Roberto Orci Reveals Star Trek Sequel Tidbit In NYT Article About iPad – Is T’Pring In Sequel?

One again Apple’s new iPad has crossed paths with Star Trek, this time revealing a tidbit about the upcoming sequel. Today the New York Times has an article about iPads being used in Hollywood, with an example of how Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci used his in a meeting with the Star Trek ‘Supreme Court’, excerpt below.


Touting his iPad – Orci reveals Star Trek sequel tidbit

The New York Times article about how "Hollywood is Hooked on iPads". The article kicks off desribing how Star Trek co-writer/producer Roberto Orci carried one into a meeting to discuss the Star Trek sequel with his fellow members of the Star Trek "Supreme Court", here is an excerpt:

Mr. Orci, meeting with the producers J. J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, and his fellow writer Alex Kurtzman, jump-started the discussion with an iPad slide show, showing stills from the first film, snapshots of potential locations and a photo of a suggested actress for one of the roles. On the woman’s photo, he had used his iPad to paint on a Vulcan ear.

So this article about technology gives us a potential tiny morsel of information about the Star Trek sequel — notably that that the plan (as of now) could be to include a Vulcan female character. Assuming this to be true, the fact that it would be discussed at such an early high-level meeting could mean it is an important character.

As there is very little info to go on, it is fun to do some speculating (even though there is no real confirmation). One possibility would be to bring back T’Pring, the Vulcan Spock was bonded to from "Amok Time". Bringing in a potential romantic rival to Uhura would add an interesting dimension, especially if Spock feels obligated to help the now greatly reduced Vulcan civilization. It also brings in the possibility of us seeing the new universe take on that delicate Vulcan issue of pon farr, the 7 year itch that Vulcan’s get when it is time to mate.

T’Pring (Arlene Martel) in "Amok Time" – could she be back?

Other possibilities could be T’Pau (also seen in "Amok Time", plus some episodes of Enterprise) or maybe Saavik from Star Trek II & Star Trek III or Valeris (Star Trek VI), but sticking strictly to canon they would likely be too young. And of course they could be talking about an entirely new character as well. Then again, maybe Orci was just goofing around with his iPad and there is actually nothing to it.

Saavik (Kirstie Alley) from Star Trek II – another important Vulcan female in Spock’s life – but does the timing match?

POLL: T’Pring?

Would you like to see T’Pring in the Star Trek sequel? Vote in the new poll, plus sound off below. Feel free to offer some casting ideas too.


T’Pring gong-blocks Spock in "Amok Time"


Orci loves his iPad

Orci mostly talks about how much he loves his iPad in the article, telling the NYT “When you’re carrying a little TV around, you bring the power of imagery to places that you don’t normally have it.” Orci tells the NYT he uses his iPad as his daily call sheet, and to help him keep tabs of all his various projects.

Over the summer Bob sent me a picture of himself playing with a Star Trek app on his iPad, to be shown at the Star Trek convention. Here it is.

Bob Orci with his beloved iPad


Thanks to all the readers who sent in NYT link as tip

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Aw, c’mon, six billion Vulcans die and T’Pring got out alive? Talk about a buzzkill!

I vote for Saavic

Oh, I see the logic now…..Saldana wanted a big fight scene in the next movie. They’ll have a reverse K’alafee where T’Pring will challenge Uhura to a fight to the death for the Spock boy-toy. Catfight! Meowwrr!

Glenn Close as T’Pau!

A good idea, as far as it concerns just Spock. Could bring him in trouble. Should he stay with Uhura or should he go with T’Pring, the women he was promised to as a child. I see potential if that’s indeed part of the story.

As far as this rumors concern Saavik… Is she not just a child in the timeframe of Star Trek XII?

Was that Shatner’s name on the screen? Just kidding

I think a Vulcan narrative is a no-brainer. The planet of our big brother species, #2 protagonist is destroyed. You can’t just ‘move on’ to a new storyline and pretend that a global holocaust didn’t just occur. This movie has to be as impacted by Vulcan’s destruction as TSFS was by TWOK.

I don’t want this universe to mirror the old one exactly.

Can’t be Saavik, unless she’s a little girl…but then, in this universe, all things are unwritten.

Well, as long as the Uhura/T’Pring fight is a subplot. Otherwise, I’ll feel like I’m watching an old episode of Dynasty, with Krystal and Alexis having a drag-down catfight in the mansion’s pool! Yeesh!

I’m very encouraged with what i’m hearing. Nice little twist into the Uhura-Spock relationship.

Love the cap too,


We’re getting a female version of the Amok Time fight! Someone remind Giacchino to use the music.

No tpring what is the point?? In the first movie they already shot down the 7 year PAH FAR thing by showing spock in a romantic(assumed also physical) relationship with Uhura so if that is the case then Salmon Vulcans dont spawn every 7 years…also hard to go back upstream to his river, the planet vulcan since its blown up to hell….

What good for fighting over Spock….when they changed most of the rules in the first movie…im not saying for good or for bad just that its different….so if Tpring is coming that should be and will be different as well….

T’Pring sounds like the sound metal Spork would make if rapped on the edge of a table.

We want Mr. Saavik!

Lets pretend like she’s dead. MOST vulcans are dead, so its hard to believe all these we know about having survived.

Watch, after all this discussion, it’ll be Meryl friggin’ Streep playing T’Pau!


are we sure that the nyt writer knows the difference between a vulcan and a romulan, dr. spock? and how do we know that just because orci photoshopped a pic like this that it will mean there is to be a vulcan female in the new movie?

Let’s see…in the last movie, Kirk was choked several times, punched in the face, literally hung from a cliff more than once, injected with god-knows-what from McCoy, and had to stand there and watch as Spock and Uhura were making out. And he didn’t even get to have his shirt ripped to show off his six-pack! If anyone should get the romantic sub-plot it should be him! Do we really have to drag T’Pring into this? She used her cold flawless logic on Spock to get what she wanted. And in the book “Spock’s World” she almost got Vulcan to leave the Federation! I hope they don’t bring her back because I’m sure they can make up a more interesting Vulcan female character. I’m gonna pretend she died an agonizing death when Vulcan imploded.

Saavik’s too young. I have to admit that – if the Vulcans were handled well, treated as a mysterious alien culture, not a broad allegory for intolerance (as in the first movie), I’m intrigued by the idea of T’Pring being in it.

19. Exactamente.

20. “I’m gonna pretend she died an agonizing death when Vulcan imploded”

Well, we can always hope! :>)

If it’s a child T’Pring, probably Hannah Montana! If it’s an older one, Betty White!

T’Pring is the ultimate pre-ex-wife from hell, complete with a sniveling “new” boyfriend whom she knows is dogshit compared to Spock.

Arlene Martel just radiated high-threat-level with no remorse as T’Pring. If that gets translated over to the new film, it just makes young Spock that much more complex and tortured as he continues on his journey. I’d love to see it.


Oh, so we’re to conclude that you just like photoshopping Vulcan ears on pictures of women?

Oooooh, eeerie! Or is that ear-ee? Either way, we get the point! Ok, I’ll stop now!


I agree it may be a bit of a stretch just based on what I read. But I do like the T’Pring idea as a sub-plot.

Oh… and I love your iPad, Bob!

Lindsay Lohan, as young Saavik. Mel Gibson, as Khan.

Yes, I’m kidding.

Anthony, did you make the jump to T’Pring from just that tidbit in NYT? I have to admit, it’s quite an intriguing twist, but one that wouldn’t have jumped to mind right away. It is very reasonable though given the circumstances. If T’Pring does in fact become a big character in the movie (and you made the conclusion on the spot, AND Bob Orci is not influenced by reading this post), that would be very prophetic and impressive!

As noted in the article T’Pring was speculation not based on anything Bob said in the NYT or to me. However, I admit it is something I have thought of before that would be interesting as it creates an interesting tension with the whole Spock/Uhura thing

Pon Farr, K’alafee (Uhura would so kick ass), the Enterprise, I love it.
Bring it on!

Two hotties fighting over Spock? Now that is really gona roast Jim’s nuts.

Besides the fact that a lot of surviving Vulcans would have lost their spouses and betrothed, I wonder if the male/female ratio of surviving Vulcans is out of whack. Pon farr could get messy!


It could also be the Romulan Commander from THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT. (Or a new Romulan character, as we have no confirmation it’s a Vulcan.)

what about…….T´pol?????

It could just be some poor dear who got her ears caught in a mechanical rice picker. It does happen you know. Sometimes.

One female Vulcan not yet suggested, is Enterprise’s T’Pol. She would be around 170 years old by the time of 2258 (born 2088). Ofcourse, she’d be very old and all, but still. Given that they’ve confirmed the new timeline to be the same as the ENT timeline, it makes sense to include 1 or more characters who might still be around in the new TOS-era. Which essentially would be Vulcans (i.e T’Pol, T’Pau and possibly T’Pring).

We’ve already had a dose of Sarek, but what happened to his father before him (Skon) ? I’m personally holding out hope for them to form a “New Vulcan” planet within this new timeline, to somehow try and match the timeline to the known timeline.

Saavik and T’pol as little girls on the Enterprise, running around, that could work! Hell No!!!!

Erica Durance as Saavik! Totally could work.



Nah, they’ll have him conveniently absent, away on a fishing trip during the time of the next movie. With typical Vulcan efficiency of words, he’ll have left a sign on the door of his dwelling that reads……(yup)…….SKON FISHIN’


Great! This time they can kill HER instead of David!

I see Harry is at it again. I would not mind seeing T Pring. But would rather see Tpau as she would be a better fit. Or Tapou from Enterprise along with Archer. Some good Possibilitys. I like that I Padd. Kool.

Saavik was half Romulan. It would be interesting to see the origins of her relationship with Spock.

Yes it would be very interesting :) I say bring it on

The guy draws an ear on the iPad and a frenzy ensues. A real stretch here, but T’Pau would be more like it.

Of course they could have U’Hura and T’Pring fightt to the death over Spock. This would be right in line with the twisted universe.

… now that I’ve said that, I actually like it…

Hmmmm. I kinda like the speculation of T’Pring. I’m with Anthony on this one.

Personally, i’m not a huge fan of the Spock/Uhura love nest.

Anthony, I just appreciate you stirring the pot a bit. Good talk!

Nah. Not T’Pring. Spock would not be knockin’ boots with Uhura if he were still bonded to T’Pring.

Other possibilities:

Female Romulan Commander (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease)
Random Vulcan character
Just doodling on his iPadd

But whatever. More Pike and much much more McCoy, please. And keep the McCoy slapstick to a minimum. Also, no more giant vajayjay monsters. Actually, no giant monsters at all. Except dragons from Barengaria VII.

T’Pring. Fight music. Angry Uhura.

Sounds like a good subplot to me.

Throw some Klingons and Prime Directive intrigue into the “A” story, and I’m happy.