TrekMovie LiveTweet Watch Party – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 5PM (Pacific) Sunday

Two weeks ago TrekMovie hosted a spontaneous ‘live tweet’ watching party of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, debating the film with Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett. This weekend Burnett and I (and anyone else who wants to join) will be doing it again, this time for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at 5 PM (Pacific). You can follow along below.


TrekMovie live tweet of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Get ready for a social media viewing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. On Sunday at 5 PM Pacific I will be ‘live tweeting’ commentary for the film from @trekmovie on Twitter. Just like with the #TMPtweet two weeks ago, I will be joined by Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett (@BurnettRM). Other special guests will likely join in, including Larry Nemecek (@larrynemecek).

@KhanSingh: @CaptKirkUSSEnterprise I spit my last tweet at you #TWOKtweet

We will be watching the ‘restored’ version of Wrath of Khan from the "Star Trek Original Movies Collection" released on Blu-ray and DVD in 2009, but any version you have of Star Trek II should suffice to follow along. To join in on the fun, watch your copy of the film along with us. We will start the movie at 5 Pm (Pacific) sharp. There is also going to be an early bird live tweet watching “Space Seed” starting at 4PM.

You can follow all the action at #TWOKtweet at or with the #TWOKtweet hashtag on your preferred Twitter app (like TweetDeck).


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Aww dang. If only the Director’s Edition came out on BluRay we would have more time.

What’s different about the ‘restored’ version compared to ther Blu-ray and DVD versions? I know the director’s edition DVD has different scenes.

Brillant Star Trek film of all time :)

How does this work, is it like the live stream that was going on a while back, or does everyone have the DVD/Bluray edition from their place and chat across tweeting?

@2: “What’s different about the ‘restored’ version compared to ther Blu-ray and DVD versions? I know the director’s edition DVD has different scenes.”

I believe Anthony is referring to the fact that out of all six of the films released on BluRay, only a handful were given proper restorations. The Wrath of Khan and the Voyage Home were the only two of six films given the restoration treatment while the rest were simply put onto BluRay with no added restoration or even new mastering.

Frankly, all I can say about the restoration of The Wrath of Khan is that someone from Lowry Digital who did the restoration work on the Star Wars movies decided that the Wrath of Khan deserved the “Blue Filter” treatment.

^ Agreed!!! I’m appalled at how blue the snow is in Hoth in TESB. They boost the contrast and the colours bloom waaaay too much.

All I can say is.

Ok. I will be with all watching and can’t wait. Should be a good time tonight.

Lets do Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock next week.

This was a lot of fun. As many times as I have seen Trek 2. I noticed for the first time that Trek 2 had a few Lense Flares. Yes. I said Trek 2 had a few lense flares. In the Geneses wave that Dr. Marcus presented there was a lense flare. The Geneses Torpedo had lense flares and when the Enterprise fired her phasers at Reliant’s nacel there was another Lense flare. So. It is safe to say that Trek 2 had flares.

Oh. There was a Lense flare when Spock was fixing the Warp drive of the Enterprise. Lol

Thank you Anthony. This was a lot of fun.

#10 that was a reverse nod to J.J……..or maybe thats the lense flare that inspirid J.J. to love lense flairs and put them in all his movies….lol

True. I think J.J seen the Flares in Trek 2 and just had to put them into Trek09. Lol

Can’t believe I freakin’ missed it! Next time can we get at least a day’s notice??

I just watched Space Seed last night, by coincidence.

What a fantastic performance by the late Ricardo Montalban.

He was one of a kind. No one else could have delivered that performance as compellingly.

And of course STII was a fabulous swan song for him in that role.

It’s episodes like Space Seed and films like STII that justify all of the hullaballoo about Star Trek and vindicate the campiness of some of the other films and the mediocrity of much of the post-TNG TV episodes.

And now the obligatory….


Well, I don’t think of any Trek production as being campy. Except Trek V, and I’m referring of course, to the campfire scene. (“Campfire scene.” Get it? Huh? Huh? I got a million of ’em.)

Mike Okuda should’ve digitally placed Chekov in “Space Seed” a la “Trials and Tribblations”.

I had to work and missed this. {{{:[(>

When I first heard they were going to make the second movie, a sequel to the episode “Space Seed”, I thought it was a bad idea. First, I didn’t think it was all that good. But if you watch Harve Bennett’s commentary on the special edition documentary, he saw something in that show that had inherent drama. By the way he also watched every show to get an idea what Star Trek was about.

The rest is history. Many Trekkers believe that The Wrath of Khan is one of the best Star Trek shows ever. There was adventure. The battle between the Enterprise and the Reliant. There was heart. Spock’s sacrifice. There were ideas. Revenge. Mortality. The limits of science. Make no mistake. This was Star Trek.

10, 13:

Engine room fixing lens flares were all created in postproduction by Pete Kuran of VCE … the on-set work was basically just a crummy fire extinguisher looking thing they had to obscure (not too successfully) with opticals.

Interesting how they could create fake lens flares better back then than now …

5. Jeyl.

Wrong. For VI, they restored the original theatrical version which had not been available in ANY format prior to the Bly-Ray release.

Useless trivia on TUC: when they first showed it on PPV (before the home video release, I think), they didn’t ‘open up the super35 frame’ to show the unseen top and bottom of the image, the way you are supposed to (and the way they did the non-letterbox homevid release) … instead, the morons panned and scanned WITHIN the letterbox version, so you wound up with a massively cropped and totally distorted version of the film that was missing tons of valuable screen information. Shades of how RIVER KWAI used to look on TV, where you wouldn’t see Hayakawa and Guiness at the table, just the table and occasionally their hands, with the actors cropped out of frame.

Just remembered that from the days when you could see the first 10min unscrambled on PPV events …

I missed this?! GAH! why do I always miss these?

Oh well. I was watching “ST III: The Search For Spock” coincidentally at around the same time so I still got my Trek in for the day.

BTW, was anyone at least a LITTLE chokey and/or tearful during Spock’s death scene? Don’t be shy, I want to know.

R.I.P. Rrrrrrrricardo Montalban. May your chest always cause debates about its authenticity!

My wife really breaks up at Spocks death every time, especially when Spock says, “… have been and always shall be your friend” When we were at last years ST CON in Vegas and Nimoy said that same line to Shatner while they were on stage, again my wife lost it.

Lt. Bailey, you married a good woman.

Hey Anthony. That was a lot of fun. Did you notice the Lense Flares in Trek 2.