Viral Video: “Star Trek Girl” A Big Internet Hit

In the last couple of weeks a Star Trek-themed song and video are going viral in a big way. "Star Trek Girl" my Meekakitty is a fun celebration of girl Trekking. Check it out below. 



Star Trek Girl

The song "Star Trek Girl" by Meekagirl is going viral in a big way. In just a couple of weeks the video has almost 950,000 views on YouTube. Check it out.

If you like the song, you can buy "Star Trek Girl" at iTunes.

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Way too young for a shower scene, sadly…

No mother! I have some morals!

Wish I could buy it somewhere besides iTunes.

Due to the fact that TrekMovie is now reporting on something that happened about two weks ago, I’ll assume that we’re just catching up with paperwork.

So does that mean we are finally in the happy place where we get updates every day? :)

Wow. why do I think JJ will find a way to put this in the sequel as one of Earth’s top pop hits of 2258? :S

Sounds like Ke$ha-like music, which is ironic because awhile back she had said somewhere that she wrote her big hit Tik TOk about Star Trek, in response to that youtube parody posted on this site last year

It does make me think JJ should have come out with a ‘Songs inspired by’ album for 2009’s film, which would have increased profits from the film and increased exposure even more.

So, BobOrci, if you end up reading this post, please, whether JJ or another Director handles the 2012 sequel, please get such an album made for that film..

I friggin’ hope so!

@3 that was meant

Wait, shower scene?
What shower scene?

well to be fair TrekMovie is reporting that this video has been a big viral hit and has almost a million views.

But yes TrekMovie is back to our regular reporting and will again have our 20+ articles/week as we have for years. The last month was a bit of a slow down/break but we didn’t miss anything big.

@7. Anthony Pascale


Anthony, mother has shoved a lovely apple pie in tge oven for you!

This song is worse than Star Trek 5.

Girl is an 8 song a negative 8.

I will keep it real though, if this was my girlfriend I would tell her it was good to her face, I would then come on trek movie and tell the truth.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can listen to this; I stopped it less than 15 seconds in. Pretty bad when a song like this makes Ke$ha sound good.

She’s cute and she’s into Star Trek, so it doesn’t really matter that she can’t sing and it’s a terrible song.

How dare this really good looking girl criticize “Star Trek Enterprise”
“Star Trek Enterprise” was better than her song!

mmm pie

can you email a pie?

Mother is scanning it now and will email it to you Anthony.

Mother says that all you have to do is print it off at the other end and enjoy…

Oh brother. I’m embarrassed to be a fan when I watch stuff like that.
That’s me doing the face-palm

3.14159… enjoy!


Were you born on the 15th of March 1973?

I will have to admit the song is kind of catchy and now I cant get that tune out of my head

Oh dear, that was a bit annoying but #20 is right. It’s very catchy!

Norman. Was your Mother by chance the same one in the Terran Empire who did all of those terrible things. If so. Then you are a Hero. She is Revered in the Empire as one of the Strongest Women of the 20th Century.

Anthony. It is great to have you back. We did Entertain our selves a lot. Don’t believe me. Then check out Sci fi movies from Dec 19th. 2100 post.

Mmm, too bad she’s so young :)

today on Gerry Springer

“WTF if going on??”

Its pop. I’m almost positive its a pop parody.

If you’ve followed her other web peices, she’s a trekkie, this is a labor of love.

Like all of those Klingon hardcore bands in the “Trekkies” movie.

Well, I have a great sense of humor … but for some reason … I hated it … sorry “star trek girl”! :-( :-(

I thought it was a good satire of current popular music while engaging the young lovely lady’s love of Star Trek with humor and enthusiasm. Now, the song is not really my cup of tea– too much auto-tuning and repetition, but then that’s the case for the style of music it is playing off of.

My only regret is that the repetitive chorus is not stuck in my head. I might need to use a Klingon mind-sifter or just a phaser to the head to get it out.

Without even playing the video, I can surmise that Trek Girl is awesome.

How DO I do these things?

In Anthony’s defense, and in defense of this site, I’m not sure why they should be the first to post anything and everything Trek related. So what if this came out two weeks ago? Not exactly late-breaking important stuff.

I wouldn’t blame Anthony for taking another leave. I certainly couldn’t deal in a civil way with all the whiners commenting on this site.

As for the song, it’s kind of annoying and catchy at the same time. But I don’t believe I ever need to hear it again. The girl is very cute.

I liked the Borg part. That was the only scene that was good. Everything else sucked. All she did was jump up and down and the bg girls jumped and danced on the wall. And their uniforms didn’t even match!

That said, I think that for the next ST movie, there needs to be an album of songs by various artists that were written just for ST or fit the music selection of the ST universe.

I wonder if singing is among Zoe Saldana’s talents. Uhura is supposed to sing! 8^D

Leave it to Trek-dom to gripe, bitch, and complain! I wanna see the day, *just* one, that EVERYONE can say something positive or nice! You know…like Gene’s whole philosophy behind Star Trek?

Yeah! I know. Kind of like world peace. Nice concept, but it ain’t gonna happen! =(


She’s 20 years old, says so on her YouTube page.

I downloaded the song right after I watched the video on Geekologie. I found it so catchy, it’s almost infectious. And, plus, she’s really cute.

Since when was it Gene’s whole philosophy that everyone says only positive things about anything?

Picard didn’t like children, Worf didn’t like to stay away from battle Wesley didn’t like to stop annoying the viewer, etc. And they always said it (Well, except Wesley). I think the free will and the free expression of the own opinion was far more Gene’s philosophy than a bunch of people only saying “yes and amen!”.

Wait…Ray William Johnson?

This is god awful and the girl is basically average looking. But I am sure to the majority of the guys on this website she resembles a goddess of some sort. I bet captain kirk would pass on her though.

not sure if want…

I liked it!

This wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. It was meant for fun. I thought it was fun and cute. And so what if they didn’t all wear matching uniforms?

I can’t figure out why some folks feel the need to nitpick everything. Geez!

#34 thanks :) She’s so adorable I thought she was a kid. Ugh, when did 20 year olds start looking like kids to me.

The video is much better with the sound off.

I thought it was really cute.

This was outstanding. As far as entertainment value, it was much better than the stale deal with the two actresses trying to imitate Kirk and Pike.

@37. No doubt you are a legend in your own mind in terms of your own appearance. LOL

“I wouldn’t blame Anthony for taking another leave. I certainly couldn’t deal in a civil way with all the whiners commenting on this site.”

Thanks to those of us “whiners”, the remainder of the staff started putting their own articles together in his absence. So, you are welcome.

Regarding this song, I feel like quoting Data when he first got his emotion chip:

“Yes! I hate this!”

46 – Please, the whiners didn’t get things going again. It would have happened anyway. Take the credit if you want, but if you’re so damned influential, how come you’re always whining? Whining is, after all, the clarion call of those who forever feel things aren’t going their way. A whine is nothing but the yelp of one who feels powerless to change things, the shrill eructation of the perennial loser, the bothersome bleat of one who considers themselves a victim. Whining rarely results in positive action.


Haters gotta hate.. I thought it was good fun, and the girl is gorgeous..

Too bad she’s into TNG…oh well. XD