Happy First Contact Day

Today in Star Trek future history is "First Contact Day". Regardless of your timeline, on April 5th, 2063 Dr. Zefram Cochrane is to became the first man to break the warp barrier (with a little help from the crew of the NCC-1701E), which will catch the notice of some passing Vulcans who initiate the ‘first contact’ between humans and aliens…and the beginnings of the United Federation of Planets and all that came with it.


The fateful moment

The following scene from Star Trek First Contact is one of the more powerful in all Trek film history, culminating the best of the TNG era films. The moment of Humans and Vulcans meeting for the first time, in friendship, you see in an instant the entirety of Gene Roddenberry’s message of a humanity that will eventually (after many struggles) come together into an optimistic future.

Learn more about the ‘First Contact’ (links from our friends at Memory Alpha)

First Contact Day Sale at Official Star Trek Store

To celebrate First Contact Day, CBS Consumer Products is offering out-of-this world deals in the StarTrek.com store. Trekkies can grab Star Trek VIII: First Contact on Blu-ray and DVD at 45% off (get it, 4/5?), or purchase an exclusive First Contact shirt for only $19.99. All items are available HERE

First Contact sale at official Star Trek Store

How will you celebrate?

Planning a First Contact viewing party? Going to finally go up to that girl/guy and make your own ‘first contact’? Share your ideas with your fellow Trekkies.


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I thought the way first contact ended was Farmer Hoggit took out his gun and blew away the vulcan. Then the humans rushed the ship and killed the rest of the crew. Am I not in my own reality?

Happy First Contact Day!

It is also my Birthday, so I am really celebrating.

i didnt know this, in that case i guess i already celebrated with a pizza and a coke

TOS 2nd movie = Khan
TNG 2nd movie = FC

based on that id say we are in for a very special movie next year

Happy First Contact Day!

@2 – Happy Birthday!

@2 Happy Birthday to you as well, as it is my birthay today too.

Lets hope we will be around in 52 years to see what our birthday “gift” will really be.

I like the good Admiral’s suggestion! I might just have to make some first contact of my own as well.

I actually baked a cake yesterday and brought it to school today
because of First Contact Day! ^^

happy pre-birthday

First Contact established the benevolence of Vulcans, which Enterprise went and smashed for 3 seasons.

JJ Abrams and the boys then took the theme of Vulcan intolerance and brilliantly used it as a catalyst for Spock’s decision to join Starfleet. But they looked back to the DC Fontana days of Journey to Babel and TAS, and got it right.

sorry why birth day happy pre-first contact

Or in the case of mirrorverse, Happy First Vulcan Kill Day!

I have the FC SE DVD release, and I’m perfectly happy with that, but I really do want to hear the new commentary track with Lindelof and some other guy for FC.

@ 12

That some other guy is Anthony . LOL.

But i wouldn’t recommend that commentary, it wasn’t really informative. Its reallyyyyyy boring.

Happy FCD to all my fellow-trekkie/trekkers (by the way: how do we call ourselfes nowadays?)!!

america is going downhill so fast, i doubt we’ll be anywhere near warp speed by 2063.

if warp speed is even possible. some scientists say it is totally impossible. like not in a million years. it just cannot be done.

Ah, if only first contact could be so easy.
I believe either:
A) we are already in the midst of some kind of bizarre covert contact with aliens – who get their kicks from probing human anatomy… OR
B) the distance barrier is far too great and we will never encounter, or be visited by, aliens from another galaxy… OR
C) we are alone in the universe.

From the Terran Empire News Service.
Today is the Anniverisory of First Conquer Day. On April 5th, 2063 Dr. Zefram Cochrane Encountered the first Vulcans to have landed on earth. Dr Cochrane who was a very brilliant man shot and killed the first Vulcan and a group of others who were with him stormed the Vulcan ship and killed and captured the remaining crew to learn there secrets. It is said that at that moment that the Terran Empire was truly born and for many years afterword with the Vulcan Technology the Terran Empire would grow to what it is today. Dr Chochrane was offered the oppertunity to be the first Emperior of the Empire but declined as he wanted to just be rich and retire to a Carribean Island. His request was of course granted. He did on occasion help the newly formed Empire on the Warp 5 project in building new Terran Ships and with in just a few years Earth had a fleet of Ships being built.
Once again Happy First Conquer Day.


ok – ok, since I already shouted Happy First Contact Day before this article was posted in the “Roberto Orci: Star Trek Sequel To Be “More Daring” + Trekkies Are “Consultants” + more [UPDATED]” thread…i’ll say the following here no matter what my # is:

!!! FIRST !!!


alternate TNG ‘III’

Geordies convenient temporal wormhole at the end of FC sends the Ent E into an alternate universe where the crew have to do battle with an evil Empire led by Admiral Kirk

hey i bet itd have been more fun than Insurrection!

Should we be blowing the s*** out of each other right about now?


Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine!

Happy FC-DAY Everyone!

We just might make it till then. eh, Harry.


Harry: 52 years since you had any?

How the hell old are you?

Totally agree with the points in this story. First contact with the Vulcans was a powerful moment. Roddenberry would be pleased. This film is the third best in the line of Star Trek movies. Number two for me is Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan; and number one is Star Trek: IV The Voyage Home which is also a very Roddenberryesque Star Trek movie.

I think we’re well on our way to WWIII and the deaths of 600,000,000.

But seriously, I truly miss Star Trek. Another year is far too long to wait. Let’s leave JJA to handle nuTrek in the films and turn TNG era stories over to Frakes and Burton to produce a miniseries. If they’re successful, then we’ll get a weekly series. The SyFy channel makes all kinds of crappy MFTV movies. Why can’t one or two be Star Trek??

15. Captain Ransom – April 5, 2011

That would be Einstein. Go back and check out the science video from a few days ago. In theory it might work, the only thing missing is the construct, and that, they confessed, is not possible at this time and might never be possible. Got to remember that what you see on Trek is psudoscience, that warp drive was invented to get around the problem that a space adventure show where 99.9999% of your program was getting from one point to another just would be boring.

Happy First Contact day everyone

13 – ya, I know it’s Anthony, I was just cracking wise. Which is why I wanna hear the commentary track, because I know Lindleof can crack wise on his own commentary tracks for his own show, and Anthony can engage in some wacky wordplay. The original commentary on the DVD between Braga and Moore is pretty good too, they have a tendency to be merciless on their own work. But speaking of Moore/Braga commentary, the best is by and far their Generations track. It’s gold.

Got off on a tangent there, but, ya, I do want to hear that Pascale/Lindelof track, just need to find a video store that has a blu-ray or new version of First Contact DVD. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? …Right?

To rent, I mean. Not for purchase. Sorry if that means you don’t get a few bucks, Anthony.

30. I have the blu ray of it, but my local library carries all the Trek movies on Blu-ray, you can borrow it for free! Check your local library…

F**k First Contact Day! I’d rather celebrate the blowing away of some lame-a** Vulcans any day!!!! Happy First Conquest Day!!!

I went out and did something nice for someone I had not met before. I think I will celebrate First Contact day that way from now on.

April 5, 2063?

Hm, and they thought we’d have Eugenics Wars and sleeper ships by 1996.

Crap…unless they come up with a way of putting my brain in an android body, I highly doubt I’ll make it to April 5, 2063…that would put me at 96.5 years old :(

Larga vida y Prosperidad.

Happy First Contact Day! Live long and prosper!


Happy Frist Contact Day! Live Long And Prosper!

April 5, 2063

I may be still be alive then. Let’s see what will go on on that day! ;-)


Vulcan: “Live Long and Prosper.”

Cochoran: “Thanks.”

Vulcan: “We saw your warp signauture and thought we’d come by to help. The rest of the fleet is on its way. We only plan to impede – -excuse me — help you — for about 90 years. We call it ‘Operation Enduring Occupation.”

Daniels, off screen: “And so it begins…”

I live in a timeline where Zefram Cochrane was from Alpha Centauri!

Anyone else always think that the wrinkly old man (at 0:43) and the girl with pointy eyebrows (at 1:38) look like Vulcans? I’ve noticed that every time I’ve watched the movie since it first came out.

Perhaps the lamest “news story” in trekmovie.com history???


At Ambassador Spock (#2):

Many Happy Returns. I hope you had a great birthday with your family and friends. May your goals have been reached and your dreams come true.

As for this “Happy First Contact Day”, this just reminded me of the the two part Star Trek:Enterprise episode: “In A Mirror, Darkly”


I’m recovering from heart valve surgery at a nursing facility just outside Morgantown, WV. On Sunday, I took a “furlough” to go to my apartment and work on my taxes (a friend drove me). While there, I figured I’d pick up a couple of Star Trek DVDs to watch back here at the nursing facility; I have both my own portable DVD player, and a loaner laptop from the facility. I picked First Contact and the JJ Abrams Star Trek — and the funny thing is, I did this without remembering that First Contact Day was coming up on Tuesday. But I saw a mention of it in my Facebook feed on the actual day, so I made sure to watch First Contact that day.


Hope you recover! Glad to see you watching Star Trek dvds as part of your recovery! Get well soon!

That wrinkly old man would be Mestral – he’s been around for a hundred years or so, waiting on a rescue mission.