Star Trek Gaming Update: Infinite Space Music Clip + Latest STO News

Today we have a quick Star Trek gaming update. First up Gameforge has announced that Chris Hülsbeck will be scoring their browser-based game, and they provided a clip of music from the game. Listen to it below, plus check out some recent Star Trek Online videos and updates.  


Music Clip From Star Trek Infinite Space

Gameforge has announced that veteran composer Chris Hülsbeck will be producing an "epic soundtrack" for their upcoming browser game "Star Trek: Infinite Space". Hülsbeck has composed music for such games as "Turrican 2" and "The Great Giana Sisters". In a statement the composer said: “This commission is a great honor, to work on a Star Trek product was a dream that has now come true.”

Gameforge has also released a sample from the upcoming soundtrack, listen to that here:

The browser based free-to-play game Star Trek – Infinite Space, set in the Deep Space Nine timeline, is set to be released in the summer of 2011. Gameforge will make the full soundtrack available as a free download after the release of the game in the summer.

Star Trek Online Foundry Spotlight  + new interviews + Anniversary video

One of the big new features for the current "third season" of Star Trek Online are player-created missions using the Foundry system. Cryptic have released a video highlighting some of these missions, check it out:

And here is the latest episode from the STOked podcast, including an interview with content developer Dan Griffis.

More STO links:

By the way, earlier this month STO celebrated its first anniversary. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a special video they released to honor the event and go over the new features added since launch in February 2010.



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updating now!

Since I have Mac, anything related to STO is useless. However, ST: IS looks, or in this case, sounds awesome. It has a mixture of TNG and DS9 to it.

I just recently started subscribing to STO again, after about 6 months of hiatus, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed by the changes and how much BETTER the game is. Also, from all the upcoming changes to the game and additions, I’m really starting to see this game go from ok- to the only MMO I will STICK with. (I played everquest, city of heroes, planetside, and WOW but all for less than 3 months each) Good job to the devs for listening to complaints and really utilizing fan suggestions and ideas, they really are trying to make a fan oriented game. Thank god Craig Zinkevich is gone.

So I bought STO on a huge discount. Download it, fire it up. It says “server up.” I log in and it says “server down.” Twice this has happened. I don’t think I’m trying to get on when they’re upgrading. The times don’t seem right. Yet both times I haven’t been allowed on.

I love this game. Finally, I can be a part of the Star Trek multiverse.

* I meant STO, of course ;-)

#2 “Since I have Mac, anything related to STO is useless.”
You should know that there is an (unofficial) OSX wrapper for STO.

Star Trek Online is wonderful, it is getting better and better and it now has a noticablely larger game population.

Admirals… Essemble!

I play STO on my mac and its fantastic!

HAHAHA! Lets make weekly episodes that are exactly the same with different weak voice overs.

I made the mistake of re’subbing since beta 2 weeks ago.. ive played is for around 20mins… words cannot describe the lies and tears with STO

Thanks to the Stoked guys for providing really solid information on STO. I can’t justify spending the money to play right now, but I’m wishing I could. It sounds like the initial run was crap, but that the guys at cryptic, really started to do their homework, listen to the fans/players, and build something that was wanted. Hats off to them.

@2. Gorn – February 24, 2011 “Since I have Mac, anything related to STO is useless.”

There’s an app for that…

…it’s called Windows ;-P

Seriously, though – so long as you’ve got a Mac with an Intel CPU, not PowerPC, then you can get BootCamp (if it isn’t pre-installed on your machine) for about $50 & Windows 7 Home Premium for $200.

Even if you do prefer Mac OS X, it seems worth it to me to be able to use Windows applications…

None of the weeklies are the same at all…? I’ve played all 3 series I can’t see what you’re describing, they’re all pretty different.

To add on to my last post, this weeks episode actually had some Nostalgic music in it from TOS