Rosario Dawson Will Do ‘Anything’ To Be In Star Trek Sequel

Rosario Dawson is one of TrekMovie’s favorite famous Trekkies and once again she is talking about Star Trek. The actress appears in Chris Pine’s new movie Unstoppable and while promoting it she is again saying how much she wants to be in the Star Trek sequel, watch it below.


Rosario wants in to Trek

While talking to Collider about Unstoppable, Dawson again lets out her inner Trekkie, saying she is willing to do anything in the next Star Trek movie. Watch it.

Rosario says:

I love J.J. [Abrams]—I got a whole petition that’s been going on on Twitter that I could maybe be in the next film. Like, just a Klingon, something, like anything at one point, [and] just go out there and say ‘Qapla’ or something; and then I’d be happy, I’d be very, very satisfied.

Speaking of the Twitter petition, Roasrio may be referring to one started by TrekMovie following her reply to one of our tweets back in September. Sounds like it is time once again to promote #rosariodawsoninstartrek.

Rosario Dawson and Chris Pine backstage at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards – even adding some forehead ridges they would still look good together

Rosario’s love for Trek is not something that has come around because of the 2009 Star Trek movie. She first came to our attention back in 2007 when she spoke Klingon on the old Conan O’Brian Show. If you missed it, here it is again:


Rosario in Trek?

What do you think? Should JJ give her a part?




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Don’t you think we should at least see what characters are IN the movie, before we cast them?

Uhura’s nevr-before-mentioned sister, perhaps?

My choice for Uhura.
Sorry, Zoe.

A fetching T’Pring?

I think she would have made a stronger Uhura than Zoe Saldana for sure. Too bad she didn’t speak up sooner.

Just don’t be cliche and make her a Klingon.

Good lord JJ get her cast before she bursts an eps conduit or something

Borg Queen.

Another avid Trekfan: Eliza Dushku, best known as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and another person who should be in the next film.

Casting couch invitation.

More alternate universe – Kor, perhaps?

If Kang was in the sequil. She would make a great Mara Kang’s Mate(wife) and science officer.

Rosario Dawson would make a great Janice Lester.

She would great as T Pring. Or maybe another. She would be a Great Dr. Or she can be a lt in Star Fleet. But what ever I say get her in the Movie. .

She would be great as Lt Marlana.


Good call!

#12 —

Oooh. Kang and Mara. That’d be good.

#8 She is way too vivacious for a Borg Queen. I agree with Vultan that she would have made a mucher better Uhura than Zoe. Mara would be a great role for her as well but – PLEASE – if we must have ridged Klingons, go easy on her. She is way too beautiful to have things plastered all over her and don’t destroy her lovely smile by going Lursa and B’Etor on her teeth either.

She has my Vote, how do I get to her Twitter account? Also I think she would make a great Klingon! Make it so Bob Orci!

If she plays a Klingon, she could be a B’Ellana Tores ancestor.

She can be Starbuck; no, wait, that’s the other franchise….

Yeah, I like the T’Pring angle – she survived Vulcan’s destruction and Uhura learns Spock was betrothed to her.

In Hollywood, it’s not usually being willing to do anything, but anyONE…

After all, who wouldn’t want to be in a Star Trek film?????

Every fan that attended the Vegas Con would jump at the chance to be in one for any part. You could say, its in our blood.

So why not have Rosario in the film???

I would love it if the new movie had a female Klingon villain.

Cool I did not know Rosario was a trekkie.

I would jump at the chance to chance to be in any Star Trek. Berman era Trek as well as JJ because I hate the mainstream mentality that seems to imply that this new movie is the only good Trek.

Its all good.

Hey James Cawley got a bit part in the first one, so here’s hopin Rosario and Eliza get cast SOMEWHERE in this flick…
Rosario – Romulan something
Eliza – Orion Slave Girl – not just a ‘green’ Starfleet undergrad…
Me as Admiral Komack

Rosario= Dr. Carol Marcus…..

Would have loved to see her as Uhura had the casting been for a non academy (youth oriented) continuation. Don’t know if its ever a good idea to say you’ll do “anything”. She’s probably joking, though.

BTW – Ridged Klingons are rare at this point in the timeline, or at least they should be. If anyone saw the special features version of the movie, the Klingon interogating Nero had a helmet that emulated the ridges, but was probly hiding a smooth forehead and the shame that comes with it. Back when ST:TMP came out, there was some hoopla on the new makeup, and someone with the movie said there was 2 species of Klingons, some with ridges, some without (like potatoe chips), but I like the STAR TREK:Enterprise explanation better, especially since
we have seen Kang, Kor and Koloth, with and without ridges.

Rosario = most perfect woman. Ever.

But me thinks I’m going to start my own petition. Because that would really work for me. “Look, I’m totally nobody, but I’ve got this petition. It’s got a couple of signatures. A couple of those, I didn’t even have to beg for. I really think I should be in this movie.”

She’s rather talented as well, so I’d love to see her there.

Dawson as T’Pring! Keri Russell as Number One! A hell of a lot more Rachel Nicols as Gaila. In her underwear, frequently.

Maybe she could do a newer more powerful take on Ymn. Rand?

Pines got a real season 2 Shat-do going on there

Nurse Chapel? Perfect competition for Uhura.

No. I do not like her…

Is the only reason she wants to be in the movie is because she loves J.J.? What about this? Do you love Star Trek? I don’t know. That’s the way it seems to me, that it is only because she loves J.J. I hope I’m wrong.

If the next movie is about Khan, she could play T’Pring. That is say the Enterprise is relocating surviving Vulcans. While doing so they discover the Botany Bay, and instead of Marla McGivers helping Khan, its T’Pring. Oh the possibilties.
No strike that, strike that.

Didn’t Rachel Nichols die in the last one? The fleet was in tiny pieces over Vulcan when Enterprise showed up. Hey, here’s a thought – if Sulu remembered to release the parking brake, Enterprise whould have been with the rest of the fleet as it was being blown to bits – if Nero recognized Enterprise, would he have stood down from attacking the entire fleet? Is Sulu feeling a bit guilty about that, that hundreds, possibly thousands of fresh Academy grads met their end because of his mistake??

No more therapy for today…

#32 “Dawson as T’Pring! Keri Russell as Number One!”

i agree with both of your suggestions. keri russell is a fabulous actress!

“A hell of a lot more Rachel Nicols as Gaila. In her underwear, frequently.”

yes! but sadly, i think her character perished above vulcan.

Rosario Dawson as the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident” would be my dream. :)

Give her a role, she WANTS one, so give her one she’ll be proud of, no cameo. A decent meaningful role, she doesn’t have to a baddie etc

“Rosario Dawson Will Do ‘Anything’ To Be In Star Trek Sequel

No, I am not going there! LOL


The ultimate Trekkie’s girlfriend…

And I would do anything to have Rosario in the new Star Trek movie.

@44 took the words out of my mouth bro. Sexy, talented, funny, she is a jewel.

Would’ve been a fantastic Uhura. being a fan, how did she not audition for that role? and if she did, how did she not get it? Zoe is great, but having seen Dawson’s work, I think she would have been a better choice. But yeah, put her in Trek, could only add to the already fabulous cast.

The title of this post. :)

I see what you did there.


Nope. Rosario is a bonafied geek. She produced a comicbook series and everything.

Love Rosario, but she doesn’t quite pass as a native of U.S.A, um the United States of Africa, that is.

I’m glad they got Zoe. :) Good to not see another X-Men, Storm repeat, where Hollywood casts the lightest-skinned actress they can find to play a role where a darker-skinned actress would make more sense.

I vote yes for many reasons.

1. She’s an awesome actress.
2. The obvious. The writers will have to write in more female characters.

(1) I liked Zoe as Uhura too much for anyone else to
play the part.
(2) Rosario is talented too and she could play anything
she’s cast to. I’m sure there will be plenty to chose