Video of the Day: Star Trek Chat Roulette

The video of the day has Star Trek invading the video social networking site Chat Roulette. Watch the video below to see how people deal when confronted with a Starfleet crew trying to open hailing frequencies.


Star Trek invades Chat Roulette

The site allows people with video cams to randomly surf others to chat with. The comedy troupe Laugh Pong decided to confront peopel with something from the final frontier. Check it out.

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As long as they arent doing what most users on chatroulette do..

Gee. That went well. The last guy seemed to really like it.

That was lame. Oh well.


That was hilarious!

He said Captain, DRADIS contact! Ick. JUST ICK!

Ok. Lame but kinda funny. But I wish I could get my time back from watching it. Maybe I can Time Travel if the Terran Empires Time Ship would quit watching me.

There was a time on Chat Roulette where men would show off by exposing, um certain body parts. Supposedly, Chat Roulette cleaned that all up. I guess Trekkers exposing themselves is okay. : ) Anyway, if you want to laugh, Trekker Jon Stewart of the Daily Show did a story on Chat Roulette when it wasn’t so clean. (link below)

Hilarious Jon Stewart video from Comedy Central with guests Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams on chatroulette.—chatroulette

0:57 is Mirror Pine XD

This is actually really really funny, too bad those people wouldn’t play along

That was a good idea, I’m sure they had fun.

Wow, what a bunch of humorless jerks they connected with. :P


Superman confirmed for Star Trek sequel

I don’t get it . What was the point of that?

If I was a chat roulette user (which I am not!) and this came up on my screen, I would have played along to the Nth Degree.


If I had been on there, I’d have been acting like a Vulcan and flashing the ta’al before trying to figure out how to save them. XD

DRADIS contact. lol.

I thought that was pretty clever.

Funny stuff. Like candid camera but with the zoned out web cammers…not much on reaction are they? Probably have to text them to get a response.

Good stuff.

Pretty funny

Very funny stuff!

Video Removed by USer??!!

Just when I was going to see Chat Roulette for the first time. Phew.

Hey guys, we had to take it down because one of the people in the video filed a privacy complaint. We edited it and reuploaded it here:

Could a mod edit the main story?

@ 24

I’m not computer literate to talk about a mod. But you might want to script this piece. You’re depending on the other side to be funny and sometimes they’re not. Trekker Jon Stewart did a story on Chat Roulette and it was basically scripted. Check out my post at @ 8 for the link to the Stewart’s video.

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