Vote For Star Trek Theme To Be Final Shuttle Wakeup Music

NASA is holding an online poll for what will be some of the final wakeup songs for the Space Shuttle program, and the original Star Trek theme is currently in second place. More info (including how you can vote) below. Plus we have a full history of NASA’s Star Trek wakeup songs (including audio clips). 


Vote For Star Trek theme to be one of final shuttle wakeup calls

NASA has been waking up their astronauts in space with music starting with the Gemini program in the 60’s all the way through to today and the Shuttle program. Each morning mission control in Houston wakes up the crew with a song, which are traditionally selected by friends and family members of the crew. The Shuttle program is now coming to an end and NASA is looking to the public to get involved with some of the final songs for the program.

For the final mission (STS-134 scheduled for February 26, 2011) NASA is looking for song submissions, with two to be selected to be played during the mission. And for the second to last mission (STS-133 schedule for November 1st) NASA has opened up voting to the public to select from a top ‘top 40’ list of songs from previous shuttle missions (including the original Star Trek theme by Alexander Courage).

The top two vote getters will be beamed into space, and currently the The Star Trek theme is in second place. Here are the current top 10 leaders:

  1. Countdown (by Rush) 12111 Votes – 22.2%
  2. Star Trek Theme Song (by Alexander Courage) 11859 Votes – 21.7%
  3. Blue Sky (by Big Head Todd) 7422 Votes – 13.6%
  4. Beautiful Day (by U2) 5064 Votes – 9.3%
  5. Rendezvous (by Bruce Springsteen) 2161 Votes – 4.0%
  6. What a Wonderful World (by Louis Armstrong) 1886 Votes – 3.5%
  7. Window on the World (by Jimmy Buffett) 1832 Votes – 3.4%
  8. Enter Sandman (by Metallica) 1627 Votes – 3.0%
  9. Here Comes the Sun (by The Beatles) 1281 Votes – 2.3%
  10. Imagine (by John Lennon) 1125 Votes – 2.1%

VOTE: More info on the contest is at: And a direct link to vote for Star Trek is at

The shuttle program began with Star Trek fans inspiring NASA to name the first orbiter "Enterprise", so it only make sense for Star Trek to be part of the ‘swan song’ for the program .

Shuttle Enterprise introduced in 1976

History of Star Trek NASA Wakeup calls

There have actually been six occasions when Star Trek music was used in NASA wakeup calls, all during the Space Shuttle era (which is only fitting as the first shuttle was named "Enterprise"). On two occasions wakeup calls also included recorded messages from Star Trek captains (William Shatner and Patrick Stewart). Here is a full breakdown of the Star Trek wakeup calls, with notes from the NASA archives. There are also links to audio from some of the more recent Star Trek wakeup calls.

STS 29 – 3/16/89
"Star Trek" theme + William Shatner
Discovery crew woke Mission Control with theme from “Star Trek” followed by congratulatory comments from William Shatner. Mission Control responded with a medley of school songs from crew members’ alma maters: “Anchors Aweigh”, The Air Force Song (“Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder”), and Drexel University “Fight Song” CAPCOM: G. David Low. He responded with ad lib: “Discovery, Houston – Beam Me Up, Scotty.”

STS 44 11/25/91
"Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme + Patrick Stewart"
Crew woken to: "Space – the final frontier.  This is the voyage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis – Its ten-day mission: To explore new methods of remote sensing and observation of the planet Earth – To seek out new data on radiation in space, and a new understanding of the effects of microgravity on the human body – To boldly go where two hundred and fifty-five men and women have gone before. Hello – Fred, Tom, Story, Jim, Tom, and especially Mario – This is Patrick Stewart, choosing not to outrank you as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, saying that we are confident of a productive and successful mission.Make it so."
All this to the theme music of "Star Trek – the Next Generation" Capcom Marsha Ivins contacted actor Patrick Stewart to request the special wakeup call for Mario Runco, a big "Star Trek" fan.

STS-72 1/15/96
“Star Trek Next Generation” theme by James Horner. [NOTE: NASA’s official archive lists Horner in error instead of Jerry Goldsmith]

STS-111 6/16/2002 
"Where My Heart Will Take Me," the theme song from TV series, “Star Trek: Enterprise,” performed by Russell Watson.

STS-114 8/2/2005
"Where My Heart Will Take Me," the theme song from “Star Trek: Enterprise.”
This song, was selected for the crew as a surprise dedication from the Deputy Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale. (This selection was identified as composed by Dennis McCarthy in STS-114 MCC Status Report #16. Though McCarthy did write the orchestral suites for the “Star Trek” TV series he did not write this. It was written by Diane Warren originally as “Faith of the Heart” for the soundtrack of the film, “Patch Adams” and sung by Rod Stewart. Then, virtually the identical song was renamed and used as the theme for “Enterprise” — this time sung by British tenor, Russell Watson)

STS-125 5/20/2009
Theme from the television series “Star Trek,” which was composed by Alexander Courage.
The song was played for the entire crew.

Source: NASA Chronology of Wakeup Calls – PDF

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Done voting!

We’re behind Rush so get voting!!!

Voted for Trek! However the Star Trek theme is no longer in the lead.

I voted and I hope star trek wins as it would be fitting.

STS-72 1/15/96
“Star Trek Next Generation” theme by James Horner.


Someone’s Trekkie credentials need to be revoked. ;-)

Big Head Todd gets more votes than Louis Armstrong…. oy vey…

While not Trek, Rush’s “Countdown” would be cool too.

go to vote!!

Too bad “Beyond Antares” isn’t on the list.

RE: STS 72 Horner
That (and all the other text) is taken directly from the NASA archive. I have added a note that they are in error for the nitpcikers and a link directly to the PDF. Please send letter to NASA telling them off

RE: Rush leading
When the article was being written Trek was in the lead but somehow Rush pulled ahead. Hopefully soon Trek will again be number one

I surprised “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf isn’t on that list. :-)

NASA will probably ignore this vote and play whatever they feel like, just like when the ignored the ISS pod naming (Colbert tried to get it named after him, but even the NASA list winner wasn’t the name they went with).

Tough one….gotta go the The Boss….

One of the few things I like more than Star Trek is Rush! So I’m a traitor… :)

I played along. Star Trek it is!
However, the count is now like this…

Countdown (by Rush) 12493 Votes – 22.4%
Star Trek Theme Song (by Alexander Courage) 12088 Votes – 21.7%

I am still miffed Shatner did not attend the Enterprise christening in ’76.
Was there ever an explaination?

But, what really miffs me now is O’s abandoning the Shuttle program.


Change we can believe in? Huh?

Now kick me if I am stupid, but should’nt we just be parking all the last trip Shuttles in orbit – at the Space Station! We could then easily use them in the event of an emergency at the station, or later as a projectile to intercept a meteor heading toward Earth (the main engines would be perfect to lift a warhead to a meteor – they could even fly it remotely), or perhaps to assist in our eventual moon missions (the payload bay would work well to bring things to the moon).


I am surprised the Theme From 2001 was not on the list…

I’ll post this on TrekBBS to get some more votes.

We’re in the Lead! Yahoo! Go Trek!


Star Trek Theme Song (by Alexander Courage) 13383 Votes – 23.0%
Countdown (by Rush) 12960 Votes – 22.3%

My nephew works for NASA on the cape. The ending for the shuttle program was a bad}ecision made while Bush was in office . Funding cu . My nephew said. Now to the voting voted trek!! Downloaded audio clips to my BB great ring tnes so I guess I voted twice in a funky way!

Still in the lead by .9% ! :)

To be honest, though, I would have preferred an option for something more grandiose, like the theme from First Contact or Wrath of Khan or Voyager.


Trek’s ahead still, but losing ground… down to +0.7%

Keep voting! Keep voting folks! Trek has got to win this!

I still think it should be Goldsmith’s Star Trek theme, the original is seriously outdated and I don’t think is as recognizable to the general, non-Trekkie public.

heh, kinda stuck between a rock and a hard day’s night on this one for me. We’ve got the Trek theme AND TWO BEATLE related songs.

Tis a shame that McCartney was never would have been” Bass…the final frontier..” instead.

^26. I prefer Goldsmith as well, but the Courage theme played over the main titles of the JJ Abrams movie and Goldsmith was last heard in Nemesis and a brief quote in the final scene of Enterprise.

I voted for Trek. Man, it’s gotta be Trek.

I just voted and ST was still in #2. =(

10 Anthony Pascale OR ANYONE!

Do you know how to contact ocWolf68? The guy who put up the video a couple weeks ago with the Enterprise and the original series characters morphing into the new ones? That would be an AWESOME entry under “Original Music” and I think he’d have a good shot at winning!

I just tried to send him a reply in YouTube (Here’s his video: but it won’t take my post because of the link.

I think his music would be an awesome piece to add to the list if the TOS doesn’t get it.

If anyone knows him, PLEASE get word to him to come here and enter! Thanks much! =)


Rush? RUSH???

I’d vote for the Louis Armstrong but it’s tailing way too much :(

Just a couple of hundred votes in it now.

Rush’s Countdown was written ABOUT the first launch of Columbia. I can’t think of anything more appropriate.

I thought Nasa was broke. How can they afford this?

#30 I could say “Trek, TREK?”. The Rush song is more appropriate. You should try listening to it.

I’m a huge Trek fan, but really…

Lit up with anticipation
We arrive at the launching site
The sky is still dark, nearing dawn
On the Florida coastline

Circling choppers slash the night
With roving searchlight beams
This magic day when super-science
Mingles with the bright stuff of dreams

Floodlit in the hazy distance
The star of this unearthly show
Venting vapours, like the breath
Of a sleeping white dragon

Crackling speakers, voices tense
Resume the final count
All systems check, T minus nine
As the sun and the drama start to mount

The air is charged
A humid, motionless mass
The crowds and the cameras,
The cars full of spectators pass
Excitement so thick you could cut it with a knife
Technology…high, on the leading edge of life

The earth beneath us starts to tremble
With the spreading of a low black cloud
A thunderous roar shakes the air
Like the whole world exploding

Scorching blast of golden fire
As it slowly leaves the ground
Tears away with a mighty force
The air is shattered by the awesome sound

Like a pillar of cloud
The smoke lingers high in the air
In fascination
With the eyes of the world
We stare…

Anyhow, since it is the top TWO vote getters that will be picked, it looks like both Rush and the Courage Trek theme will be going.

Current Standings
Star Trek Theme Song (by Alexander Courage) 15804 Votes – 24.1%
Countdown (by Rush) 15468 Votes – 23.5%

#36 its a new one on me, but you are correct, that song is a good choice and, as you say, the Top2 get to play. So that and Trek will hopefully win through.

#17. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) – August 22, 2010
Yeah, let’s throw this away…

Such a waste, but I’d like to see something better, safer replace it.

#39 We Brits felt a similar sadness when Concorde was sent the way of the Dodo.
Both amazing pieces of machinery.
I heard recently about a U2 pilot, all space suited up and on the edge of space being amazed as Concorde, full of suit and tie and champagne drinking types, tore past him!
It will be a while before we see the likes of the Shuttle and Concorde again I fear.

40 AWESOME photo!! =)

I would recommend Bill Conti’s theme to The Right Stuff, but it being the shuttle’s last flight I think something solemn and reflective would be more appropriate. It will be the end of an era—not just the shuttle fleet but American spaceflight in general. I was sad when I heard the shuttle flights would end, but there was a sense of relief and hope when I read about the Constellation Project to return to the Moon.

Now that’s been canceled… what is there to look forward to? Hitching rides with the Russians to the ISS for the next twenty years? Way to go, NASA—boldly following the other guys—again. Khrushchev is smiling somewhere…

Looks like the Star Trek theme is in first place now; Countdown is second!

#41 Cali, sorry I have no photograpic evidence of this! I heard the story recently on a programme about Concorde.
You never know, it may be worth a Google to see of a picture is out there.

Star Trek is in front, 27% with 19215 votes…

I´d like to know, what would Mr. Goldsmith say on the info, that his theme was composed especially by Horner :-D R.I.P. Mr. Goldsmith.

Every time I see the Trek photo at the Shuttle from 1976 I remember the era of the leisure suit but if you look more closely you see that ONLY the cast members and GR are wearing leisure suits – probably not a William Theiss costume design :)

Wished it would have been “Enterprising Young Men” – I just like that one too!

Glad to report Star Trek Theme song is in the lead though by 7%!


Wow, tough choice as I’m a big Rush fan. But really, we’re talking about the future from here on out so let’s go with the final frontier!