip creators Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. All of the Ensign Sue can also be seen at at Pot Luck Comics.

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I thought Q ran the afterlife.

I’ve really enjoyed this comic. Ordered the book. :) I hope there will be a sequel.



As I said she’s in Redshirt heaven and already she is getting her walking papers for the sequil!

Ps God bless you Ensign Sue! You are priceless! Now get back to the ship! For Vol. 2!

How come she’s only named after some of the captains?
Also, can God speak in a font that’s easier to read?
I kidz.

Really…that font was pretty rough on the eyes.

I don’t think this is the last episode…shouldn’t there be 47?

CmdrR, I kidz same way. God, sanz serif, plz? Laughing and loving otherwize.

But… but… what about Le Cutest??? What about the Spunicorn???


Adeu, adeu, Sweet Ensign Sue….


God’s font is ineffable.

Why has it to be a bearded on man acting as that god. What about a beardless woman?

#13: God fonts in mysterious ways.

@14 – Or, a bearded woman! :-P

I didn’t see any beard.

Given that I enjoy ALL things Trek, I’m trying to understand why this “Ensign Sue” stuff isn’t doing a thing for me…

Wow. Does this God also need a starship?

Ensign Sue, please die already and allow your creators to focus on some other endeavor.

It was funny until now. I find that one oddly offensive.

@19: God’s with big translucent chairs don’t need starships…hasn’t the bible taught us anything?

#21 – What was offensive about it?

God will get tired of her in about 2 strips and send her back to the Enterprise as Admiral Sue.

#13: “God fonts in mysterious ways.” Brilliant! I’m still mopping up projectile coffee puddles inspired by spontaneous laughter – But it was worth it.

This god is probably Sybok….

24. That’s about how many comic strips it took me to get tired of this lame strip.

#14. I don’t see any face or beard. What makes you think God is a man with a beard?

What I want to know is–What does God need with sandals???

@14 The bearded God comes from the old testament when all men who are married wore beards, so the depictions of god comes from what they thought he would look like, and since all father figures that men knew back then had beards, so did the depictions.

I also point out that the comic doesn’t depict God with a Beard, doesn’t even show his face.


Well, there’s still Mirror Sue. She was hawtter.

@9 There are 32 pages to the “Ensign Sue Must Die” book, so no, I don’t think this is the end.

@18 & 20 If you are at all conversant with the truths and cliches of Mary Sue fanfiction (which got its start right here in Trek-fandom) then you would understand why the artists playing with (and twisting) the conventions are funny to a lot of people here; especially since a lot of folks here have a “Sue” or two hidden in their sock drawer.

Obviously God in this strip is the fangirl writer who created “Mary Sue” and can bring her back to life with one simple plot device.

How come Paramount allows this.

I know its a fan work but if you are selling it. I mean does parody protect the artist?

New Voyages/Phase II is not sold.

@34 Why should JJ Abrams be the only one allowed to parody the original series? (hah hah, j/k!)

@32 Some of the strips that are longer than 4 panels. I made a quick count yesterday and I estimated that we’ve see 30 pages of the 32 page book, but my count could be wrong. It sure looks like the end of the series, although I was hoping for a better ending than this.

Can someone who has purchased the book confirm that we’ve reached the end?

34 “How come Paramount allows this. I know its a fan work but if you are selling it. I mean does parody protect the artist? New Voyages/Phase II is not sold.”

I fully agree. And am I the only one who thinks it is strange that in addition to have a full article in Trekmovie.com for every strip release, now we have hotlinks within the article to go to this 3rd party website to pay for the book?

@36 this isn’t quite the end, just a few more pages.

(Subtext: in a few days the unhappy people will have to find something else to complain about.)

@34 & 37, Ever watch “South Park”? Ever notice all the parody and recognizable people/characters they use? Ever notice they sell it?

@37– How does Ensign Sue (and any hotlink that this site allows to exist) hurt you?

34: Ever heard of MAD Magazine, who has published Trek parodies since ever?

Ever heard of “The Trek Life”? or “Sev Trek”?

I find the lack of this basic comic book knowledge…disturbing.

I guess we also don’t think that a 32-part comic strip warrants 32 separate articles in the “news” section of this website, plus multiple links for us to purchase it. To expand upon your analogy, it would be like going to a Star Trek convention and seeing the Mad Magazine Trek issue plastered on the convention entrance, going to the dealers room and having every other table trying to sell me the Trek Mad issue, and then going to the conference hall and realizing the panel was discussing the Trek Mad issue. :-)

Well, i agree it´s overkill, but then again, it´s lighter tone is welcome.

To speak the truth, Trek news can be a bit gloomy, with actors dying or getting fat or dying fat and dying again then getting fat in the afterlife.

After many years I´m starting to embrace the novelties, even if they come in small doses.

“To speak the truth, Trek news can be a bit gloomy, with actors dying or getting fat or dying fat and dying again then getting fat in the afterlife.”

You have a point there! “Fat, My Dad Says!” LOL

Yes, parody does protect this comic when it is being put online, and it protects the artist from being stopped from making the comic at all, and I’m pretty sure they obtained CBS’s permission to publish a book, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it at all.

But with out holding the book in my hands and looking at the copyright notice, I can’t talk about this more.

There’s another Ensign Sue strip up at Pot Luck Comics. Sadly, it’s … well, read it for yourself.

Some of the comments above reveal exactly why this comic exists. People get so polarized over trivial things, like TV shows. I look forward to Security Officer Mary Sue out-god-ing God.

Just look at some of the ships in the various starship databases with eight warp drives and more weapons than a Death Star. USS MARY SUE is the prototype for more than a few of them.

As for the links, no one makes you click on them and then post more than once here. You can still choose to not click.

(Off to read the new strip.)