First Look At New ‘Star Trek: Battlestations’ Slot Machine

In 2008 WMS Gaming rolled out their first Star Trek slot machines, which are currently in casinos across North America. Now they have a brand new slot machine called “Star Trek: Battlestations” which allows players to work together. Check out some exclusive shots and a new video showing off the game.


Star Trek: Battlestations slots- coming to casinos soon

WMS Gaming’s new original Star Trek series-themed video slot machine is called “Star Trek: Battlestations”, which comes in a bank of four connected slots and a bank of monitors that allow players to have what WMS calls a “community gaming experience”. If more than one player is playing at the bank of four machines (pictured below), any time the community bonus triggers, eligible players will enter the bonus game to play together, each with their own ‘fleet’ of up to five ships.

New Star Trek: Battlestations slot machines from WMS

Here is the official description from WMS:

Imagine a guaranteed Big Event® within 8 minutes after each bonus.

From the design team behind the player favorite STAR TREK™ slots comes a whole new take on Community Gaming® — STAR TREK BATTLESTATIONS! You’ve never seen Big Event® gaming like this!

Find Enterprise symbols during base game play to progress the construction of Federation ships that, when finished, increase the power of your fleet for greater potential wins in the bonus rounds. With no more than 8 minutes between communal bonus rounds guaranteed, the Big Event comes in two exciting variations: you’ll enter either the Rogue Ship bonus, where credits awarded are multiplied by your entire fleet, or the Battle Bonus, where even minimum bet players get could take their shot at hundreds of dollars!

Complimenting the exciting communal slot experience are unique 80-line, dual reel set base games that offer both a Transporting WILD feature and a Free Spin bonus with 3 or 4 WILD Reels. BATTLESTATIONS is the exciting adventure fans have been waiting for – our biggest STAR TREK adventure yet!

And here is the new video promo showing off the new Star Trek: Battlestations slot machine.

The first Star Trek slot machine  from WMS (released in 2008) is available at 81 casinos across the USA and Canada. The new “Battlestations’ machines are just being announced and should begin showing up at casinos this summer. WMS tells TrekMovie they expect that Star Trek: Battlestations slot machines will be available at the Rio Hotel in Casino in time for the Star Trek convention being held there in August. You can keep track of where the new slot machines show up at the WMS Facebook page.

Here are some more screenshots:

“Ship Construction”

“Transporter Wild”

“Battle Screen”


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Looks like it could be fun to play.

Woah, I love those new ship designs.

That’s sounds really cool, but will the Rio also have the original Trek slot machines?
I still want to play the ‘Mirror, Mirror” episode on that one and I don’t want to hunt all Vegas for it.

Dude we have that all ready in Casino Nagira I won like 200 bucks from it its really Cool and very easy to play and win

DUDE! I WANT TO PLAY THIS! …. And win moneys…..

I’ve only ever been to a casino once, and there were a bajillion slot machines there (and little else). I tried a few, found the Monopoly one was the most fun, but overall, the rules were too complicated for me to understand. I had some fun, but was very much conscious that I was losing money the whole time haha.

With this machine though, wow, I could lose a fortune on this thing and still be interested. Looks complicated though (meaning requires multiple attempts to learn, meaning spends lots of money).

I think maybe if I ever saw one of these, I’d just park myself behind somebody else and watch them play. That way I don’t have to worry about my money disappearing!

looks cool i hope its at blue chip casino in michagan city indiana or 4 winds casino in new buffalo

I have to say, I never thought I’d find a slot machine this intriguing.

If I could play it without the possibility of ruining myself, I would, just to see what it’s like. A lot of love has been lavished on it.

I’m part thrilled and part mortified by this…lol
But if I find myself in a casino I will look for these

My wife and I have played the current ST Slot machine since March 2008 when we have stayed at the LV Hilton. This hooked me from the very start and the fun part is getting the bonus games to collect medals to unlock the 6 games.

Now this one comes out and it looks fantastic. I am not sure if you can log in with your password ro keep your medals, this looks like a new system with new rules.

Anthony is correct in that Rio does not currently have Star Trek slot machines to play, the only WMS slot they have is Lord of the Rings (which is fun to play also) but we asked about obtaining the current ST slot in time for the CON. They are willing to look into it when we spoke to them back in Dec. However, this slot changes the game and with the amount fans at there, this slot will be a big hit.

I keep saying it, but it is true: These slot machines are the most fun I have loosing money. We have over 300 photos of the various screens we play and win on, I could write a book on the inside tips… If they only made that game into a PC version to play at home with all the bonus rounds.

How about a Star Trek: Borg slot???

Everyone loves the BORG!!

ill be playin it in august at the con

would be fun to play this machine in Vegas soon – im down

and I thought Larry the Lobster was fun. This rocks.

I discovered the original WMS Trek slot in Vegas in April 2010, created my account and login ticket, and continued the game across a half-dozen casinos as I wandered — handy, that. The touchscreen minigames were a nice diversion from watching video reels spin. Pshew, pshew, krzzt, ka-boom! Crisp graphics, good sound, comfy integrated seat.

This new four-seat collaborative mode is a not-so-subtle exploitation of psychology: you’ll play longer if you feel you’re competing against humans. If it’s enjoyable it’s money well spent, I suppose. YMMV.

@Bren: If you want to play without “ruining” yourself, look for the penny slots. This depends on the casino, of course. “The riskier the road, the greater the profit” and all that, but there must be a Rule of Acquisition about never paying more for blinky-light entertainment than you have to.

I played this today at the Texas Station in Vegas. Great game! Nice dual reels.

I was playing this two weeks ago at the Rio whild on a Cloaked mission to scout the Rio.
I am glad to see the Klingon Empire will Crush the Fereration Fleet every time!!

Just played at Harrah’s Las Vegas…The New Battlestations is cool, but I really miss the original where u can earn medals & rank.
As a Fleet Admiral I am very upset that these Episode machines appear to have disappeared and nobody knows why.
I suspect Romulan involvement…so for now it’s RED ALERT!!! & Battlestations