Star Trek ‘Assignment: Earth’ Actress Charged With Attempted Murder [UPDATED: Not Star Trek Actress]

UPDATE: Actress denies involvement in Star Trek

While Victoria Vetri’s name has long been associated as playing the human form of Isis in “Assignment Earth,” in a 2018 interview with Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine Vetri has denied it, saying:

“I was never in an episode of STAR TREK. I know that people think I was. I get pictures to sign and I had to write back and say, ‘Hey, that’s not me . . . ” I am not sure who she was. Look close enough and you can see that she has blue eyes and I, of course, have brown. Whoever she was, she must not be around anymore as I am sure she would correct the mistake about me doing it, in all these articles.”

Memory Alpha – the Star Trek database – has also removed Vetri’s credit, with the part now listed “unknown performer.”


Original article

A former original Star Trek guest actress has been charged with attempted murder. Last weekend Victoria Vetri (from “Assignment: Earth”) was arrested for shooting her husband. Details below.


Vetri accused of shooting husband

The 66-year-old Victoria Rathgeb (formerly Victoria Vetri, also known as Angele Dorian) was arrested last Saturday night in Los Angeles. According to the LAPD Victoria and her husband of 20 years Bruce Rathgeb were arguing inside their Hollywood apartment when she grabbed a gun and fired at least one shot, hitting her husband in the upper body. Bruce Rathgeb is hospitalized in critical condition.

Rathgeb is being held in jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail and has been charged with attempted murder. A spokesman for the LAPD told the LA Times “We investigated all possible angles to the story and came to the conclusion that she most certainly did shoot her husband. She is due in court November 1st.

Victoria Rathgeb (credited as Victoria Vetri) in TOS episode “Assignment: Earth”

The Italian American Actress appeared in a number of TV shows in the 1960s and early 70s including Wagon Train, Batman and Mission: Impossible. Trek fans will remember her as the enigmatic Isis, companion to Gary Seven in “Assignment: Earth”. Vetri was also a singer, dancer and model. She was Playboy’s Miss September in 1967 and Playmate of the Year in 1968.

Vetri: Playmate of the Year in 1968

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WOW. She is Beautifull and Deadly. No wonder kirk never tried anything. Of course she was also a Cat. But could be a Black Widow.

She was also in the film “Rosemary’s Baby” too; in it, her character joked the she is often mistaken for ‘that actress Victoria Vetri.’

That’s pretty horrible, what happened. Just another reason why I don’t choose to have a gun in my house. Arguments can escalate into life or death conflicts.

Hope her husband pulls through.


crikey, shocking news. i often wonder what happened to some of these ‘guests’ who appeared briefly in the shows.
Greg UK

Are we sure we have the same person? The photo of the human Isis has blus eyes while the Playboy cover has her with brown eyes????? I have that issue of Playboy in my collection and there is no mention of a ST apperance…


Rats, there’s another Playboy that I need to track down that has a Trek actress in. Reminds me of the time I took the Playboy edition that had Denise Crosby in it for her to autograph. She wasn’t amused. LoL!

Oh, and you can Never trust a black cat.

It’s just possible that the photos in the article are a little out of date and that she looks different now.

Just sayin’.

Lt. Bailey, you may be right. With all the names, who knows. _\\//

You wonder how those especialy in sho biz can spiral downhill to such behavior. But again we don’t know the whole story on how it led up to this. I can only feel bad for all parties involved.


The Bear – that picture of you, Crosby and the playboy magazine is comedy gold.

It just goes to show that being in Star Trek drives one batsh*t crazy!

Just look at the Shat!

#7 The Bear…

I also have that issue of Playboy with the photos of Crosby.
I also presented it to her for signing… twice.
Two different times, two different locations on the Earth.
And this was back in the day, TNG original run.

Both times, she was NOT amused.

I guess I was just a little siht when I was younger.

So many bad puns to choose from here!

Naturally, I hope the husband survives.

“I guess I was just a little siht when I was younger”

Ah, Revenge Of The Siht!

Denise Crosby has always — always — refused to sign any of the “Playboy” material. I watched her (politely, mind you) tell a fan in an autograph line that she never signs those.

It’s interesting to see the numerous “autographed” Denise Crosby “Playboy” magazines and photos that are always being hocked on eBay….

What the hell?! And the Beta 5 didn’t tell me. Interesting story though.

Oh, and go Rangers.


Last time I checked, Harry, the Shat never shot anybody. But I do believe that the Shat often shot shit with Nimoy!

Anyway, we must hold back and reserve judgement. It is possible she shot her husband in self-defense. We don’t know all the facts, and neither do the police despite what they may say.

That’s a shame. Assignment Earth is one of my favorites. I liked Gary Seven.
Poor Denise. That would make me profoundly uncomfortable and it’s very skeezy for any so-called to do.

I actually named my second dog after her character in Assignment Earth. (Isis)

#13 there you go again Harry! I think you need to change your name to Harry Shatbash mate. :-D

I once said you can’t see a story about Bill without launching into him. Correction: you can’t see any story about anything without launching into him! lol

Okay, this news story is bad enough (and No, I wasn’t aware that Vetri had posed for Playboy either), but what is it with you guys who are so tasteless and shameless that you brought the Playboy issue with unauthorized photos of Denise Crosby in it for her to sign at Conventions? And the guy who felt it necessary to confront her with it more than once, at two different locations …what’s the matter, her telling you “No” once was not enough? Really?

Good Lord.

Innocent ( wink, wink ) until proven guilty.

She should have set it to stun…

…looking for the bunny on the cover…

Several thoughts occur in light of this.

Wow! She was hot.

Interesting this episode is brought back into light again…

but sad it’s because of this

When I read the headline on my twitter account I couldn’t imagine who they were talking about. I thought “Terri Garr shot someone?”

@ #25 – StarFuryG7: Woah, cool your jets. I wasn’t aware at that time of her problem with the pictures, and it was her that got snippy with me. I guess she didn’t like all the exposure (no pun intended) that she was seeking. If she didn’t want the pictures to be seen, then she shouldn’t have posed for them to start with.

Honestly, I never knew that Star Trek had had a Playboy bunny — a Playmate of the Year, no less! — in one of its episodes.

I knew about Angelique (“Gamesters of Triskelion”) Pettyjohn, but not about Vetri.

Ya learns somethin’ news everaday.

Tres interessant.

@20–Not true! I distinctly remember the Shat talking about shooting a bear at a con in 1977/78 in NYC. Now he did do it with a bow not a gun so maybe that is not the same thing? ;)

I’ve shot firearms. Not a big deal.

Honestly, even though I consider myself liberal, I have no qualms about using or owning firearms.

In the right hands, they are useful.

But I’ve never gone hunting. I’ve always thought that, as a civilization, we’ve moved beyond the need for that.

Re: #27 Ear Slugs a Go Go !!!

“She should have set it to stun…”




Aw, Buzz, I LIKE the Shat! But, then again, I like a number of people who are batsh*t crazy! Present company excluded, of course!

( i kidz because i luvz )

Wow…playboy used cost 75 cents

You LIKE Bill, Harry?
Man you’ve fooled me for the longest time!

#2 indeed. Its the same reason i had the Agonisor Booth taken out.

Buzz, I like Shatner. Growing up I thought he was GREAT playing Kirk in TOS. It’s just that, in the last 10 years he’s turned into such a clown/buffon/parody of himself, it’s hard to want him back as Kirk. Now, some say, “he’s an actor, he can play serious again!”. That might be true if he had been spending the last 10 years portraying a character who was a clown, but, no, he has been lampooning HIS OWN IMAGE, poking fun at the CHARACTER OF WILLIAM SHATNER. Once you go down that road, there’s no coming back! Sorry!

Good enough matey. You like Bill but don’t need to see him back as Kirk.
We share the view I think. Unless he wants to don a Gorn costume? :-D

Great! Just what we need, a FAT GORN! :-D

A fat LUMBERING Gorn. Thats the ticket laddy. !


Do you just keep a text file on your desktop so you can cut and paste the same lame insults for Mr. Shatner? I think you’ve made your point that you have issues with the man.

However, I’m not sure why you feel it necessary to regurgitate it at every opportunity. This particular thread has nothing to do with Mr. Shatner and yet you manage to drop in the same cookie cutter response.

I’m starting to view your posts in the trolling category so I’ll leave my comments at that.

I don’t post a lot here because, frankly I’m deployed and have limited Internet access. I barely have time to read through the comments here (most of which are a joy to read), much less get into a back and forth with someone who injects the same message over and over again.

Back to read mode.


Nonsense. We are all entitled to an opinion. For example, like the one you just shared.

I did try to tell Harry, lostrod, but he don’t listen to me. And we’re friends!

Aw, don’t give him ammunition, Buzz! This might just lead to a BUZZKILL!

You supply all the ammo anybody could possibly need, Harry. :-D
lostrod, are you able to tell us anything about your deployment?

Don’t think ‘ll be using that Loves Ballz thing again. lol

Speaking of balls, here’s one I heard on Penn & Teller’s show, BullshSELF-CENSOREDt:

Q: Why don’t snakes have balls?

A: Hardly any of them know how to dance!



She also starred in the Hammer film “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth”.