Star Trek Phase II Featurette: Prime Timeline Strikes Back + P2 Update From Cawley

Today the fan series Star Trek Phase II released a fun featurette which could be titled "The Prime Timeline Strikes Back." Watch that below. Plus we have an exclusive update from Phase II star/producer on James Cawley on what is next for the fan series.


Star Trek Phase II Featurette – The Prime Timeline Strikes Back

The following Phase II featurette premiered today at FedCon in Germany, and James Cawley also wanted to make sure TrekMovie readers had a chance to see it.

Cawley tells TrekMovie that the featurette was "just a bit of fun for the purists." The shots of the Enterprises were done by Tobias Richter, who is now heading up visual effects for Star Trek: Phase II, including work on the recently released episode "Enemy: Starfleet!"(now available for streaming and download).

Phase II Update

Cawley also provided an update on what is next for his fan series. Currently there are three episodes in various stages of post-production.

The next episode to be released is "The Child," which was written for the original Phase II by Jon Povill (and was later turned into a TNG episode of the same name). The episode has been reworked by Povill to fit with the new Phase II, now with a new Deltan crewmember (not Ilia) who will give birth to a mysterious child. The episode will also see the introduction of the Star Trek: The Animated Series character Arex (see preview), who is being digitally rendered by Tobias Richter and voiced by Chris Doohan (stepping in for his dad James Doohan who originally voiced Arex for TAS). Cawley tells TrekMovie they are almost finished with "The Child" and he hopes to release it by late summer 2011. Here is a clip.

Next up is the Klingon-focused episode "Kitumba," based on a story originally written by John Meredyth Lucas for the original 1970s’s Star Trek Phase II. The episode, which got a Phase II fan series rewrite by Patty Wright, is about Kirk and crew visiting the Klingon homeworld and the Klingon child king (the "Kitumba"). The episode features also features a cameo from Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) playing a Starfleet Admiral. A rough cut of "Kitumba" will be shown this weekend at FedCon. Cawley says he hopes to release the episode by early 2012.

The third Star Trek Phase II episode in post-production is "Origins," written and directed by veteran Star Trek writer David Gerrold. "Origins" tells the story of young James T. Kirk as he starts his Starfleet career, including his time at the Academy and his first meeting with Mr. Spock. The younger version of James T. Kirk is played by Matthew Ewald (Galidor). The episode also features guest star Colin Cunningham from Stargate SG-1 as Captain Pike (see preview). Cawley hopes to get "Origins" out later in 2012. Here is a preview of the opening teaser featuring Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru test.

In June Star Trek Phase II goes into production on "Mind-Sifter," based on a story by Star Trek Welcommittee founder Shirley S. Maiewski about Kirk having his memory erased by the Klingons and sent back to 1950’s Earth. As they have since 2008, Phase II is also planning to go into production on another episode in October. Cawley tells TrekMovie they are still mulling over ideas for what they will be shooting this fall.

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