Watch ‘Mr. Sulu Show’ Gag On Last Night’s Family Guy

Once again Seth MacFarlane has turned to Star Trek for a joke on one of his animated shows. Last night’s gag on The Family Guy was all about Mr. Sulu. Watch the Hulu clip below.


Mr. Sulu Show

Last night on Family Guy’s "Tiegs for Two" Peter Griffin goes to the home of his dry cleaner to confront him for stealing his shirt, when he catches Mr. Washee Washee watching his favorite show. Watch the clip (via Hulu – USA only, sorry).

Watch the clip (via Hulu – USA only, sorry).

Thanks to Brian for the clipl

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Seth’s old school. I admire that.

Stupid region restriction. I can absolutely understand if they block entire shows/episodes. But short clips and commercials? Come on. Doesn’t make any sense to block these.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of shock and anger these clips STILL generate because they’re US only. Yes, I’d be frustrated too if I lived outside the US and wanted to see Family Guy’s latest Mr. Sulu gag, but I’d get over it by now and learn to accept life as it is, or find a way around it. Eesh.

Nice and Commadner, I think this might be up on Youtube

Absolutely brilliant.


Commander, try Hotspot Shield Launch – it’s a little bit slower than a normal connection but it gets past the USA restrictions :)

Love that Family uses Star Trek! Now if we could only get CBS/Paramount to let them do an entire movie spoof…….

I am in the USA but the people at Apple Computer has deemed my iPad unable to watch anything with Flash. Sucks. Big time. And frequently.

@Richard Dawson.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of times people ignore the fact that the world is much larger then just the borders of ol’ Uncle Sam’s empire. The number of people in the internet in general far outweighs the amount of people from the US alone yet news sites which purport to be for everyone still insist on using sevices that are regionally restricted.

Yes, of course it’s natural for everyone outside the US to be frustrated at the constant region-specific videos especially when they are well known, region free sites that could be used instead. We’d get over it an accept life as it is, if people in charge would get over their “Manifest Destiny” approach to publishing news.

This was the best episode of Family Guy in a LOOOONG time. And after this gag, there were a bunch of awesome ones after that. Anyone catch the awesome Lord of the Rings gag after? “LIGHT THE BEACONS!”

Funney. This show never ceses to make me laugh. I laugh almost as much as when Harry Ballz goes off on the Beautiful Erica Durance.

I enjoy Family Guy, Love a majority of the gags they put on but I kinda zoned out & missed most of the show including the Mr. Sulu gag after the beginning where they do the flashback about Michael J. Fox ruining one of his 3 shirts – obviously Family Guy is known for Pushing/crossing the limits but last night’s episode didn’t do a good job of impressing me at all for the first time ever in the history of the show.


Manifest Destiny? That’s a head-scratcher. “Isolationist” would have probably been a better analogy, ole boy.

It never ceases to amaze me how the rest of the world carries on like a crazy ex-girlfriend when it comes to Uncle Sam. She doesn’t want anything to do with you, Sam, but she’s always yearning to watch your “clips.”

@8 however, if I wish to watch clips from BBC in the UK from the US, I’m SOL.

I think this regional restriction garbage does have to stop…same with DVD regions. True, we can always go an buy a player that plays all regions, but I say we need to have one type of everything. All PAL or all NTSC. Yes, I know, there are copyright issues at hand, and being an artist, I know it first hand, but everyone in the world can read my comic;)

I understand region restriction with Hulu, but DVD regions boggle my mind. And yet, nobody really complains about DVD region restriction. Hulu’s simply newer and more accessible.

2. Commander – April 11, 2011

Stupid region restriction. I can absolutely understand if they block entire shows/episodes. But short clips and commercials? Come on. Doesn’t make any sense to block these.

The reason short clips are blocked is because the linked video isn’t just a clip. It’s the entire episode set to the point of the gag. You can go back and watch the whole thing if you want to. (Well YOU can’t, but you know what I mean…). Commercials though? You got me on that one.

oh my!!

12. “when Harry Ballz goes off on the Beautiful Erica Durance”

There isn’t enough liquor in the world to make THAT happen!

Sulu was my favorite

Wow…I think like, two of the comments were actually about the clip. All the other comments were nothing more than bitching about the area restrictions. As if complaining about it on a site devoted mostly to Star Trek is going to change anything.

“Washy Washy.”

Hilarious. Love it.

18 – Enough liquor? For her or you, Harry?

CmdrR, i’d have tequila myself!

Pain in the ass to follow a link to find out it’s ‘not available’ in Canada. WTF is with that? It’s only a frikin’ clip – of a show available in Canada…


Para que veais lo que fastidia que solo se pueda ver en los EEUU, yo pongo esto en un idioma comprensible.


USA only eh, as a Canadian I make upside down smiley :(

Terry I agree.

To everyone complaining about region-locking: it is not a US thing, it’s an international thing. For example, I can’t watch any BBC videos living in the US. It’s all about licensing and dollar signs (or pound signs, or yen signs, etc.). It’s also not just Hulu, as YouTube blocks videos for specific regions as well.

First sorry my english.

We know that this is not problem of this amazing website (Trekmovie), and I’m happy for you guys on USA that get this benefit it, but the comments here still valid because is only of few ways to you guys know that the rest of the world is not happy about this situation. You can wonder why do you have to care about, well, maybe because the whole Star Trek show (philosophy?) is about freedom, about equality between people, about “evolution” of the human been, and other many things. In certain why this hullu stuff goes against Star Trek ideas that captived people around the world.

Complains is good because is the only way to generate changes. If we not complain, you guys will never know, and Hullu or whatever will never change.

So, instead turning your back to people outside of USA, help support the cause, send and e-mail to hullu, talk to others about this problem, maybe we can get a better world, more equals world, a Trek like world.


The “theme” of your post is very similar to what Bucky wrote on a similar thread a few weeks ago……..


Happy Birthday, Anthony


I love Washee Washee’s rhyming skills.

Now…why is this clip and all the other Hulu clips banned outside the US?

♫♪ “Sulu’s the star of the show…”

That made me laugh heartily. Can you imagine what an USS Excelsior show would have been like? Each episode would have begun with Christian Slater giving George his “wake up call” and having a different flavor of tea each morning. “Earl Grey, and he was HOT!” “Chinese Breakfast Tea? Come over here and have some Japanese Breakfast Tea!” If only FAMILY GUY would make up a few episodes… before the shockwave from a Klingon moon explod

I Bet George would laugh hardest of all…if he saw it. Kind of reminds me of the fact that “The Green Hornet” T.V. series was actually re-titled “The Kato Show” in Japan.

I’ll take the free healthcare you guys have over access to Family Guy clips, any day.