Yoostar Adds More Star Trek Scenes + YouTube Connectivity

Last month we reported the release of Yoostar 2, the movie karaoke game that includes a couple of Star Trek scenes you can insert yourself into. Yoostar has released more Star Trek scenes you can add, including a Star Trek pack. They have also announced connectivity to share videos on YouTube. Details below, plus links to some fun versions of famous Star Trek scenes.


More Star Trek content for Yoostar 2

Yoostar 2 is a console game for the Kinect for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system utilizing the PlayStation®Eye that is played on the user’s television and connects to the Internet, which was released last month. Yoostar 2 makes it possible for players to insert themselves into famous movie and TV scenes, and the basic game includes included 50 scenes, 2 of which are from Star Trek, plus there is a Enterprise D bridge set for "improv.". Yoostar has since released three new expansion packs, including one for Star Trek.

Star Trek one of the first three downloadable expansion packs

The Star Trek Scene Pack includes 5 scenes:

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 4 – “I like my species the way it is”
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 6 – “Q, you are not God”
  • Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1 – “Fight the Gorn!”
  • Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 2 – Splendid examples of Homo sapiens
  • Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 2 – “I am in command here!"

All are also available as individual scenes. In addition they have also added a new scene as a single clip:

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan – “Khaaan!”

The 5-clip Star Trek pack costs $7, or you can buy the individual scenes for $2 each at the Yoostore.

And this week Yoostar has announced the ability to share movies on YouTube. Using the free Yoostar Playground™ game on Facebook, you will soon be able to post your videos onto YouTube, along with a number of other new features for the Yoostar Playground.

The YouTube functionality hasn’t started yet, but you can check out some funny Star Trek scenes from the "Yoocrew" at the Yoostar Playground on Facebook, just click the images below.


"I like my species the way it is"

"Fight The Gorn"


Yoostar 2 Available now

Yoostar 2 is available at Amazon for both Xbox 360 (w/ Kinect) and PS3 (w/ Playstation Eye).  

The expansion packs are available at yoostar.com.

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I can totally see JJ in that Best of Both Worlds scene when he tries to convince Worf how much of the Klingons are going to be changed.

Once again, no PC version equals no purchase for me. I know this is a platform specific app, but everything is moving away from the PC, or at least seems to be (yes there is STO and the upcoming DAC-mimic Infinite Space, but still).

Mikey, the original Yoostar is a PC version. I’m waiting for the price to drop…it’s fun (I have the PC version, which makes you fuss around with a huge green screen), but not worth the price they ask for it. It still has glitches that need fixed…if anyone could perfect this system, it would be great – but as you can see from the clips, it’s still very hard to get the lighting/ghosting just right.

BTW, it’s a lot more fun to improvise your own lines than to use the original words! :)

Is anyone else hoping we soon see Sheldon using this on the BBT?

I wonder if you have to say “KHAAAAN” twice or if it repeats it for you?

They don’t include the original music in the Gorn clip? LAAAAME


Yes. Me.

@5 hell yes that would be great!

Wait…last I saw the original wasn’t a PC version. I looked. Maybe I didn’t see it.

Sorry for the double post, but when I said no PC version, I meant no PC version of Yoostar TWO. Yes, the original is PC, but two isn’t, THAT’S what I’m annoyed with. Plus the fact that second one has Trek stuff but the first one…well…doesn’t as far a I can tell. Hence why you can see that I’m a little peeved. Now if I actually HAD an xbox 360 or PS3, then I wouldn’t be complaining, but I don’t like those systems in the first place, which is the whole reason I don’t have either of them.

This is the problem with technology in the commercial age. They release it when it’s not perfected. Could you imagine if Transporters were invented and the technology was available to buy at the same level as this “Yoostar”. We’d be all pixilated around the edges after transport, wearing the wrong clothes, and acting as if we wanted to there, but not really.


This has all the charm of other peoples kids and pets.
But,. for BBT, sure…

Given TNG ended like 17 years ago what is the point of this? The would be like Trivial Pursuit re-releasing the 1980’s edition this year. Snore!!!