First Look: New Star Trek T-Shirts Coming From Hybrid Apparel In September

Star Trek T-Shirts have been a staple of licensed Trek products for decades and this week at the fashion industries MAGIC Marketplace trade show the latest Star Trek licensee was announced. Hybrid Apparel will begin selling new Star Trek T-shirts in September. More details below and a first look at Hybrid’s first Trek T-shirts below.


New Star Trek T-Shirts from Hybrid

Hybrid Apparel, makers of a wide range of branded apparel from Entertainment, Automotive, Beverage brands and more, is announcing a new line of Star Trek apparel at the MAGIC Marketplace show in Las Vegas this week. The new line of Star Trek apparel will begin with a series of T-shirts, which will be available at mid-sized and mass-market retailers. In a statement Hybrid Apparel VP Derrick Baca said of the new line:

We are very pleased to be working with CBS Consumer Products on such an amazing franchise as Star Trek. The customer base for this franchise transcends generations old and new. We are excited for the growing momentum that Star Trek continues to experience and look forward to adding value to the brand in the future.

The first shirts should show up in stores in September, with retailers setting the pricing. The exact retailer list has not been provided, but Hybrid Apparel sells in many major retailers including Target, KMart, Walmart, Sears, Hot Topic, ToysRUs, Costco and more.

The collection includes 100s of designs, but it isn’t yet known which ones will be picked up by the retailers. Here are examples of some of the first Star Trek T-shirts from Hybrid:

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I would like, please. first?…

So, where are the shirts with the NEW crew?

All right! Now that’s what the Enterprise is supposed to look like. And is that a D-7 in the distance?


Not sure I want a red star trek shirt. :P

we need some Klingon shirts!

THIS is what we shoulda had in the last movie.

I’d like a Ron Tracy shirt that says either, “I’ll send the next message, Jim”, ….or “We killed thousands”

Like the ones I see though.

corrrection….after reflecting on that episode, it should read, “I’ll be sending the next message, Jim.”


Nice shirts, though.

New movie merchandise? Maybe? Please?

Just realized the Enterprise shirt that the Enterprise and the D-7 were taken from the 80’s DC comic book series!

They should also make nuTrek versions of the first and third shirts on display LOL


Ah, I see that the 4th season wardrobe for Sheldon of “Big Bang Theory” is ready to go! ; )



Meh. Hopefully they make more designs later. The Enterprise one is good but I never wear bright red.

#16 Ya, red is something you don’t want to wear in TOS era…Screams certain DOOM! : D

Ditto #5
But like the Ship one…too bad it’s in red………..

#6 Somewhat better but I’m still put off by the engorged (sorry, I’m at a loss for a better description) nacelle tips.

Definitely looking forward to a major refit of the ship’s exterior and engineering set. Please?

Heh, I like the first one. :)

Chicks dig the uniform.

Crooom is my new favourite word! ;)

I was expecting better, oh well, maybe the next line will grab my attention more!

You probably missed them last year when they were en vogue. :)


#6 – That’s absolutely a huge improvement on the Churchprise. But THIS:

is how one truly takes the original Enterprise and modernizes it for the 21st Century audience. :)

I like the first and second one. Too poor to get either of them though.


Hah! But only a special kind of chicks dig the uniform, trust me ;-)
I like the shirts, original design. But I guess in times when you can have anything you have on a USB stick printed on a customized t-shirt, Trek t-shirts are not that exciting any more.

But, 27, you can’t line CBS Consumer Products’ coffers in the process… or, technically, do it legally ;)

I think the JJprise is gorgeous. Ryan Church does amazing designs. Wish they’d put it on a shirt warping away with the phrase “Later Haters”.

not a fan. I am still kinda “meh” about the whole Star Trek (2009) film. Love the third design. Personally, the Connie Refit is one of the prettier ships. It is My personal favorite at least.


Agreed. More faithful to the original but still somewhat souped-up, as JJ wanted. A good compromise.

Alex, those are very nice renderings – thank you for pointing to them. I especially like the “Tomorrow is Yesterday” riff with the Starfighter chasing Enterprise. (Looked like a 106 Delta Dart at first glance, but then I noticed the horizontal stabilizer.)

I suppose in the NuTrek way of thinking, “Tomorrow is Yesterday” should have been redone with imaginative “Space Command Interceptors” that are 250′ long with laser weapons and electronic deflector shields because “no one would believe some boring, cheesy, tiney, out-dated design like the F-104”, lol.

C.S. Lewis

25. Alex Rosenzweig – August 17, 2010

#6 – That’s absolutely a huge improvement on the Churchprise. But THIS:

is how one truly takes the original Enterprise and modernizes it for the 21st Century audience. :)


And why is the ‘mind meld’ shirt dripping blood?

There was a guy selling some great t-shirts at the Vegas Con and he was doing a landmark business on his shirts and selling out of most of the larger sizes by Friday. I loved the one that had the MANY MOODS OF SPOCK. The best one (my opinion) had a photo of a landing party with Kirk , McCoy and someone in a red shirt, below that photo was GUESS WHO WON”T BE MAKING BACK?

I love the new ship, why couldn’t they use it….

You know, the JJprise would be excellent for a t-shirt—seeing as how the secondary hull looks like it’s been in the dryer too long.

I sooo want one. But in a female cut. But if I have to go into the mens section for one, I don’t care. I’ll tailor it myself.

I’m not sold on those designs, but I dig the retro vibe. Maybe the next batch will scratch the itch.

@ #6 and #25 – Dudes, let it go already. What is done is done.

Chick DO dig the uniform!