Watch Worf Get Stuck In Traffic In Cleveland Show Star Trek Gag

Another weekend and another Seth MacFarlane FOX animated comedy Star Trek reference. This time Mr. Worf showed up in a traffic jam on The Cleveland Show on Sunday, watch the clip below…and maybe help translate some Klingon.


Worf spotted on The Cleveland Show

On Sunday’s episode of The Clevelend Show "To Live and Die in VA" they started with an homage to the REM music video for "Everybody Hurts", complete with subtitles showing the innermost thoughts of drivers in a traffic jam. (video via HULU which only works in the USA due to licensing – sorry).

UPDATE: Worf loves Glee?
The translation of Worf’s inner dialog (via Straight Dope Message Boards) is “I failed to watch Glee”, so it appears that Mr. Worf is a fan of the popular Fox singing show and missed the last episode.


Thanks to Craig for tip.

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Too bad I’m European – but nice to know that modern, popular shows reference Star Trek.

Zeroth? :-))

This is from user “cochrane” at The Straight Dope:

“lujpu’ jIH’e’ = “I have failed”

Daq legh = “to see” or “watch”

I would hazard a guess that “ghlee” is borrowed from our English word “glee,” as that would not appear to be a concept normally expressed by Klingons.

So it seems as if Worf is lamenting that he missed “Glee.”

It seems as if that would be a plausible inside joke. ”


hulu is balls…

the internet is international …start using international platforms for video content…


thanks…added link

RE: Hulu
Why do we keep having to go over this? Nothing we can do about that…complain to HULU

but remember that ppl outside UK cant see BBC video and outside Canada cant see CBC video, etc. That is how the international internet works for licensed TV.

any non-hulu links?

Surely it’s on youtube within minutes? Everything else is.

Stop using Hulu links please!! Don’t post, or find some more global video provider before post.

Hey guys, what if Anthony got his hands on some amazing footage from behind the scenes of the Star Trek squeal, but it could only play on a provider for the UK, or something outside the US. Would you then persist in your demands for him to not play it unless he could find an international provider?

These kinds of fans sites are predicated on getting news and video out there as soon as possible, regardless of the source. Anthony wouldn’t be doing his job if he sat on something that he had only because it played on one provider. And the last time I checked, you’re not PAYING to use this site, so the way I see it, he can do whatever the hell he wants. STOP TELLING HIM WHAT TO DO.

Good God, people – do a google search and find the video yourself if you’re outside the US. It’s quicker than whining in the comment section.

Yeah, but it’s much more fun to complain…

There are a large number of people who come here that are from areas where hulu does not provide content to us.

I hate every time I come here and see stuff posted from hulu. That and the pop up ads that take over the trekmovie tab… It’s almost time to stop coming here.

Youtube plays to the world, if the content if available there, the author should provide it in the editorial instead of hulu.

Trek is international, so please use clips that can be viewed internationally.

Two words: Hotspot Shield.

I checked, it’s not on any other video site, only on Hulu. So don’t give Anthony any grief, just do as I do (I’m in Europe) and download Hotspot Shield, this handy proxy tool (free) gives you a US-based IP-address and let’s you watch Hulu. Presto, problem solved.

#8 – yes, I would complain if Anthony had some spectacular BTS Star Trek scoopage and it was only available streaming in a single country.

All for one and one for all. Star Trek is about humanity coming together, to cross boundaries, to share and become one human society as a whole.

Hulu is the anti-Star Trek.

When you post Hulu links, you’re killing Star Trek. Very simple.

The clip is on Hulu because it’s copyrighted, and Hulu is the only, (or one of the only) places that’s authorized to show it.

It would be great if somebody figured out a better system than the US-only internet streams we see now. But you can’t just throw up copyrighted content on the Internet because you don’t like the system.

#15 – Stop with the hyperbole.

Other countries have different laws for one thing, so if you want to complain, complain to the government of those countries.

I hate this “If I can’t have/see it then nobody should!” attitude. There’s plenty of cool TREK stuff available overseas that people in the US can’t get either.

#15. “When you post Hulu links, you’re killing Star Trek.”

Yeah, way to kill Star Trek, Anthony. On top of that, you’re forcing Bucky to respond to this great injustice, which takes time away from his daytime soaps.

Guys, there are those little things called proxies! They can come in very handy in such cases.
So, what Anthony COULD actually do is to not only embed the video but also post the url of the video so that anyone outside the US can copy it and use some web proxy to reach the site.
Could you do that, Anthony? – That would be awfully nice!

PS: The URL is “”

#18. now, see you’re just being mean for no apparent reason. Way to embrace the Star Trek mindset there, buddy.

TrekMovie will continue to periodically post videos of Star Trek related stuff that have international rights built in. When we can find global links we try to share those, but 70%+ of our readers are from the USA, are we to ignore/deny them because a video cant be seen outside the USA. Would that be very Star Trek of us? I dont think so. Last week we linked to a video only available in Canada, so I couldnt even see it. Should I have not linked to it because of that?

So if our policy of sharing videos with as many people as possible is a problem for you, i really dont know what to say. I and other contributors try to share all of interest in Trek, but sometimes these country limits will crop up. There is nothing we can do about them but i will not deny those who can enjoy something solely because others have to miss out on one little silly video.

#21 – I was going more for snarky sarcasm. That is, unless you really were watching daytime soaps — not that there’s anything wrong with that — in which case I could see how that would be mean and I apologize.

But you think it was for no apparent reason? You’re openly complaining about Hulu policy and insulting the hosts of this site. You think you’re upholding some Star Trek mindset by doing that? Hulu policy is something over which the site’s moderators have no control. Stop being overly dramatic about not being able to view a clip. The clip isn’t even that good!

Also – I’m not your buddy, friend.

We appreciate it, Anthony.

What Worf shoulda been saying in Klignon was “if you can understand this you are too trek nerdy!” heheh

Fukn Hulu!


The very Star Trek thing to do is to be inclusive of all peoples. Hulu and various other region-locked vids are counter-intuitive to what Star Trek is all about. If there’s stories about “Horray! Star Trek is on Hulu!” it doesn’t matter a whit to anyone except a select audience. If you see a story that says “Watch for blah blah blah Trek related blah blah blah” and click on it, it’s unfair to make it exclusive to only the segment that can see it.

Personally, I’d say do away with Hulu links altogether because it’s not worth the hassle to the portion audience that goes on the site. But if Hulu and various other region locked videos continue to be a mainstray, then write it in the headline. Something easy (NOTE: HULU REGION LOCKED). In big freakin letters (bold, underlined, coloured) so we get the point and don’t have to click and ultimately be disappointed.

Like I said, when you’re posting Hulu links, you’re killing Star Trek. One exclusive clip at a time.

Not the headline, I mean the paragraph portion before the jump. Makes life a hellova lot easier.

also 23, I’m not your buddy, guy

I’m not your guy, friend.


Try reading the article. It states “(video via HULU which only works in the USA — sorry).”


Yes, I did read the article, sillypants. I’m saying put the Hulu disclaimer in the paragraph break before I have to click on the article so therefore I don’t have to click on the article from the frontpage in the first place. If it’s in the write up on the frontpage, I won’t be disappointed to click and find a Hulu link. See the part where I said “I mean the paragraph portion before the jump. Makes life a hellova lot easier.”



It had the disclaimer in the paragraph ABOVE the clip! What’s the big deal about that? Are you just too damned lazy that you need everything explained to you in the paragraph on the main page?

I guess for you its “Ohhh…..dammit….I hate not getting enough information on the front page paragraph! Clicking on the (more…) link is just too time consuming as those five seconds are just too important to waste and clicking hurts my finger!”

Good lord, man! I think you need a new hobby!

Stupid region restrictions!

I don’t know, but maybe the restrictions may have something to do with copyright laws or something similar. On another thread, I posted links to a NZ broadcaster’s video and asked if people in the US, Canada etc could see what had been linked. This was because, a little while ago Karl Urban was back in NZ and interviewed on a local TV show. Somebody here (in NZ) tried to post the link to Karl’s IMDb message board, but the link did not work because of region restrictions. Within 24 hours however, the same interview had been posted to youtube and could be watched by everyone.

I can’t see what is on Hulu. Bit of a bummer but it is not something that you should get your Calvin Kleins, Bendons, Jockeys…whatever undies, in a big knot about. You could do yourselves some damage!

32 – The point is put the disclaimer on the main page, so it doesn’t waste time / internet download usage for people who can’t watch it.

Since you didn’t get it the first two times I posted it, here it is again. I’ll put in lots of space, try not to use big words, and use small sentences. I pray to whatever God you believe in that you actually manage to finally, totally, understand.

A Hulu link is bad.

Because not everybody can watch it.

So if a Hulu link posted on Trek movie.

It should be referenced as such on the main page.

To not waste the time of people who can’t see it.

Did that get through to you? Please, tell me it did. I simply do not understand now to make this simpler for you. I could use pictographs if you don’t get it, feel free to respond.

Anyway, the main point that Hulu is the Anti-Star Trek. If this website continues to persist in posting Hulu links that run completely counter-ideal to Star Trek’s philosophical outlook of inclusiveness of all people united together as one, they tell us on the main page.

You have to have understood that one. You simply can’t be that stupid. Nobody can.

You see, Reddy old buddy, the way this website works is the reader (that’s you, pal!) on the frontpage (that’s what happens when you click on your browser and use that BACK button) gets to read the paragraph (the thing with the lots of words that’s made up of sentences) before they read the story. There’s a newspaper term which went over to web-design called the “jump”, which means you have to click-through to read the rest.

So if you put in a hulu disclaimer on the Par-a-graph before the ju-mp then people will know.

Disclaimer on the paragraph before the jump.

Get it? Got it. Good! Great!

“(video via HULU which only works in the USA due to licensing – sorry).”
written clearly at the end of the second of two short paragraphs. Somehow, I managed to read that, so did not bother to click on because I knew that I would not be able to see the video, seeing as I live in NZ and not the USA. Honestly, a real no-brainer. Perhaps I am not seeing page as you do, but it is always very clear and sensible to me.

It is not particularly anti-anything. As Anthony has explained, he does try to get links to videos that can be seen by everyone and most of the time this is achieved. Unfortunately, nothing and nobody is perfect. Life is like that sometimes. Get it? Got it. Good! Great!


I really don’t know why you’re so worked up over this. OVER A CLIP!

“Anyway, the main point that Hulu is the Anti-Star Trek. If this website continues to persist in posting Hulu links that run completely counter-ideal to Star Trek’s philosophical outlook of inclusiveness of all people united together as one, they tell us on the main page.”

Dude, I really don’t get your connecting Star Trek’s message of inclusiveness to your hatred of copyright laws, and Anthony’s supposed lack of foresight to mention “Hulu-linked” on the front page.

“You simply can’t be that stupid. Nobody can.”

Nobody can, except for you obvously!



Ok, this is like talking to a severely brain damaged coma patient, but, hey, I’ll play along.

Star Trek ideal = people coming together, sharing ideas, sans restrictions.

Hulu = keeping people apart, hoarding ideas and content, with restrictions.

Pretty simple. I’m sure that one even got through your head.

37 – I know it’s written that it’s Hulu region locked, but it’s written in the article, not on the frontpage. Therefore it makes clicking on the article itself extremely pointless for the audience. I’ve explained that above.

Again, I point out that Hulu advertizes itself as being a bunch of brain sucking aliens & folks outside the USA want their brains sucked out through a straw as well ?


– W –
* Who’s not a brain sucking alien *

“Hulu = keeping people apart, hoarding ideas and content, with restrictions.”

Really? I am sure that this episode will screen here eventually, so we’ll all get to see Worf…for ourselves. FGS, grow up or you will give yourself a coma or do yourself damage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…;)