Viral Video: Anger Is Illogical – A Star Trek Instructional Video

It has been said that there are many lessons that can be learned from Star Trek. The latest viral video making the rounds on the interwebs borrows from the classic TOS episode "Amok Time" and others, retelling them as a 1950’s style instructional video about controlling your anger. Check it out below.


Anger is Illogical

The following "instructional film" comes from OneMinuteGalactica on YouTube.

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only two words for this…



Thanks Anthony!

Very very funny

This is hilarious! It’s rare that I laugh out loud with a video like this, but the timing of the old 1950’s narration with the Trek clips is spot on. Great job!

Sadly, I’m old enough to remember these stupid movies. *sigh*

This one was perfect. “Hitting the punching bag,” indeed!

Paul flunked.

..hitting the punching bag..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….ha!!


I think I wet myself laughing so hard.

great vid, if ill-tiked because of all the bullying issues this year…but that upcoming one on ‘loving yourself’ is gonna be precious… more comedy centered around Shatner’s ego :) WIN!!!


Hillarious. That’s all I can say…

That was MIGHTY FINE!!!

Thats the best Trek mashup Ive ever seen… or will ever see again


Most excellent! I took notes.

I swear this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

Well. When I get mad I will just put someone in the Agoniser booth. That usualy takes care of my Anger. HEE HEE HEE.

wow …now thats great stuff

So some say that the nuSpock was not like the TOS Spock, but it is clear that he is just like, well, Spock. (Nimoy)Spock got angry and let his anger out by using Kirk as a punching bag, just as (Quinto)Spock got angry, used this Kirk as a punching bag and tried to strangle him. It is all so Spock.

i can’t wait for the video about Loving Yourself and the other topics mentioned. I learnt so much from this one on Anger.

Keep them coming, Anthony. I need to see videos that are so instructive and inspirational…:)

That Amok Time fight music….. goda hear that in Trek ’12!

Waha! Kirk = Punching Bag

Good job video – very informative!

– 24thCRS!

9. NuKirk

“ill-timed because of all the bullying issues this year”. What the frack are you talking about?! “Bullying” has been an issue for time immemorial and always will be. Changing human nature is even more impossible than “changing the laws of physics”. Get real!

#20 I’m thinking they will be able to jam in it somewhere- even if they only use it as the ringtone on Spocks communicator!



Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I always stick a “teaser” at the end of the video that’s just a joke, like Learning to Love Yourself, but I try to put up a “real” instructional video once a month.


Pure awesome!

Genius! I love this. Since I love the vintage educational films (Duck and Cover is the best) and Trek, putting the images to one with the sound of the other is brilliant and fun. Hope to see more!

Fantastic I absolutely love this one.


That is awesome and well edited.

WHat software did you use for it?


Chocolate dipped awesome. I dug that. Did you use actual instructional video dialogue? It was note perfect.

Neill, I use good old iMovie, basic but it’s good enough for stuff like this.

THX, yep, it’s an actual instructional video, this one right here:

Very funny. I like the creativity.

And…… @ #1 Richard Dawson’s Ruffled Shirt….might I say that’s my favorite screen name in a long time. Reminds me of my departed Dad who always had a finger in show biz. Having been an extra in some Little Rascals shorts as a kid he would impart little show business asides to me. For instance, he evidently remembered Dawson when he first came to this country as ‘little “Dickie” Dawson’. Those are the little bits of wisdom I share with my own kids as we’re watching old shows like Hogan’s Heroes. For whatever that’s worth.

Family stories can’t have a price put on them, Andy. They are invaluable.

One Minute Galactica, you are a force of nature. Your videos are always a treat.
Keep up the excellent work! ; )

Thanks, Andy. There’s not enough kissing on our game shows today.

Only wish they’d gotten the real Dawson to do that Family Guy when the Griffins ‘play the Feud’ and Dawson says, “Show me Picard’s flute!”

Hehehehe… I was on the survey

@ 34 Yeah, Dawson was great. Of course, I’m not in the know but I hear he’s a bit infirmed these days. He and Robert Clary are the last ones. Hogan’s Heroes was on right after Star Trek on KXTX TV 39 when I was a kid and you turned the channel after that and there he was again, but present day, on MatchGame. My childhood.

I cracked up laughing when Spock phasered Kirk! Nice anger management!


Bless you sir for bring up “Match Game”… Shatner appears as a panelist in the “Best of Match Game” DVD set… he wasn’t that good, though. He was basically there to promote “Barbary Coast”.

Kudos to One Minute Galactica!


Looking for your next one. Duck and cover, the dangers of weed or booze or one of those patronizing 50’s films about manners or dating would each make a great sequel.

Thanks. I can’t tell you how hard I tried to find a duck and cover narration that I could use. I also searched for a fear of communists among us type with no luck.

But I’ve got a “Beware the dangerous homosexual” type of video coming up, one on manners, and one on being a good sport.

Phasering “pete” was the best angar management sugestion lol

This video really pissed me off. Please help me, Sts. Peter and Paul! ;)

Great job, One Minute!