Patrick Stewart Gets Into Starfleet Costume For Skit + Stewart Voicing New War of the Worlds Videogame

Sir Patrick Stewart put on his Jean Luc Picard costume from Star Trek: The Next Generation for a skit on the UK’s Channel 4 TV. In addition, Sir Patrick is returning to Paramount sci-fi as the narrator in a new "War of the Worlds" video game. Details below.


Patrick Stewart appears in TNG costume for Comedy Gala

Fans may remember that last year Sir Patrick Stewart made news for getting into a dustup with comedian James Corden at the Glamour Awards. Well last Friday at the Channel 4 Comedy Gala Stewart and Corden buried the hatchet in a skit which had Sir Patrick wearing his Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleeet uniform in bed with Corden, where they discuss how they want to just want to go back to how things were in their "relationship." You can watch the skit online at the Channel 4 site (sorry, UK only).  [About 1:07:00 into show]

Patrick Stewart and James Corden patch things up in C4 Comedy Gala


Sir Patrick Stewart Narrates War of the Worlds Game

In other Patrick Stewart news, the actor is returning to Paramount for a big sci-fi project. Paramount Digital Entertainment has announced details on their upcoming War of the Worlds platformer videogame, which will be narrated by Sir Patrick. The game is not based on their recent feature film, but is described as "a new vision of the classic H.G. Wells novel, retold as a single player side-scrolling action-adventure, narrated by the acclaimed and distinguished actor, Patrick Stewart."

The new game is set in London with the gameplay paralleling the events from the 1953 movie adaptation, but also introducing a new story arc. The game will follow the exploits of an unknown everyman struggling to escape the Martian invasion of London and rescue his family. Players will have to outsmart an army of alien tripods, spiders and drones as they make their way through a landscape of total devastation.

War of the Worlds will be released this fall on XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Screenshot from "War of the Worlds"

Thanks to Matthew for the Channel 4 tip

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Picard’s uniform doesn’t fit at all, but I hope that was the intent–it makes me think of Stewart going to bed in Star Trek jammies. :P

He looks good in his uniform. Nice Skit.
War of the Worlds look like it could be fun.

UK only? What kind of bizzaro copyright network refuses to let people in the US watch? This is an outrage! We would never put anybody through such an atrocity in America.

@3 – Dr. Cheis – have faith: someone is bound to post it on YouTube soon. That’s the sort of video that doesn’t state country-exclusive for long.

LOL Patrick and James fight last year was the most funniest thing EVER.

make it so.

LOL Dr Cheis


@3 lol. Being from Canada and never getting to watch content hosted in the US, I appreciate your sarcasm :)

Though if someone knows of where else this can be seen it would be great to know :)

Is that a Starfleet wristwatch?

Richard Burton is a very hard act to follow. That said, I think Patrick Stewart’s an excellent choice to follow in his footsteps.

he had a goatee! Mirror Picard!

At least Patrick has a sense of humor about stuff like this..At least he didn’t ask for 20 million pounds before doing it.

You know, it’s nice to have something UK-only for a change ;) *narrows eyes at Hulu*

Since he has the goatee perhaps he should wear the Future Imperfect Admiral’s uniform.

damage limitation….too late

I SO want to watch this! Guess they couldn’t get a tailored uniform for Sir Patrick. Still, it tugs at my heart to see him wearing it again. Wish it were so for real, just one last time!

Fascinating. So good to see Sir Patrick Stewart donning the 2366-2374 Type A Starfleet uniform and the 2360s-2370 Starfleet combadge once again.

I haven’t seen a lot of the current book covers but I hope PIcard w/ beard starts showing up because he looks pretty boss with it combined with the uniform.

Stewart is now looking like Admiral Picard from Riker’s holographic illusion.

That “dustup” between Stewart and that comedian was painful then, both guys looked classless.

Trying to do a patch up skit is giving the moment a dignity it does not deserve.

Why is everything “UK only”? That’s so unfair! : D

What i want to know is are there any changes forseen on the horizon in regards to copyright laws internationally so that EVERYBODY gets to enjoy what each countries media outlets show to their domestic markets. As a Canadian i’ve had it with not being able to watch what U.S. citizens can watch from their media outlets…sorry had to vent…

why the hell can you only watch it if your in the UK??? Isnt the internet world wide??? hince world wide web…

I can almost envision Stewart playing Captain Picard again on screen. Other than the goatee, he looks almost like he did when he was doing The Next Generation.

18, I was thinking the same thing.

To be honest, my first realization that I was in fact getting older was looking at the TNG and DS9 crews growing old……

I guess you guys are getting a taste of what is like for us outside the USA to have a Hulu video to watch, except that I can’t. For that matter, I can’t watch this one either.

The point is we need to replace it with one on youtube as soon as possible

Jeez what a bunch of whiners. All I had to do was fly to the U.K. and get a power converter for my laptop as the battery was dead then find a compatible wifi hotspot and download the video.

What a lot of sissies.

@ Dr. Cheis – America puts Canada and the UK and all other countries through exactly the same garbage. Here in Canada I cannot watch Hulu, NBC videos, US Netflix, etc.

Can’t watch it at all now as Channe 4 have taken it off their site, oh well.

Looks like he’s wearing Riker’s uniform.

Stewart was probably right to dress that supposed comedian down. I think he got carried away though.